Local RB Levy Gaining Steam, High on Terps

SANDY SPRING, Md. -- Sherwood (Sandy Spring, Md.) class of 2017 running back Travis Levy isn’t even 16 years old yet, but he’s already lived in seven different states, residing in locales from coast to coast and even beyond the continental U.S.

SANDY SPRING, Md. -- Sherwood (Sandy Spring, Md.) class of 2017 running back Travis Levy isn’t even 16 years old yet, but he’s already lived in seven different states, residing in locales from coast to coast and even beyond the continental U.S. The son of a military-employed mother, Levy was born in New York; moved to Hawaii as a baby; trekked over to Missouri around the age of eight; headed east to Maryland a year or so later; moved down to Oklahoma for a short stint; shifted to Georgia; and, finally, came back to Maryland about two years ago.

“It’s been crazy; I’ve seen a lot of different places, but that’s what happens when your parents are in the military,” said the affable, well-spoken Levy before a team workout. “And, actually, my mother was stationed back in Georgia last year, and we were supposed to move back down there. But I told my parents I wanted to stay at Sherwood, because I was tired of moving. So my mom is down in Georgia and I stayed here with my dad. I should be here for my senior year, hopefully (laughs).”

Sherwood is certainly hoping he sticks around. The 5-foot-11, 187-pounder emerged last year as a 1,100-yard, 12-touchdown, 4.6-yards-per-carry back, and this offseason he’s increased his speed while adding even more muscle to an already thick frame.

Not surprisingly, Levy has already caught the eye of numerous college coaches. He earned his first offer from Buffalo before the spring, and since then he’s picked up, in succession, Toledo, Vanderbilt, UMass and Army. Meanwhile, staffs from Maryland, Penn State, West Virginia, Boston College and Rutgers are keeping close tabs on the rising junior.

“I honestly didn’t expect to have offers before my junior season,” Levy said. “I mean, a couple websites rated me as one of the top three backs in MoCo [Montgomery County], so I expected maybe some D-II looks after the season I had last year, but not anything like this. I didn’t think I’d have an SEC offer already.”

Indeed, of the current verbals he’s accrued, the Vandy scholarship admittedly stands out. And not just for the school’s conference affiliation.

“It’s an SEC program, which is huge, but Vanderbilt also has tremendous academics. They have a really good engineering program, which is the field I want to study,” Levy said. “I’m looking to get down there for a game this fall to see what it’s like. Vanderbilt sticks out to me right now.”

That said, there are three programs in particular Levy wants to cull offers out of: Maryland, Penn State and West Virginia. He’s been on each of the Terps’, Nittany Lions’ and Mountaineers’ campuses before and liked what he saw.

“Well, first of all, Maryland, WVU and Penn State are sort of the major colleges in the area, and I would like to stay closer to my home now at the next level,” Levy said. “West Virginia, I have a teammate committed there [Marcus Simms], and when I visited there I really liked the family atmosphere. Penn State, I went to a camp there, and the coaches were really cool. They told me I did really good and fit the type of back they want in their program. I loved the campus up there and working with the coaches.

“And Maryland, it’s close to home and it’s a program on the rise. Coach [Chad] Wilt, he saw me at the 7-on-7 camp they had, and he really likes me. He said he’s going to talk to the other coaches and will be watching me this year, so hopefully that offer comes in.”

Levy had actually been in College Park, Md., a few times prior to the June 7-on-7. He attended a spring practice during May, and before that used to visit his uncle, a former walk-on linebacker at Maryland.

“It would be very big for me if Maryland offered. If I had that [offer], I’d think about it the most,” Levy said. “I’ve been up there before and I really like what they’re doing. I was there for the 7-on-7 and also a practice, and I just really like how the coaches work with the players and the atmosphere there. I haven’t been to a game there yet, but I’m looking forward to getting to one this season.”

The Sherwood runner also commented on DMV-to-UMD, citing it as one of the primary reasons he thinks so highly of the Terps. He said he couldn’t help but take notice of Dwayne Haskins’ (Bullis/Potomac, Md.), Keandre Jones’ (Good Counsel/Olney, Md.), LoLo Harrison’s (DeMatha/Hyattsville, Md.) and D.J. Turner’s (DeMatha) commitments to Maryland.

“I think the Movement is a real good thing. It’s really cool. Before you heard about Maryland not going after guys around here, and other guys leaving for Penn State or other colleges,” Levy said. “So I’m glad they’re really pushing for guys in the hometown area. I think Maryland is going to be something big in the next few years. It would be cool to be there when it happens.”

The Sandy Spring resident said he’s in the process of developing a rapport with his UMD recruiter, Chad Wilt. Levy has seen Wilt stop by Sherwood “about twice each spring,” while he met him personally at the 7-on-7 and a Maryland practice.

“Coach Wilt seems like a really cool guy,” Levy said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know him better. I know he likes my game, so hopefully he watches me this year and gets back to me with some good news.”

Besides Maryland, PSU and WVU Levy hasn’t seen any other schools yet. He plans to attend WVU’s camp July 25, but that will be the last time he ventures out this summer.

“Once August hits I’ll be getting ready for my junior season. I’m preparing to be the main back this year,” said Levy, whose goal is 2,000 yards, 20 touchdowns and around 7 yards per carry. “I’m more of like a Melvin Gordon, more downhill then side to side. I like to use my power to run people over, but this offseason I really worked on my speed too to show I can break away. I was running like a 4.7, 4.8 but now I’m down to a 4.6 and am a lot more explosive.”

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