Terps After Local CB, Hokies Pledge Wolfolk

The Terps are looking to add two more cornerbacks to their 2016 crop, and on Nov. 4 they identified another potential target in local defensive back Myles Wolfolk (Wise/Upper Marlboro, Md.).

The Terps are looking to add two more cornerbacks to their 2016 crop, and on Nov. 4 they identified another potential target in local defensive back Myles Wolfolk (Wise/Upper Marlboro, Md.). The 6-foot-1, 180-pound three-star is currently committed to Virginia Tech, but was thrilled when UMD-interim head coach Mike Locksley extended the scholarship.

“It was definitely a joy to have the offer, just knowing the hometown school wants you, it means a lot,” said Wolfolk, who immediately becomes a UMD priority, along with IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) cornerback Khalil Ladler, who is officially visiting Maryland Dec. 4. “It’s obviously great to have other offers, but when the school that’s seen you up close and is right in your backyard thinks you’re capable of helping their program, it means a lot. It means they’ve evaluated you and they think you’re a real player. So I was honored.”

Wolfolk has not spoken to Locksley since receiving the scholarship, but plans to call him later on Nov. 4. In the meantime, the Wise corner’s head coach, DaLawn Parrish, relayed Locksley’s message.

“Coach Locks talked to Coach P and [Locksley] told him he liked my game, he liked how I was playing this year and he wanted me to be part of the Maryland program,” Wolfolk said. “[Locksley] told [Parrish] they’re getting the coaching situation worked out up there, and they need a corner like me to come in and help them. So it’s definitely something I’m looking into.”

While Locksley recruits Prince George’s County, where Wise is located, he hadn’t spoken to Wolfolk since the recruit committed to Va Tech in late December 2014. That said, the Pumas’ corner said he had a “great” relationship with Locksley prior to his Hokies’ pledge.

“Me and Coach Locks talked a lot on-line and in person,” Wolfolk said. “He’s been up at our school before and he’s always down here. He’s a funny guy, I love how straightforward he is and I feel like he’s a good coach. We haven’t talked in a minute, but hopefully now we’ll start talking more often.”

Wolfolk went on to say that it’s “important” Locksley remains in College Park. He said Maryland’s interim headman is key to local recruiting and one of the main reasons local recruits are considering UMD.

“That’s a big factor for me, Coach Locksley being there,” Wolfolk said. “Maryland’s coaching situation is kind of tricky, just like Virginia Tech’s [with Frank Beamer retiring]. I have to see who’s going to be there and just go from there. I’m playing it by ear with Maryland.

“But right now it’s a very good option. It’s the hometown school, the whole DMV movement is going on, and it would be an honor to be another DMV guy at Maryland.”

Soon after securing the offer, Wolfolk said he looked at Maryland’s schedule and noticed they had a home game Nov. 7 against Wisconsin. Unfortunately, he said he wouldn’t be able to attend, nor will he be trekking to College Park anytime soon.

“I definitely want to get up to Maryland and meet all the coaches, but we have a practice on Saturday and we’re still in season-mode,” Wolfolk said. “I actually haven’t visited anywhere all year, because I’ve just been concentrating on helping my team win a championship. Right now we’re undefeated and going for a state title, so I don’t think I’ll be going to see any school until this season ends. That’s my main focus right now.”

The Upper Marlboro native has actually been at UMD twice in the last year, including once earlier this fall. Granted, he didn’t have a chance to meet any staff members or take a guided tour.

“Earlier this year, we played Northwestern up in [Byrd Stadium] for the I-95 Classic,” Wolfolk said. “That was really cool, because we walked around campus and then checked out the school. And playing [in Byrd] was really, really cool. And then the year before that my baseball team played in a tournament up there, so I saw the school then too. I didn’t get to go in-depth, but it was a beautiful campus, and honestly I loved it up there. It really caught my eye, I’m not going to lie.”

While Wolfolk was thrilled with his most recent scholarship, he insisted he’s still committed to Virginia Tech and isn’t ready to flip yet. But he did admit he’s looking at other options and would likely be taking official visits.

“I’m committed to Virginia Tech, but I have to see what’s going on with them,” Wolfolk said. “They’re supposed to have a coach in place mid-year before I’m set to enroll early, so we’ll see. But I’m kind of in the blind, because I just don’t know what’s going to happen. So I am kind of looking at my other options and seeing what’s out there. I’m reevaluating all the schools that are still talking to me and the new ones coming in too.”

Some of those programs that have been in touch include Wisconsin (recent offer), Kentucky, Boston College, UNC and, of course, Maryland. Of those, Wolfolk said the Terps, Badgers, Wildcats and Tar Heels had his eye, although he hasn’t had a chance to delve into each one yet.

“After my season I’ll start looking into these schools more and see exactly which ones I want to check out. I think I’ll probably take a couple officials just to see what it’s like at some of these schools and what it’s like to live there,” Wolfolk said. “I honestly don’t know what schools I’ll visit or how many I’ll be able to get to, but I do want to see some of them.”

If Wolfolk wants to enroll early, however, he’d likely have to cram his officials into a small window. Especially if Wise goes deep into the playoffs, pushing the season into December.

“I’d love to enroll early, but I don’t know how it would work with some of these other schools. The application process is different for every school, so it would be something I’d have to look into,” Wolfolk said. “I know I could enroll early at Virginia Tech, but other places I’m not sure yet.”

So far this season, Wolfolk has five interceptions for the 9-0 Pumas. He last ran a 40-yard dash during the summer, timing in with an unofficial 4.55.

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