Terps Storm Back, Top Rutgers In Finale

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Brandon Ross scored on an 80-yard run with 4:40 to play and Maryland overcame a 21-point deficit to defeat Rutgers 46-41 on Saturday in what might be Kyle Flood’s final game as the Scarlet Knights’ coach.

Quotes From Mike Locksley:

Opening statement

“First of all, I want to commend our players, our staff and everyone affiliated with the program. Things haven’t gone our way all season. Today we got down 21 points. They could have just went through the motions but they didn’t. It’s something they’ve shown all year long. I felt like they left it all out on the field. As a coaching staff, that’s all we’ve asked of them the last six weeks. I’m really proud of the way those guys fought. You look at last year, we were up 18 and then we lost the game. This year, we were down at the half at 18 and we come back and win. It shows resiliency.  It shows what being a Terp is all about. I have to thank our seniors. Those guys have done a tremendous job in terms of leadership for us through adversity and I really think they understand what it’s all about to pick yourself up by your boot straps when things aren’t going well and somehow put your nose to the grindstone and keep grinding. That’s what the seniors did and that’s what permeated throughout our team. There’s a lot of people that we need to give credit for the work they did. Again, it starts with the players and it will always be about the players. I couldn’t be more proud of a bunch of guys. We’ll enjoy this one and use it as a springboard to the future. As I’ve said before, I believe there’s a big future within the nucleus of this team. I love them and I’m proud of them.”

On Maryland’s run game

“Four hundred yards, man, that’s huge to be able to have that type of rushing yardage. But early in the game we were just missing on some big runs there. The big thing, the difference, was the threat of the pass was on today. I often say that [Caleb Rowe] is a true gun slinger. When he’s on, he’s on and obviously when he’s off, he isn’t very good. But today he was on and I was really proud that he opened up some things. When you have the ability to throw the football and go tempo and spread people out the way we were able to do today, that’s what it should look like. I think our fans were able to see what it should look like when you have a quarterback who can execute it. Today, Caleb executed and opened up some big spots inside, whether it was Brandon [Ross] or Ty [Johnson] or Caleb pulling it and running with it. Again, we felt like we could go fast and we got 80 plays in and played with tempo. Today we were able to get it done and execute. We played hard and the right way the last few weeks but today we actually executed especially when we needed to do it in crunch time.”

On the fourth down stop at the end of the game

“We say it all the time that the game of football is a game of inches. That thing was as close as it could get. We finally got a break. We didn’t get a break on D.J. [Moore]’s touchdown that was called back and we winded up having to kick a field goal. A fumble there right before on the kickoff that we didn’t get, so we got one out of three opportunities and it went our way. But our defense today gave us some yardage. But I tell you what. There was a string of about three or four series where they were able to get off the field with an interception and then go down and score. We had some drives of 40 seconds, a minute 40 and it’s because our defense in the third quarter was able to get off of the field. It really exposed us with number four. We had to take number four away from them on offense in the second half. I felt we did a good job of that in the second half on defense.”

On his last six weeks as the interim head coach

“With me, it always starts and is always about those kids. I’m all for it. I told them before the game that I grew up without a dad and he wasn’t very active, so my coaches played that role. Everything I do as a coach, whether it’s the head guy or as an assistant is treating them as my own. I told them today that it’s not about doing what’s popular. It’s about doing what’s right. Those kids, we made the right decisions with them during the last six weeks and I’m proud of the staff and everyone affiliated with it. For me, what I’m going to remember most is a bunch of guys grew together from adversity and as I told them, it’s amazing when 105 guys work together in unison and put their personal things aside for the good of the team and that’s what we’re able to do. I know we didn’t have a lot of wins on the board to show how much we’ve grown, but if you take a look at it and now that the season is over and we close the book on 2015, we should be able to look back and see that there was some small victories within it. We may have not won the battle, but we ultimately won the war because our guys now understand as we move on to other areas of life, what being a man is all about. What being a man is all about is taking advantage of opportunities no matter what happens, showing up and being professional and doing a great job with it while having fun. All these things that I’ve said, I’ve been let go before. I was let go at New Mexico and the one thing I said is I want to have fun. I truly enjoyed and I had a great time with these guys. I’ve really enjoyed the last six weeks."

On the future of his role with the program

“Again, as I said, we’ll worry about it when that time comes. We’re not going to look too far in the future and worry about what’s happening in the past. I’m going to enjoy today. That’s how I live. Enjoy the present and enjoy the gift of today. That’s what it’s about today. I’m going to have a nice bus trip home and enjoy it.”

On changing the moral of the team

“We didn’t have to change it. Those guys led themselves. The mark of a man is a guy who can lead himself. That’s the part that people outside the program can understand. The first mark of leadership is a man who can lead himself and these guys led themselves. We provided the blueprint and the structure and they bought into everything we said, but there wasn’t a lot that needed to be said. A year ago, we were up and allowed them to come back and take victory at home. Today we’re down 18 and those guys kept fighting. We spoke about taking four away from the game and then just executing. We felt we could move the ball on offense. We were confident with that.”

Sophomore linebacker Jermaine Carter Jr.


On the fourth down stop to end the game

“Well it was something that coaches instilled in us all week, certain things when like third-and-one or fourth-and-one, it was either quarterback sneak or power. So we aligned the D-lineman to take away the sneak, and force them to run the power, and I kind of knew they were going to run the power and expected and they ran it and just happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

On what went through his head during the measurement

“It’s like ‘please please stop him.’ After a long season like that, I had confidence that if we had to go out there we would stop them again.”

On how the win feels after a difficult season

“Its great man, it’s our first win since September 19th, and in high school I didn’t come from a losing program...it was a humbling experience but feels great to be on the winning side again.”

On playing Leonte Carroo

“He is a great player but we prepared the same as we prepare for anyone else, you know. We prepare hard, every day, every week, so we didn’t really prepare any differently. He is a great player, hats off to him.”

Junior quarterback Caleb Rowe
On staying in the game despite being down by a large score

“I mean we have battled through so much, you know, from my freshman year four quarterbacks going down to this year. We all knew we were going to come back; no one was down on themselves. It’s something that we’ve been through before.”

On being a hard worker and a "gun slinger"

"Honestly, this was probably one of the hardest years of my life, and I have had to deal with a lot. You learn from your mistakes and you try to move on and you know my teammates really helped me through this process and through this year and its good to just not hurt my team, and really help them win."


On attitude of the team during the second half

"We’re going to win. There was no doubt in our mind. We felt like we had the momentum and its just you got to give your play makers to make a play and that’s what Ross did. I was expecting a kind of long drive but to get him to break one is a good feeling."


Senior running back Brandon Ross

On wrapping up his senior season with a victory

"It felt good, man, that’s really how we wanted to end it. We just wanted to end it with a win. It didn’t go the way we wanted it to, but to send the seniors out with a win is really all we wanted and to go out as winners, that’s how we wanted it to end."

On his 80-yard run

"I had a strange feeling before the play it was going to be open because we were running stretch all game out the gun, so I knew if we just sell stretch it would probably open up on that back side and it did and the line did a great job as always and I just saw the opening and creased it."

On what the senior class can pass on to the younger teammates

"Just to never stop fighting, no matter how things are looking, whether its looking good or bad, just to keep fighting. Through every game, the whole game, the whole season. You know, we wanted this game so bad, especially after how they came back on us last season, so we really wanted this one pretty bad and we came back and got it."

On winning for interim head coach Mike Locksley

"I wanted it really bad for him. Throughout these six weeks, man, he has supported made things fun and us for us. He stayed the same the whole way, he stayed up beat and he encouraged us."

On what he plans on doing next

"I’m going to take the game as far as I can take it. Train, pro day, all that.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Brandon Ross scored on an 80-yard run with 4:40 to play and Maryland overcame a 21-point deficit to defeat Rutgers 46-41 on Saturday in what might be Kyle Flood’s final game as the Scarlet Knights’ coach.

Ross ran for three touchdowns for the second straight game and Ty Johnson carried for two more as the Terrapins (3-9, 1-7 Big Ten) gave interim coach Mike Locksley his first win in six games and snapped an eight-game overall losing streak.

Ross’ go-ahead score came on the first play from scrimmage after Kyle Federico had put Rutgers ahead 41-39 with a 30-yard field goal with 4:57 to play.

Kenneth Goins Jr. had given Maryland its first lead at 39-39 with a 42-yard touchdown run with 8:43 to play.

Chris Laviano threw a career-best four touchdowns and Paul James ran for a touchdown for Rutgers (4-8, 1-7), which lost five of its final six games in a turbulent season that saw Flood suspended three games for trying to influence a player’s grade and six players dismissed for off-the-field problems.

Ross carried 28 times for 172 yards and also scored on runs of 16 yards and 1 yard. Johnson tallied on run of 43 and 44 yards and backup quarterback Caleb Rowe came off the bench in the second quarter and threw for 239 and ran for 98.

Maryland finished with 401 yards rushing and had 656 yards in total offense, the first time it has passed the 600-yard mark since 2004.

Laviano’s touchdown passes covered 6 yards to Leonte Carroo, 6 yards to Josh Hicks, 7 yards to Janarion Grant and 1 yard to Charles Scarff.

Scarff’s first career touchdown gave the Scarlet Knights a 38-27 lead late in the third quarter, but it would not be enough to hold off Maryland, which limited Rutgers to 10 second-half points after its biggest first half of the season.

Carroo, playing his final game, had seven catches for a career-best 183 yards, including a one-hander along the sideline.

Laviano finished 21 of 33 for 344 yards and one interception. The pick came at the start of the second half with Rutgers ahead 31-13 and it set up Ross’ first touchdown from 16 yards out.

Trailing 31-10 late in the second quarter after a 6-yard touchdown run by James, the Terps got back in the game by reeling off 17 straight points to close the gap to 31-27 on Johnson’s 44-yard run.

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