Carter, Sulaimon, Turgeon Talk Nebraska Win

The Terps defeated Nebraska 97-86 in the Big Ten tournament March 11.

DIAMOND STONE: They crash the glass hard, 4s and 5s. They're on the glass, all night last game. And this week of

practice we're usually working on boxing out and controlling the boards.

MELO TRIMBLE: Just like both of them said, they crash the boards hard. They are a very good transition team on

offense. Like Jake said, we're going to try to slow them down, and they're very disciplined on defense. We just have to let

the offense work.

Q. Diamond, you had two really good games against these guys. Was it just taking advantage of matchups and

using your strength size?

DIAMOND STONE: I was just trying to be a presence on the defense end. Coach Turgeon wants me to be aware of the

ball pretty much and just be there for the guards, if they keep you off the dribble, you know, and just be that presence.

And I was that today.

Q. Mark, can you talk about what happened the last few minutes of the game in terms of that one possession with

when Jared missed the 3 and Damonte got fouled?

COACH TURGEON: Yeah. I'm going to give Nebraska credit. They were terrific. They made tough shots. Maybe we

let down a little bit. We were 18-20 and 15-14. Maybe we let down a little bit. But we never stopped. I subbed, just trying

to give some guys some rest for tomorrow, and it backfired. But Damonte made a big play. That was good call for us. He

made the free-throw, made the back tip with Jake, and the game was kind of over him. We didn't shoot free-throws well

until the end, until we had to. We made free-throws at the end. But I want to give Nebraska a ton of credit. They had a lot

of fight in them. And they never stopped playing

Q. Mark, Jake and Diamond, 19 of 28 and a total of 49 points. Just talk about their influence on the game tonight.

COACH TURGEON: Well, obviously, we followed our game plan. We went inside. We threw the ball inside almost

every time to start the game and had a huge advantage there. We were disciplined enough to do it. Jake got hot. Jake

made shots. He missed a couple that looked good that could have gone in. So he got hot. Our post guys did a great job.

We have developed this year. We have really struggled with the teams doubling us, but we have gotten better over the last

four weeks. It was good to see. We really shared the ball, did some nice things offensively.

Q. Mark, how much did you guys have to, this week, block out the distractions? A lot of people talking about the

NCAA tournament and your seeding and just talking about the loss to Indiana on Sunday. How did you block that

out and get your team refocused for this week?

COACH TURGEON: I don't pay attention to anything like that, so I don't hear all of this stuff that is being said. But as

far as the players sometimes, we had a lot of good talks and had some pretty good practices and tried to work on things

that we felt would help us become a better team. Tonight was a good night, especially offensively. It was good to see us

make some shots. So hopefully we gain some momentum from tonight and carry it in tomorrow and carry some

momentum into next week.

Q. Mark, you guys were up by 17 at halftime, shooting 20 of 28, 71 percent. Have you ever been on a team before

or coached a team that shot 71 percent in a half?

COACH TURGEON: I might have. I can't remember. I've been doing it too long now. But it was good, we were good.

We made shots. And, like I said, we put just enough stops together in the first half to build that lead and to get up 20 or

whatever we did. So I was proud of our guys. It's hard to maintain a 20-point lead against a team that fights, they fight,

Nebraska, but we did it most of the second half. We maintained that lead until about the last five minutes.

Q. Given the 2 and 4 end of the regular season, was it nice, that that first 20 minutes, to see all the shots going in

and see the guys actually smiling and jump up and down in the huddle?

COACH TURGEON: It was good to see. More importantly, it was good to see us play well and execute and share the

ball. That's more important than anything. So sometimes you can play well and lose. I thought there was a couple of

games down the stretch where I thought we played better and still lost, one game for sure. But it's nice to play and win.

So hopefully that will give us momentum going in tomorrow.

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