Franklin Excited About Terps, Set To Visit

Battlefield (Haymarket, Va.) athlete Brailyn Franklin is starting to gain steam on the recruiting trail, and March 11 he landed his second power-five offer from Maryland.

Battlefield (Haymarket, Va.) athlete Brailyn Franklin is starting to gain steam on the recruiting trail, and March 11 he landed his second power-five offer from Maryland. The 6-foot-3, 215-pounder spoke to UMD’s Virginia-area recruiter, Chris Beatty, and came away talking up the Terps.

“It’s a blessing to get an offer from Maryland. It’s hard to get offered in general, so to get another major offer from Maryland was great,” said Franklin, a Texas native whose first offer came from Virginia Tech. “What happened was I was in school and talking to my coach and he told me to call Coach Beatty. Then [Beatty] was asking me what things I’m looking for in a school, and I told him a school with a family feel; a place where I’m cool with my teammates; and a place with great coaches. And [Beatty] was like, ‘OK, well we’re going to offer you a full ride for linebacker.’ I told him, ‘Thank you,’ and that I was grateful and very excited.”

Franklin and Beatty didn’t speak long since the recruit was still in school, but the linebacker is eager to build a rapport with the coach. The Battlefield product said he wants to meet Beatty in person later this month too.

“I’m going up to see Maryland for the first time later in March or for the spring game. I definitely want to go check them out,” Franklin said. “I’m interested in Maryland, because growing up I used to watch Vernon Davis. He was one of my favorite tight ends to watch. Then recently I watched Stefon Diggs and he’s one of my favorite players of any position.

“So I got to watching Maryland from that. I know that when Stefon was a sophomore Maryland moved from the ACC to the Big Ten, and after that I was like, OK, that’s what’s up. That’s what’s up (laughs).”

Franklin had similarly positive comments for Va Tech, his first offer. He’s already visited Blacksburg, Va., and left raving about the campus, staff and facilities. Franklin said it meant something to him that the Hokies were the first program to recognize his talent.

“I don’t want to say any leaders yet,” Franklin said. “But I do like Va Tech. I had a really good time there and like the coaches a lot.”

Franklin may not want to list clear favorites, but he does have a few “dream schools” in mind already -- including the aforementioned Hokies.

“I’d say TCU, VT, UNC, FSU and Nebraska are five schools that stand out to me right now,” Franklin said. “Those are just some schools that have caught my eye.”

Franklin, who moved from Texas to Virginia last February in order to live with his father, said location is not a factor for him. He’s not necessarily looking to return to Texas for school, nor is he inclined to stay around the mid-Atlantic.

“I’ll go wherever it feels like a home away from home,” Franklin said. “I want to find a school that has my major, architecture or psychology, and then a place with great coaches, and great teammates who are chill and easy to get along with.”

The Battlefield product doesn’t have any visits planned except for Maryland and a return to VT. He said he’ll begin venturing to more locales when assistants from other programs begin reaching out and urging him to see their schools.

“I’m taking things in right now, and seeing what happens and who offers,” Franklin said. “I’m blessed to have the options I do, but I’m taking things slowly.”

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