OT Hunt Said UMD Has His Attention

Three-star Southampton (Va.) offensive tackle Tyran Hunt added a UMD scholarship courtesy of area recruiter Mike London, and apparently it grabbed the 6-foot-7, 280-pounder’s attention.

The frantic offer binge slowed a bit for the Maryland staff during the last week of the evaluation period, but the coaches still handed out a rather intriguing verbal in Virginia May 23. Three-star Southampton (Va.) offensive tackle Tyran Hunt added a UMD scholarship courtesy of area recruiter Mike London, and apparently it grabbed the 6-foot-7, 280-pounder’s attention.

“I picked up a bunch of new offers during this evaluation period, but definitely Maryland was one that caught my eye,” Hunt said. “I’ll do my research on all the schools that offered just to get a feel for which ones need to be weeded out and what ones I need to visit, but Maryland was one that caught my eye, definitely.”

Considering Hunt also landed recent offers from Duke, UNC, Vanderbilt, UCF and Rutgers, that’s a hefty compliment. So what makes the Terps so attractive?

“Maryland has always been a pretty good school. It’s a school I’ve always sort of paid attention to since it’s close by and I know it’s great academics,” said Hunt, who held previous offers from Va Tech, UVA, Wake, Cincinnati, Marshall and NC State. “I watched them when they were in the ACC, and then I saw they were in the Big Ten, which is another great conference. Plus, the school’s in a great spot, it’s a great campus, and they have a lot of great majors there for me to explore. I really like how it’s a good combination of academics and a wonderful football program.

"And I have family in the area, and when I’ve been up there I just really liked the city and how it’s near Washington, D.C. There’s so many great opportunities there.”

Hunt learned even more about UMD following his conversation with London May 23. He said London watched a Southampton work out recently, and then spoke to Hunt over the phone a few days later.

“When Coach London offered, it shocked me. I didn’t expect for them to step up like that,” Hunt said. “I actually didn’t know much about London and the new staff yet, but now I’m starting to figure out who is who up there. Coach London, I looked into him and where he’s from, and he told me what he’s trying to bring and his vision. I really like what he’s saying and trying to do. He has a great resume and I think he’s a great coach. I’m looking forward to getting to know him better.”

Although Hunt’s seen the Maryland campus from afar, he said he’s never actually trekked through the heart of College Park, Md. He said he “definitely” plans to do so, however, this summer.

“I definitely want to see UNC, definitely Maryland, definitely Duke and maybe I’ll be able to get to Pitt,” Hunt said. “I’ve already been to Va Tech, UVA, NC State and Wake, and I’m not sure which ones I’m getting back to yet. My family and I are still deciding all of that.”

Many analysts believe the hometown Hokies have the inside track for Hunt’s services. After all, they’ve been after him long and hard, hosting Hunt on several occasions.

“A lot of people say I’m favoring Tech, because it’s in-state and one of the first schools to offer me. But I really am open. I’m as open as I can be in the process right now,  just trying to figure out what’s best for me,” Hunt said. “I have no specific favorites right now. If I did, I would be committed. If I could I’d go through every school that’s offered and give one or two things that pop out. There’s so many different things that these schools have to offer me.”

Ideally, Hunt would like to see enough campuses to be able to choose a school before his senior season. He said he wants to concentrate on football during the fall, and not have to worry about recruiting.

“But, you know, I kind of would like to take like three officials visits even if I am committed,” Hunt said. “I kind of want to have three schools in mind and then take in each one, maybe after my senior season. But we’ll see what happens.”

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