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Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football-recruiting roundup.

Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football-recruiting roundup.

Jarrell On Board

Talk about pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hatThe three-star receiver M.J. Jarrell (Timber Creek/Orlando, Fla.) was seemingly fading a bit for the Terps, talking up the likes of Virginia Tech, Duke and South Carolina. But June 2 he called Maryland receivers' coach Chris Beatty and let him know he wanted to join head coach D.J. Durkin's program.

"It basically came down to who wanted me the most, and that was Maryland," Jarrell said. "The coaches at Maryland showed me the most love."

Indeed they did. Not only was Beatty on the 6-foot-2, 185-pound three-star, trekking through Timber Creek and staying in constant contact via Twitter, but so were Durkin; offensive coordinator Walt Bell; and various other staff members. Jarrell connected with all of them during his April 16 College Park, Md., visit, talking up their demeanors; energetic approach; and welcoming personalities.

But it was Beatty who did the heavy lifting here, Jarrell noting the wideout staffer's player development; coaching techniques; and his recruiting ability. Jarrell truly believes he can develop into a top-flight receiver under Beatty's watch.

Furthermore, Jarrell couldn't say enough about his overall experience April 16. Afterwards, recall, he dubbed UMD his clear No. 1 and came close to popping shortly thereafter. He lauded the campus, the upgraded facilities, the renovated player dorms and the academics (he wants to major in kinesiology, noting UMD's top program in that field). Plus, he loved the intensity of the scrimmage he witnessed and how the Maryland coaches handled their players.

And it certainly didn't hurt that his mother left raving about the Terps' coaches and the school's educational opportunities as well.

If that weren't enough, Jarrell had Terps' commits like quarterback Kasim Hill (St. John's/Washington, D.C.) urging him to join the program. Jarrell even admitted he was enticed by the chance to catch passes from Hill and play in Walt Bell's up-tempo spread system. The three-star also mentioned he could see the field early in said offensive system, another primary reason he chose Maryland over a school like South Carolina.

Now, Jarrell did say he looked long and hard at Duke, Tech and South Carolina. And there is a slight sense he could take an official visit or two down the road if more SEC suitors come calling. But for now the Timber Creek wideout insists he's "all Maryland' and "100 percent committed."

As far as his game is concerned, Jarrell is by far the most refined of the three receiver commits in Maryland's 2017 class. The 6-2 Jarrell is quick, athletic, sure-handed, physical and heady. At the snap, he gets off the line well and rapidly enters his route. He eats up the cushion in a hurry, showing enough acceleration to burst by a flat-footed corner playing zone. He can do damage after the catch too, Jarrell displaying precise, nimble feet and quick cutting. Jarrell takes very few wasted steps when moving in and out of breaks or changing direction. The Orlando native can also stretch the field on occasion, possessing enough speed to get behind the defense. 

In the air, Jarrell has above-average body control, showing the ability to readjust to poorly thrown passes and still make the catch. He won't shy away from contact either, readily challenging defensive backs for jump balls. And once Jarrell gets his hands on the ball, more often than not he's going to come down with it. A natural receiver (not a body catcher), he has big, strong mitts and sticky fingers.

To improve, though, Jarrell mainly has to tighten up his route running. While he has good footwork, he isn't asked to run complicated patterns in high school. He'll have to learn different combinations, how to disguise his routes, when to break off his patterns and the like. 

Furthermore, Jarrell is not a 4.3 40-yard dash speedster. He can take a hesitant corner to task, but don't expect him to routinely take the top off the defense against top-notch Big Ten corners. Jarrell projects more as a mid-range type who will do his most damage 10-15 yards down the field. 

Lastly, Jarrell, like most high school athletes, just has to keep adding strength. He's fairly well-built now, but he's going to have trouble defeating the jam against Big Ten defenders if he doesn't bulk up even more.

You can hear what Jarrell had to say HERE.

You can hear what his coach had to say HERE.

News On Top Terps Targets

Tahj Capehart, WR, Ocean Lakes (Virginia Beach, Va.): I updated the four-star receiver Capehart in the last Shell, and this week Scout’s Virginia analyst, Michael Clark, followed up. The good news for Terps’ fans is that Clark’s thoughts fell almost directly in line with my own, meaning Maryland’s going to have a legitimate shot to reel the 5-11, 185-pounder in.

“The two schools I keep hearing over and over are Maryland and Virginia Tech,” Clark said in the weekly Scout podcast. “I give those two schools a slight edge right now. He’s been to Va Tech multiple times and he’s also been to Maryland.”

Clark, though, did allow there’s a ways to go before Capehart’s ready to announce his college decision later during the summer. He specifically pointed to Alabama, whose coaches want Capehart as a cornerback, as a real threat to the Terps and Hokies.

“[Capehart] visited Bama and he’s going back again [June 3], so that should give you an idea of his interest level in Alabama and their interest level in him -- the fact he’s going to see them for a second time in a couple months,” Clark said. “But I think at the end of the day we’ll know a lot more about where he stands after June, July visits. He’s going to see more than just those three schools [UMD, Va Tech, Bama].”

The others vying for Capehart, per Clark, include Tennessee; Georgia; and WVU, all of which the four-star wants to take in soon. Interestingly, recent offeree Notre Dame wasn’t broached, Clark intimating the Irish staff hasn’t made a potent push. But that could change later during the process, according to our colleague.

Capehart’s recruitment will undoubtedly twist and turn a few times in June and July, but the feeling is the three finalists will be Va Tech, UMD and Bama. The hometown Hokies have been favored for quite some time and could still lead, but Terps’ area recruiter Chris Beatty, who has known Capehart for three-plus years, has Maryland in the thick of things. And it would be a mistake to underestimate the allure of Nick Saban and Alabama.

Stay tuned.

Cameron Sullivan-Brown, WR, Pallotti (Laurel, Md.): Scout’s Mike Clark and Brian Dohn discussed the three-star receiver/corner Sullivan-Brown in their weekly podcast. Basically, our two national analysts reiterated what we’ve been suggesting for quite awhile: It’s a Penn State-Maryland battle, with the Nittany Lions holding an edge.

“Maryland is the school to watch again. This is a kid right down the street [from UMD],” Dohn said. “But it’s going to be a dogfight with Penn State to get him. He really likes Penn State.”

Clark then offered a bit more insight into the situation. He intimated if Maryland’s former regime would’ve established stronger connections at Pallotti, the Terps might have already had Sullivan-Brown wrapped up. But because new UMD headman D.J. Durkin, area-recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and receivers’ coach Chris Beatty have had to build the relationship from the ground up, it’s put Maryland at a bit of a disadvantage.

“If the old staff would’ve done half the leg work in the area as the new staff, [the new staff] would really have the edge with pretty much all the kids in the Maryland area,” Clark said. “They’re pushing hard for this kid, but you can never count out Penn State. The job [the PSU coaches] do building relationships with these kids -- they do it early and they do it often. When they target a kid early, a high percentage of the time they land that kid.”

So, even though Maryland’s high atop the totem poll, it’ll still somewhat of an uphill battle for Abdul-Rahim, Beatty and Co. to land Sullivan-Brown.

The other programs the Pallotti product has in mind are Duke -- the Blue Devils are likely third for now, but are a darkhorse candidate to unseat Maryland and PSU -- Syracuse and West Virginia.

Expect Sullivan-Brown to make a late-summer college selection.

Gabe Houy, OT, Upper St. Clair (Pittsburgh, Pa.): The three-star tackle Houy visited Maryland for the first time with his mother April 1, and he reiterated this week he “definitely” wanted to return for a second look with his father sometime in June. The 6-6, 260-pounder has remained in regular contact with UMD-area recruiter Dave Borbely and is seeking another one-on-one sitdown with the offensive line coach in College Park.

“Maryland is just a great school and I really like the program there now,” Houy said. “I was down there for a spring practice [April 1] and I just really liked the coaches, the campus and the feel of the place. Coach [D.J.] Durkin and Coach [Dave] Borbely are awesome coaches, and I loved the energy they had during practice. The players were great and I loved how they responded to the coaches.

“Also, the new upgrades they’re putting in are going to be great; they’re going to be some of the best out there. And it’s a great school academically, and my mom liked Maryland a lot too when she was there.”

That sounds encouraging for Terps’ purposes, but it may only be enough to push Maryland into second place. Truth be told, Houy’s been forecast to Pitt for months now, the hometown school resonating. The Upper St. Clair tackle has been on campus multiple times, loves the coaches and believes in the direction they’re taking the program.

Now, we thought perhaps the Panthers’ staff might back off a bit with other targets on their board, perhaps giving a program like UMD a window to pounce. But, per Houy, he’s in touch with Pitt’s coaches “more than anyone else.”

It may only be a matter of time before the three-star’s a Panther, but he will give his other suitors a look. Maryland, as aforementioned, will receive a return trip, while Houy’s also considering heading back to Wake Forest and Louisville and taking initial treks through Virginia (high interest, no offer yet) and West Virginia (high interest, no offer yet).

Look for Houy to make a mid- to late-summer college decision.

You can read more about Houy HERE.

Vic Dimukeje, DL, Boy’ Latin (Baltimore, Md.): Last week I wrote that Dimukeje’s stock was rising, and if a few select programs offered it could complicate matters for Maryland purposes. Well, a few days later Dimukeje landed said scholarship.

On May 30, after watching a workout, Va Tech’s staff became the Boys’ Latin product’s latest offeree. Afterwards, Dimukeje sounded even more excited about the Hokies’ look than the one he secured from Missouri, his first SEC suitor, the week before. The DMV lineman said defensive coordinator Bud Foster’s reputation, area recruiter Galen Scott’s pitch and the school’s academics immediately grabbed his attention. Dimukeje then said he wanted to see Blacksburg, Va., as soon as possible, perhaps in the next couple weeks.

If the trip goes well (as we anticipate), it’s likely Maryland and Duke -- the two schools that are thought to be the two frontrunner’s for Dimukeje’s services -- are going to have another major competitor. We wouldn’t be shocked if Dimukeje ended up placing the Hokies right alongside the Terps and Blue Devils atop his unstated leaderboard.

Expect Dimukeje to return to Durham, N.C., College Park and then see a few others like Va Tech, Purdue, Indiana and maybe Penn State (interest, no offer) and Michigan (interest, no offer). Then, around August, he should be selecting a future destination.

Unless even more significant suitors enter the fray, our guess is this is going to come down to those three aforementioned “leaders.” We’ll keep Dimukeje “hot” on the hot board, but we’re getting a tad leery as the Boys’ Latin product continues to drag his recruitment out.

Josh Paschal, DE, Good Counsel (Olney, Md.): The four-star Paschal visited Maryland June 2, but he did not respond for comment yet. He will be addressed in the next Shell. Paschal has the Terps high on his favorites list, but is also looking at Clemson, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Notre Dame, among others.

Paschal has previously said he would like to go through the official-visit process before selecting a school.

Tyree Johnson, DE, St. John's (Washington, D.C.):  The local defensive end Johnson also visited UMD June 2, but he too did not respond for comment yet. We will address him in the next Shell as well. Johnson has the Terps among his top-three contenders, along with TAMU (former teammate Aaron Hansford is there) and Tennessee.

Of those, Maryland is thought to be sitting No. 1, although Johnson wants to re-visit both Knoxville, Tenn., and College Station, Texas, this summer. The feeling, however, is Johnson is the Terps' to lose what with his strong relationship with UMD-area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, D-line coach Mike London and head coach D.J. Durkin.

Look for Johnson, who is "hot" on the hot board, to make a July or August college decision.

Nate Proctor, LB, Lackey (Indian Head, Md.): The local linebacker Proctor is staking a claim to the “hardest recruit to read” label in the DMV’s 2017 class. The four-star simply does not give much away, even when he can be reached.

We do know that Proctor did visit Pitt May 31, his first trip since heading to Maryland; North Carolina; Va Tech; and Penn State earlier in the spring. Evidently the Lackey product’s head coach is a Panthers’ alum, and the latter took a couple of his players up to see the campus and meet the staff.  

Following the trip, Proctor acknowledged he had a good time and said Pitt had his attention. But we don’t envision the four-star winding up a Panther unless some of his other suitors fall by the wayside. (He probably wouldn’t have visited Pitt if not for his coach’s connection to the school).

Fact is, Proctor has a number of upcoming jaunts this summer, and he won’t say anything discernable until they’re completed. Some of the campuses he figures to check out include Notre Dame’s, Florida’s, Miami’s (he was there last year) and Cal’s, along with possible returns to College Park; Chapel Hill, N.C.; Blacksburg; and State College, Pa.

Of the above, we’re led to believe the Nittany Lions lead for Proctor, with the Tar Heels possibly running second. The Terps, with area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and linebackers’ coach Matt Barnes on the outside backer, could be sitting anywhere from third to sixth in the pecking order.

But, as aforementioned, Proctor’s situation is subject to change later during the summer. He’s someone that’s going through the whole official-visit process, so attempting to pinpoint clear favorites is probably a fruitless endeavor at this stage.

Derrick Pitts, S, South Charleston (W.Va.): The safety Pitts has been off our radar for some time, but we recently placed him back on after a report from Scout colleague Jason Stamm. Apparently the Terps will be among Pitts’ top-six suitors when he releases his leaderboard before the summer. That doesn’t mean the Maryland staff’s positioned to land the South Charleston product, but it is enough to re-include the West Virginia safety on the hot board.

UMD graduate assistant Brawley Evans and area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim have put in work here, the latter stopping by the high school and remaining in close contact via social media. Pitts hasn’t been in College Park since the former regime was in place -- remember, he was connected to former Terps’ assistant Cory Robinson, Pitts’ cousin -- but he’s considering trekking through Maryland to meet head coach D.J. Durkin and Co.

But, at this juncture, we’re skeptical about Maryland’s chances with Pitts. Hometown West Virginia has been on the three-star since his freshman year, establishing deep inroads in the process. Many analysts believe the Mountaineers are far-and-away frontrunners.

Meanwhile, Penn State’s staff left an outstanding impression after Pitts visited State College. The Nittany Lions’ coaches have been in regular communication and could be sitting just behind WVU in the pecking order.

Others involved include Va Tech, which might’ve led before recruiter Torrian Gray left for Florida, Auburn; and Pitt. The Hokies are probably third thanks to assistant Galen Scott’s pitch, followed by any combination of Maryland; AU; and Pittsburgh.

A few things would have to break UMD’s way for Pitts to take a long look at the Terps, but at least they are in play.

Tariq Castro-Fields, CB, Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, Md.): The third DMV recruit Scout analysts Brian Dohn and Mike Clark discussed in their podcast was the corner/receiver Castro-Fields. The two basically said the same thing about the Upper Marlboro native that they did in regards to Cameron Sullivan-Brown (discussed above). They noted if Maryland’s former staff had actively recruited Riverdale Baptist, the Terps would now be better positioned to snag Castro-Fields. But since UMD-area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim had to start behind the eight ball, so to speak, it allowed other suitors to gain Castro-Fields’ ear.

[Castro-Fields has talked a lot about Penn State, Maryland, Syracuse, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin. But Penn State, he really likes them a lot,” Dohn said. “[The Nittany Lions] really have a chance to land him; there’s a relationship with the staff between Penn State and Riverdale Baptist…. Syracuse, they made a big impression on him and what they do offensively with their spread.

“But Maryland, if you’re going to see DMV-to-UMD takeoff, you need to get kids like Castro-Fields. Some kids will go to the hometown school regardless of the coach, but Castro-Fields is one of those kids that has to be sold on the idea of Maryland, because right now he’s looking other places. Penn State did a great job getting in there early with him.”

Now, for our part, we do believe the Terps’ coaches have a better shot at bringing in Castro-Fields than Sullivan-Brown. The Riverdale product likes the idea of playing down the street from his family and has readily taken to Abdul-Rahim and the rest of the staff. Castro-Fields has also visited Maryland a number of times and loves the new vibe in College Park, complete with upgraded facilities/dorms and invigorated coaches.

Sure, Penn State’s coaches could very well swipe him, but we’re cautiously optimistic about UMD’s position here.

New Offers Out

Zach Owens, WR, Pope (Marietta, Ga.) (2019): The Maryland staff has been diligently identifying big-time talents before they blow up on the trail, and Owens is another example of that. The Terps, with UMD-area recruiter Mike London running point, became the very first offer for the 6-1, 180-pound freshman, who projects as a national talent by the time he’s a senior.

During the upcoming summer camp season, Owens should be landing looks from hometown Georgia and others throughout the SEC. In that sense, London and Co. did well to move early, perhaps resonating with Owens down the road.

Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Lindenhurst Senior (Lindenhurst, N.Y.) (2018): Terps’ tight ends coach Pete Lembo tossed Maryland’s name into the hat for the surefire four-star sophomore Ruckert May 31.

“I was super excited by the Maryland offer,” Ruckert said. “It’s very cool to get offered by them and it’s a school I’d like to check out. Coach Lembo was the one who offered me, and he seems like a cool guy.”

That’s fine, but Lembo’s got his work cut out for him. The 6-5, 220-pounder started the spring with a string of Division I-AA offers, but once FBS programs sized Ruckert up his recruitment exploded. Before the Terps’ offer came in, Ruckert had procured looks from Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Pitt, Rutgers, Va Tech, Wisconsin, Syracuse, BC, Wake, UConn and more.

Ruckert, however, is just beginning the recruiting process, so he’s open to all suitors right now. Which means for Lembo to have any sort of chance here, he needs to coax the New York tight end down for a College Park visit sometime this summer.

And fortunately for the Terps, Ruckert sounds amendable.

Bryce Brand, DE/OLB (BUCK), IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.): Brand, a Michigan native who now lives in California, added a Maryland scholarship to his steadily-increasing offer list May 31. UMD-area recruiter Chris Beatty took in IMG Academy workouts during the evaluation period, and after head coach D.J. Durkin evaluated Hand’s film, the verbal was presented.

The 6-1, 240-pounder previously held offers from Arizona, Louisville, Temple, Mississippi State, Southern Miss,  Bowling Green, FAU, Miami of Ohio, Toledo and Air Force.

“Maryland was an offer I’ve been waiting for for awhile now. I was real excited about it,” said Brand, who mentioned he’d been in contact with at least four Maryland coaches prior to May 31. “I’ve been talking to the staff for a good minute now, so it was great to finally hear that they offered me. “[Durkin] told me he watched my film and thought it was one of the best he’d seen this year. He was saying how he saw me in their defense, and how I reminded him of Dante Fowler, who [Durkin] coached at Florida. [Durkin] said he could see me doing similar things to [Fowler] at Maryland. So I was just real excited about that.”

He was equally excited about his teammates-turned-Terps’ pitches. Both Josh Kaindoh and (former teammate) Cam Spence (St. John’s/Washington, D.C.) had been talking up Maryland for awhile, quickly filling Hand in on the program.

“They’ve said all positive things about Maryland, like how great of a coach Coach London is, how it’s a great staff up there, and how it’s a really good program on the rise,” Brand said. “They’ve talked up the new facilities there, how cool of a place it is to be and just things like that. So that’s something that definitely has my attention.”

With the offer in hand, Brand said he wanted to see College Park sometime in late June or early July. He called Maryland one of his foremost contenders and a school he “definitely” had in mind.

But it’s not the only program on the brain. Brand hinted Arizona’s coaches had his ear, noting the Wildcats were the only institution he knew “for sure” would be on his upcoming top-five leaderboard. Since Brand now resides in California, Arizona would allow him to play fairly close to his mother.

Mississippi State, meanwhile, is another school that’s been trending, the Bulldogs’ SEC affiliation standing out. And Louisville, Brand’s very first FBS suitor, is also still in play.

Brand has not seen any of the above universities yet, but would like to trek through each (in addition to Temple) this summer. Then, provided a slew of other programs don’t come calling, Brand said he should be able to choose his future destination by August.

The vibe is Arizona may have the upper hand for the time being, but Maryland and Mississippi State are in the thick of things as well. It’s too soon to make a definitive call, however, especially since Brand hasn’t ventured out yet.

Note: We’ll have to gauge exactly where Brand sits on Durkin’s board. There are a number of touted BUCK linebackers the Terps’ coaches have been pursuing, so it’s not entirely clear if Brand would be an immediate “take.”

You can read more about Brand HERE.

Dillon Harris, LB, Bloomfield (Conn.): At the end of the evaluation period, Maryland’s Connecticut-area recruiter, Pete Lembo, extended an offer to the under-the-radar linebacker Harris. The 6-1, 220-pounder, who projects as an outside linebacker, but can also play MIKE and strong safety, immediately labeled Maryland his top school.

“That was big time, really big time. The Maryland offer just really excited me to be honest,” said Harris, who recently added offers from Rutgers and Syracuse too.

“I just really liked the Maryland offer. Just from the research I’ve done, Maryland just seems like a great school to be at. I’m defintley getting down there for a visit soon.

“I just know it’s a great area right outside of D.C. And I recently looked them up to find out more information and it just sounds great. The Big Ten is a huge conference; I’d love to play in the Big Ten. And they have a great business school and that’s what I’m looking to major in.”

Harris took to Lembo as well. The two hadn’t had contact prior to May 27, but evidently the Terps’ assistant’s personality and pitch have Harris’ mind on Maryland. The Bloomfield product, who has forayed through the Old Line State before but has never been to College Park, wants to see the school as soon as possible.

Harris mentioned he might take a look at Rutgers and Syracuse too, but he didn’t sound overly enthused about either. He said the Terps are his clear No. 1 for the time being.

Now, we’re not sure Harris -- who admitted he’s coveting FSU and Tennessee offers (both staffs are in touch) -- is a “take” right now for Maryland head coach D.J. Durkin. But perhaps, if Harris wants in following a College Park visit, Durkin can fit him into the 2017 class.

Either way, look for Harris to finalize his recruitment by August. He said he wants to have his college chosen before his senior season.

You can read more about Harris HERE.

Charles Thomas, LB, Langston Hughes (Fairburn, Ga.) (2019): The Terps pulled 2017 receiver Sean Nelson out of Langston Hughes, and on June 2 the staff offered his freshman teammate, Thomas. The 6-0, 220-pounder figures to be one of the most sought-after outside linebackers in the South in the next couple of years, so UMD-area recruiter Mike London did well to jump on Thomas now.

Thomas also holds offers from Clemson, Tennessee, Michigan, West Virginia and North Carolina, with more about to roll in. The Tigers seem to have Thomas’ eye early, but there’s a ways to go here.

Sheridan Jones, CB, Bishop Sullivan Catholic (Virginia Beach, Va.) (2020): The Maryland staff offered a couple freshman this week, and then June 2 UMD Virginia-area recruiter Chris Beatty extended a verbal to Jones, who has yet to play a varsity down. But Beatty wasn’t even the first to identify the surefire star Jones; Tennessee and Florida actually came in first during the evaluation period.

Beatty, though, has connections throughout Virginia Beach. Given that, perhaps he can gain solid inroads with the 6-1, 165-pound Jones during the next few years.

In the meantime, we’ll be gauging whether or not the Bishop Sullivan Catholic prospect develops and lives up to the pre-high school hype.

Off The Board

Hezekiah Grimsley, WR, Lafayette (Williamsburg, Va.): The receiver Grimsley had a top two of Maryland and Virginia Tech, but he opted for the Hokies May 27. It wasn’t a surprising decision per se, except that it came a bit earlier than anticipated.

Grimsley originally wanted to wait until the end of the summer before committing so he could see what offers he could procure during camp season. But after a return trip to Blacksburg May 26, he decided he didn’t need anymore looks. He had everything he needed at Va Tech -- a high-powered spread, hometown comforts, players he knew and a coaching staff he trusted.

The Terps actually led for Grimsley at one point following his early-April foray through College Park. Grimsley talked up UMD-area recruiters Mike London and Chris Beatty, offensive coordinator Walt Bell’s system, and the atmosphere at Maryland. He’d developed a rapport with Beatty and Co. and expressed interest in going back to College Park this summer.

But a week after Grimsley’s initial UMD trek, he stopped by Tech. That trip pretty much vaulted the Hokies ahead of the Terps, and after that it was only  a matter of time before he popped to Tech.

Note: The Maryland staff may have ceased pursuit of Grimsley anyway. Since offering him, the Terps landed a pair of Georgia receivers and another from Florida, so the Lafayette wideout may not have been as high of a priority.

Justin Marshall, WR, Salem (Conyers, Ga.): Even as Marshall’s offer-list expanded, he continued to list Maryland as a school of interest, mostly due to UMD receivers’ coach Chris Beatty’s overtures. But earlier this week Marshall no longer listed the Terps as a possible summer destination in interviews with our colleagues.

The 6-3, 195-pounder landed a coveted Oregon offer May 31, and following the look he labeled the Ducks a school of serious interest. He then went on to say that longtime favorite Louisville remained a top contender (he grew up a Cardinals fan), along with nearby North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. 

Moreover, Marshall admitted scholarships from hometown Georgia and ACC power Clemson would be potential game changers for him. Both programs’ coaches have been in touch and figure to extend verbals at some point this summer.

We can’t predict exactly where Marshall will wind up yet, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be in College Park.

Tyree Henry, WR, Stephen Decatur (Berlin, Md.): The local receiver Henry came off the board with the addition of M.J. Jarrell June 2. The Terps are taking one more receiver, and that slot is likely reserved for a top-notch wideout. Henry, recall, did not even have a committable offer from the Terps anyway, and it's not going to materialize now (unless Henry reclasses to 2018, which is a possibility).

Sean Savoy, WR, Wilson (Washington, D.C.): Maryland wasn't heavily involved with the local receiver Savoy anyway, and now with M.J. Jarrell and two other wideouts on board, it's unlikely the UMD staff reengages the Wilson product. Savoy is probably bound for Miami or Va Tech.

Jahmin Muse, WR, Elizabeth (N.J.): Muse still had the Terps under consideration and wanted to visit College Park. However, he also seemed to be more focused on some Northeast suitors. We kept him on the hot board just in case he ventured down to Maryland, but with the UMD staff landing M.J. Jarrell June 2, the coaches are unlikely to push for Muse.

Brayden Brown, WR, Fort Hill (Cumberland, Md.): The local athlete Brown was someone we were going to keep our eyes on during camp season. But with the Terps having just one receiver spot left after the M.J. Jarrell commitment, Brown's probably a longshot to snag a hometown offer. The Maryland staff will focus its last slot on an elite receiver type.

Daniel Wright, S, St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.): The Terps were hanging on by a thread for the safety Wright, but the four-star’s transfer from Cardinal Gibbons (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) to Aquinas was likely the straw that broke the Terrapins’ back. Wright said one of the main reasons he would consider visiting College Park this was the pitch he’d heard from Gibbons teammates-turned-Terps Elisha and Elijah Daniels. But the transfer indicates he’s probably not as close to the Danielses as the brothers have indicated.

True, UMD-area recruiter Chris Beatty has a rapport with Wright, but we’re not sure it’ll be enough to top the frontrunners. Florida State has a clear bead, and our Florida colleagues all believe Wright’s Tallahassee, Fla., bound before it’s all said and done. Others in the thick of things include LSU, Clemson and Florida, with the rest of the SEC pining for position as well.

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