Jordan Praises UMD, UVA After Returns To Each

The DMV’s top offensive center is on a summer tour, and Johnny Jordan (Gonzaga/Washington, D.C.) began his visit schedule June 11-12 at two of his foremost contenders: UVA and Maryland.

The DMV’s top offensive center is on a summer tour, and Johnny Jordan (Gonzaga/Washington, D.C.) began his visit schedule June 11-12 at two of his foremost contenders: UVA and Maryland. The 6-foot-2, 290-pound three-star has been in Charlottesville, Va., and College Park, Md., multiple times and opted to return to each for another look.

“With UVA, I was at their elite camp [June 11], and that was great. UVA definitely a school I’m considering,” Jordan said. “I talked to the offensive line coach at the end, Coach [Garrett] Tujague, and it was good to catch up with him. But me and my family had another commitment, so we couldn’t stay too long after, unfortunately. But UVA is a place I always enjoy, I have a great relationship with the coaches there, and the education there is second to none, which is the most important thing.”

With Maryland, Jordan has been in town for tours, practices and general visit days. He’s brought along his father and his mother, and on June 12 the entire Jordan family joined him in College Park.

“Maryland is a school I wanted to get back to, definitely,” Jordan said. “I brought everyone with me this time, including my parents and my sisters. We all really enjoyed it. I finally had a chance to see the entire campus, like where the players live and the construction for the new facilities. So that was good and it was very impressive. Then I talked to Coach Aazaar [Abdul-Rahim], Coach [Dave] Borbely and Coach [D.J.]  Durkin.”

Jordan has been in regular communication with Abdul-Rahim and Borbely for months now. Meanwhile, Durkin’s message and pitch has resonated with Jordan and his parents during previous treks through UMD.

“Coach Aazaar was saying how Maryland is home and it’s always good to stay home and represent your hometown school. And that’s the message I keep hearing from them, and it’s something I’m considering,” Jordan said. “Coach Borbs, he was talking about my future and how it would look at Maryland. He was talking about how he coaches and approaches the work week, so I learned a little more about him. I think he’s a great coach and has a great reputation for developing linemen.

“And Coach Durkin, he was talking about what he believes in and the direction of the program. I like that he’s going to tell you what you do well, but he’ll criticize you when it’s needed. He’s very honest and straightforward. He also said I’m a priority for them, which is great to hear.”

After his latest foray to Maryland, Jordan continued to rate the Terps as one of his standouts.

“It’s a school I’m really considering. I like that it’s 45 minutes from home, which is really nice, and it’s a good education too,” Jordan said. “It’s another great school, and that’s one of the most important things for me -- life after football.”

Up next, Jordan will be at Virginia Tech June 17 before returning to UMD for the Lineman Challenge June 18. After that, he’s hitting Boston College June 19-20 and Pitt June 25-26.

“I’m going to take those visits and then in July and August it will be a lot of evaluation and research on the schools themselves,” said Jordan, who admitted the six schools he’s favoring are UVA, UMD, Pitt, BC, Va Tech and Syracuse. “Then hopefully September or October I’ll be ready to make my decision. I was going to commit before the season, but I want to make a smart, well-thought out decision.”

Jordan said it’s possible he could take an official visit or two, but also allowed it likely won’t happen. Gonzaga plays its games on Saturdays, precluding Jordan from venturing out on weekends.

“But I will get a chance to watch the teams on TV and see how the coaches coach on game days,” Jordan said. “You know, a lot of the schools I’m considering have new coaching staffs, so I would like to see how the coaches coach. I mean, at Va Tech, UVA and Syracuse you’ve got coaches coming from non power-five schools to the big leagues, so I’m interested in seeing how they do. And then it’s a new head coach at Maryland who has never been a head coach before, so I want to see how Coach Durkin does. It will be interesting.”

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