New BUCK Offer Horton Thrilled With UMD Look

The Terps offered BUCK Malik Horton (Langston Hughes/Fairburn, Ga.) June 24.

The Maryland staff has already pulled one recruit from Langston Hughes High (Fairburn, Ga.) in Sean Nelson, and now they have a bead on a second. On June 24, outside linebacker Malik Horton, who porjects as a BUCK at UMD, earned an offer from Terps’ area recruiter Mike London and graduate assistant Brawley Evans.

“It wasn’t just a good offer, it was a really, really nice offer,” laughed Horton, who previously held verbals from Colorado, Toledo, Georgia State, Arkansas State, ODU an others of that ilk. “I was extremely excited; it was the offer I was waiting for. When I talked to Coach London, I was just blessed and excited. It was only four months ago I didn’t have any offers, and now to have a chance to play for Maryland is a great feeling and an exciting moment. It’s unbelievable.

“I’m so amped, and I can’t wait to get up there for a visit.”

Horton hadn’t had too much contact with London prior to June 24, but he had heard from Evans via Twitter. The 6-foot-4, 230-pounder said Evans had hinted an offer could materialize, and June 24 turned out to be the day.

“Coach London told me he’s excited to get me up for a visit,” Horton said. “He said he loved my film, how physical I am and how I’m a big dude but can really move. They want me for that BUCK position, and that sounds great to me. I like that it’s a versatile position and I can play all over the field.”

The Langston Hughes product already knows a good bit about the Maryland program. He said Nelson has clued him in, and now that Horton has the offer, his teammate has been pumping the Terps even more.

“Sean definitely wants me there,” laughed Horton. “He told me it’s an amazing atmosphere, it’s great players, great coaches and a true family. I like to be around a team that’s a true family, so that sounds good to me.

“[Nelson] also said the coaches keep it real, they don’t lie to you, and they really care about you not just as a player, but a person. He said they want you to grow academically and on the field and really develop you as a person. So that sounds great, and Maryland just sounds like a positive place to be. I think I’m going to like it a lot up there.”

For his own part, Horton said he likes the school’s academic reputation and conference affiliation.

“Academics are very important to me, and I know Maryland is a great school. That’s big,” Horton said. “Also, I really like that it’s in the Big Ten. I love playing against great competition, so the chance to play Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, that’s big time.”

Horton said he’ll be trekking to College Park, Md., sometime between July 10 and July 31. He said if the staff will accept his pledge, he could leave campus with his college destination decided.

“There is a chance I’ll commit if I feel the vibe from the coaches and like what I see,” Horton said. “I’ll be up there with my family, and if they like it too, there is that chance I’ll commit.”

The only program Horton has seen so far this offseason is Georgia State, although last year he went to Tennessee, South Carolina and Mississippi State. Besides UMD, he’ll also be checking out Colorado July 24.

Horton is receiving interest from Louisville and Mississippi State, though he’s unsure if either program will ante up.

“But I’m not really looking for any offers,” Horton said. “I’m cherishing what I have and am blessed for the offers I do have. I'm really pleased with the offers I have on the table now.”

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