CB Newsome Loves UMD Look, Set For Visit

Dazz Newsome (Hampton, Va.), a 5-foot-10, 170-pound two-star slot corner, added his first Big Ten scholarship and second power-five offer from UMD Oct. 6.

The Terps are searching for defensive backs and have three or four openings remaining with only two committed. They have a number of offers out, and handed another to a 757 riser who has Maryland firmly on his radar.

Dazz Newsome (Hampton, Va.), a 5-foot-10, 170-pound two-star slot corner, added his first Big Ten scholarship and second power-five offer from UMD Oct. 6.

“That  was a huge, huge offer for me,” said Newsome, who also has looks from Iowa State, Marshall, Charlotte and ODU. “It was my first Big Ten offer and now I’m really getting on the map. I know Maryland needs corners too, and it looks like this could be a real good fit. Maryland is my favorite, no doubt.”

Newsome first had contact with UMD-area recruiter Mike London in mid-September. The corner said he hadn’t really heard from London since then, but received a message Oct. 6 imploring him to call.

“Coach London told me they need guys like me up there to man the secondary,” Newsome said. “He said the coaches really liked my film and they’d love to have me up there. He said we’re the first Big Ten school to jump on you, and now you’re about take off. So that was great to hear. I enjoyed talking to him. He’s a good guy.”

Newsome has never been in College Park, Md., before but plans to see the campus for the first time Oct. 9 for an unofficial. He said if the trip goes well, he could just end his recruitment right then and there.

“We’ll see, I could just commit when I’m there,” Newsome said. “I’m really excited to get up. There’s a chance it could happen. It's only three hours from home, so that's not too bad.

"I just want to meet the coaches, see how I fit in and then check out the school. I’m going to have some meetings, so I’ll be able to see how I’d fit into their defense.”

Besides the conference affiliation and his brief conversation with London, Newsome is still in the learning stages about UMD. He plans to have his questions answered during the upcoming trip, however.

In addition to Maryland, Newsome has been hearing from Va Tech, where his older brother plays safety, UNC; Temple; Purdue and Penn State. He’s unsure who will ante up next, but is seeking a Carolina look.

“I wouldn’t say I’m looking for an offer, really, but it would be nice if UNC came in,” said Newsome, who mentioned he hasn’t heard from the Iowa State coaches in quite some time. “I’ve been there two times and I like it there. I talk to two of their coaches too, so that would be big if they offered.”

At this stage, Newsome has no other trips scheduled beyond Oct. 8, however. He’s unsure if he’ll take any others, particularly if he commits, and doesn’t feel the need to embark on officials.

“Right now I really like Maryland,” Newsome said. “I can’t say for sure what will happen, but we’ll see what I’m thinking after I visit.”

Newsome has one pick through five games this season, to go along with around 800 yards of offense.

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