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Live Evaluation & Interview: Rasheed Walker

OWINGS, Md. -- Northern (Owings, Md.) hosted North Point (Waldorf, Md.) in a regular-season ending SMAC battle Nov. 4. Terrapin Times was on hand to scout North Point 2018 offensive tackle Rasheed Walker, a 6-foot-5, 280-pounder with early offers from Maryland; Ohio State; WVU: Florida; UNC; Va Tech and Pitt.

OWINGS, Md. -- Northern (Owings, Md.) hosted North Point (Waldorf, Md.) in a regular-season ending SMAC battle Nov. 4. Terrapin Times was on hand to scout North Point 2018 offensive tackle Rasheed Walker, a 6-foot-5, 280-pounder with early offers from Maryland; Ohio State; WVU: Florida; UNC; Va Tech and Pitt.

Our take on his game and an interview can be seen below:


Rasheed Walker has double-digit offers from programs like Maryland, Florida, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, UNC, West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers and more. The hometown Terps, though, were the first to ante up back in March, and they continue to trend for the local 2018 tackle.

“Maryland is looking pretty good right now. They’re straight. I don’t have any leaders yet, but I do like Maryland,” Walker said before his game Nov. 4. “I’m excited about what they have going on up there, and I like the coaching staff. They’re real good dudes there. Coach Aazaar [Abdul-Rahim], Coach [Dave] Borbely, Coach [D.J.] Durkin, I like all those guys.”

Walker has been in College Park, Md., several times, including campus visits, camps and for games. He was most recently at UMD Oct. 1 for the Purdue affair.

“That was a whole lot of fun. I really liked it and it was a pretty good game. I enjoyed myself just being around the other recruits and the fans,” Walker said. “It was a great atmosphere, the offense looked great, and I got to talk to Coach Borbely and Coach Aazaar again, and it was good to see those guys. I plan on getting back up there soon, maybe for another game or definitely in [the offseason].”

Walker went on to praise UMD’s coming facility upgrades, the campus and the academics. He also talked up the DMV movement and the idea of building the hometown school into a winner on a foundation of locals.

“It’s a pretty good thing they have going on up there. I like what Coach Durkin is saying and how he’s prioritizing the local guys,” Walker said. “It’s something I’m thinking about. I like being around my friends and  family.”

The fact the Terps’ staff was the first to recognize his talent hit home too. Walker said he’s always going to keep that in mid as he goes through the process.

“I’m a DMV guy, so for the hometown school to offer me first, that’s big,” Walker said. “That’s real big. It made me feel real good [when they offered].”

The Terps, though, aren’t the only program on Walker’s mind. He’s also taking a hard look at Ohio State, Penn State, Florida, UNC, Rutgers and more. Walker said the staffs he has the best relationships with at the moment are those from OSU, PSU, RU and UMD.

“Ohio State was a big offer and I liked it up there when I was there for the camp,” Walker said. “They really liked me at the camp, and it was big when that offer came in. I like the coaches there a lot.

“And Florida, that was huge too. It’s an SEC school and I know Jalen Tabor down there. I want to get down there [during the offseason]. And then Penn State, I’ve been up there a couple times and I love it there. Great atmosphere, great fans, great coaches, great academics.

“North Carolina, that’s always been a school I’ve liked. Ever since I was little, I liked North Carolina. I also went to Rutgers for a game, and I really enjoyed that. I had a good time up there, and the coaches there are on me.”

So far, Walker has been able to see UMD, PSU, RU and OSU. He’s looking to get to Florida, FSU, Miami, UNC, Va Tech and more this offseason, in addition to return trips to the schools he’s already checked out.

“I’m just taking everything in right now and going through the process,” Walker said. “There’s a lot of good schools on me, so I’m taking things slow.”

Walker’s main focus right now is taking his team on an extended playoff run. He said he’s personally developed a lot since the beginning of the season.

“Our whole team has been grinding, working and I’ve really gotten a lot better,” Walker said. “I’m better with my flexibility, footwork and I’m getting to second level. Even my pass blocking has been better.”

Live Evaluation

There’s a reason Walker holds early offers from some of the nation’s premier programs. Not only does he have the size, but he also has the athleticism; quickness; and upside FBS institutions are searching for.

Physically, Walker is 6-5 plus with broad shoulders, lengthy arms and a wide base. He has very little “bad weight,” but his frame is such that he can take on 30 pounds or so.

Initially, Walker flashes above-average fist-step quickness, the recruit routinely gaining an advantage on defensive linemen. He possesses a fairly rapid thrust, Walker shooting his hands up to promptly engage his man. He chops his feet after contact and typically drives from his base.

Moreover, Walker has the necessary athleticism and agility to push to the second level and block out in space. He has deft, nimble feet; solid hip flexibility; and good speed for a big man, allowing him to navigate tight quarters and ably pull down the line.

On passing downs, Walker sets up quickly and displays proper form. He plays balanced, keeps his back straight and shows a sound kick slide. Walker maintains a consistent punch and stays patient on his blocks. He can either guide rushers past the quarterback or anchor, turning his man to the outside. Walker also does well readjusting to quick-twitch rushers who attempt to slice inside or loop around backside.

To improve, we’d like to see Walker develop more overall strength. He needs to become more potent at the point of attack, particularly when run blocking. Right now, he’s not the type of lineman who can routinely blow defenders off the ball and open holes. It would also behoove him to develop a mauler’s mentality and finish off his blocks more often.

Additionally, Walker has to hone his hand placement, making sure he consistently strikes inside and underneath the pads. He tends to come off the ball high, and thus his initial-strike power is sapped.

Moreover, since he does need to play with more knee bend, some defensive linemen can out-leverage Walker and push him off the ball.

Walker also must make sure he gains extension in both pass pro and when run blocking. Currently, he’ll sometimes let linemen get into his body, neutralizing him at the point of attack.

Next, Walker has to polish his footwork in pass pro. Yes, he can readjust to rushers at the high school level, but he’ll have to become even quicker -- and prove he can identify and pick up blitzers -- to succeed in college.

Finally, as previously suggested, Walker must add major bulk. He’s rather lithe for a tackle and must become wider and stouter in order to hang in the FBS.

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