Turgeon Breaks Down UMD Before Exhibition

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon had a conference call Nov. 3 before the Terps' Nov. 5 exhibition game against Catawba.

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon had a conference call Nov. 3 before the Terps' Nov. 5 exhibition game against Catawba.

On Facing Catawba

We’re excited about getting in front of a crowd, and more importantly playing against somebody else. This is our second opportunity after the private scrimmage. I want to see how we’re going to react, especially the younger players. That’s important, and it will give us an idea of how guys play together, rotations and where guys are at after practice.

On Ivan Bender Injury

Ivan Bender fractured his left wrist last weekend getting a rebound. He will not need surgery. Don’t really have a timetable right now, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later…. He started our private scrimmage and was really playing well. It’s a setback for him, and I feel bad for him, because he had been practicing well. And players were gaining confidence in him and he was gaining confidence in himself.

It opens things up for LG [Gill] and Ceko [Michal Cekovsky]. Ceko is not quite 100 percent, but he’s practicing and will play [against Catawba]. It’s an opportunity for Justin Jackson too, and hopefully they can take advantage of those opportunities.

On Set Starting Lineup?

Not really to be honest with you. The starting lineup thing is very fluid. You know, I need some of my upperclassmen to practice better and play better. Young guys, they’re trying to figure it out and it’s hard. We’re throwing a lot at them. I imaging we’ll start a different group than during the private scrimmage, and it will be different in the American game. A lot of guys are vying [for starting roles], and we’re trying to [gauge the] separation in practice.

On Cekovsky Versatility

I hope so. It’s been hard for Ceko. He’s been out for awhile – Aug. 29. It’s been a process. He’s just gotten back in practice, and the game is a little quick for him. But eventually, yes, Ceko is going to help us more. Early in the season, if we can get him to 100 percent, [he’s going to help us with] defense and rebounding. That’s way ahead of his offensive game. He’s a little rusty because of the injury. He’s showing more, made a couple 3s in practice, made some 15 footers, doing some things off the dribble.

On Dion Wiley Return

He’s practicing better. He needs to be more consistent in practice, but there’s times when he’s one of our top one or two players. His body looks great. He was 198 after practice the other day. He’s shooting well, being a playmaker, trying to become a better defender for us. He’s coming. I imagine he’ll be a little nervous going into the exhibition; he has to get his mind right and get used to playing again. But he has a great attitude, he’s worked hard, and done everything we’ve asked. He’s shown signs of getting back to the old Dion.

I’d like him to be [a starter]. We’ll see how the exhibition and practice goes. But Dion is right there, and he’s getting more comfortable with his knee. He’s talented, and we need him to be a front-line guy for us.

On Roles For Jaylen Brantley, Jared Nickens

Jaylen has been a tremendous practice player for us, and Jared is really shooting the ball well and is continuing to work hard defensively. But we’re still trying to figure it out. We’re relying on those guys because they are veterans; they’ve won 27, 28 games. They know what it takes to win, they’ve been through it, and they’re gaining confidence. They’re better players than they were a year ago. Hopefully they’ll be ready to go and play well early in the season.

On Kevin Huerter Shooting

He’s been really good. Him, Jared, Brantley, Melo, Dion, they’ve really shot the ball really consistent in practice. … It’s an absolute grind for the new guys, and they’re trying hard.

Note: Turgeon also commented that he had "no idea" about possible redshirts yet. He hinted Josh Tomaic may have more of a role with Ivan Bender out, but didn't commit to it.

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