WR Hendrix 'Really Excited' About Terps Offer

An update on 2018 receiver Ed Hendrix (Woodson/Washington, D.C.), who earned a Maryland offer Dec. 29.

Junior Edward Hendrix (Woodson, D.C.) has already established himself as one of the best wideouts in the DMV, and Dec. 29 he finally pulled an offer from the hometown Terps. The 6-foot-4, 200-pounder, who hauled in 40 catches for 900 yards and 12 touchdowns last season, previously had looks from Syracuse; Pitt; Michigan State; Clemson; and Iowa State.

“I was really excited to get the offer. I like Maryland very much and think it’s a nice school,” said Hendrix, who joined his teammate, Noah Boykin, in pulling a Terps’ look Dec. 29. “I like the uniforms, the offense they run, the campus and the coaches. Maryland is up there for me.”

The one coach Hendrix knows the best, however, is area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, who presented the offer. Abdul-Rahim is from D.C. and coached many of the District’s defensive backs before entering the college ranks.

“I know Coach Aazaar very well. He’s a good coach, and I’ve known him since eighth grade. He trained guys at Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.), so I knew him from that,” Hendrix said. “I talk to him a good bit, and he likes how I ball. He wants to see me ball out at Maryland and get to the next level.”

Hendrix estimates he’s been in College Park, Md., about four times, most recently for a June summer camp. He’s also had the opportunity to tour the school, check out the coming facility upgrades and meet the rest of the staff.

“It was a great camp I went to, and I liked the receivers’ coach [Chris Beatty]. I had a good time competing,” Hendrix said. “I think Maryland is a nice school and a great place to be. I like the new facilities. Those things are going to be something serious. Maryland is really moving up.”

Naturally, Hendrix is aware of the hometown movement that’s taken hold in the area. He knows many of the local recruits are choosing to attend UMD and said it’s something he’s considering too.

“Staying home a great idea and a great thing they have going. They were missing out on the talent in this area, and if they get it, they’re going to win,” Hendrix said. “It’s something I’m thinking about.”

Besides Maryland, Hendrix has been able to see Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Pitt. He said each of the schools caught his eye, but he liked UMD and OSU the most.

This offseason, Hendrix wants to check out USC and some West Coach programs. He also would like to see some of the other programs that have offered him like Clemson, MSU and Syracuse.

“I’m taking everything in right now – no early leaders or anything like that. I’m not really looking for any offers either,” said Hendrix, who mentioned he wants to play in an offense that emphasizes passing the ball. “Whatever comes, I’ll look at it and evaluate it.”

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