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Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland-football recruiting roundup.

Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland-football recruiting roundup.

The Mike London Effect

Ironically enough, the recruits we figured Maryland’s staff might have the most difficulty holding onto in the 2017 class were those under Mike London’s watch. So, in the grand scheme of things, London’s move to Howard in early January may not affect anything we weren’t already anticipating transpiring.

-- Those most impacted by the London departure figure to be defensive linemen Breyon and Brandon Gaddy (Bishop Sullivan Catholic/Virginia Beach, Va.), who have upcoming official visits to Oregon (Jan. 13) and Florida (Jan. 27). Although the two UMD commits did take a liking to London and wanted to learn under him, the feeling has been these two could flip to Florida regardless of who the Terps’ D-line coach is.

Truth be told, the twins have always sought to play in the SEC, and even after they committed to Maryland Dec. 12, the sense was they would be gauging their other options. London’s shift certainly doesn’t help the UMD staff’s ability to hang onto the brothers, however.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the twins are goners. As of Jan. 12, the Maryland staff, including head coach D.J. Durkin, is back on the road and making overtures to the Gaddys and their family. Meanwhile, UMD assistant Chris Beatty, who is running point in this recruitment and has a tight-knit bond with the Gaddys, has been doing all he can to make sure the touted Virginia Beach natives stick around.

If the pair flip, though, it’s possible the Terps’ staff could make a late run for another defensive lineman. American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.) defensive tackle George Ellis, who had a Maryland offer courtesy of UMD-area recruiter Chris Beatty, remains on the board since some of his more prominent suitors fells by the wayside. He’s currently leaning towards TCU, but could be receptive to renewed Terps’ interest.

Another potential target could be prep-school defensive lineman Hozey Haji-Badri (Virginia Prep/Chantilly, Va.), who visited College Park, Md., four times the last couple months and had made it clear he wanted in at Maryland. (Uncommitted Baltimore defensive end Vic Dimukeje from Boys’ Latin is not expected to have much interest in UMD, even if the Terps’ coaches re-up the pursuit).

-- The third Maryland commit affected by London’s leaving is corner Dazz Newsome (Hampton, Va.), who was also someone we thought could opt out later in January. Well before the New Year, Newsome had officials set to North Carolina Jan. 13 and Virginia Tech Jan. 20. And ever since the Hokies’ coaches anted up, the corner’s Blacksburg, Va., flip has seemed inevitable.

Despite his public words to the contrary, Newsome insisting on his loyalty to the Terps, it’s going to be tough for him to turn down the school his father; uncle; and older brother played for. Of course, Newsome’s brother is still on the roster, meaning the two could suit up together for the next two seasons, which readily appeals to the Hampton native.

Now, Newsome did have a strong rapport with London, who was the prospect’s primary recruiter. In fact, one of the main reasons Newsome came to College Park, Md., in the first place was his relationship and bond with London. But with the defensive line coach gone, the Maryland staff is going to have to scramble to keep Newsome in tow.

Either way, we don’t envision the Terps’ coaches taking a late flyer on another corner.

-- Beyond the above three UMD pledges, no others should flip due to the London move. London wasn’t the primary recruiter for any other current commits, while the defensive line -- Cam Spence (St. John’s/Washington, D.C.), Lawtez Rogers (Roosevelt/Greenbelt, Md.), B’ahmad Miller (St. Frances/Baltimore, Md.), Kofi Wardlow (St. John’s), Bryce Brand (Clayton Valley/Concord, Calif.) -- is expected to remain in tow, save for the Gaddys.

-- As far as uncommitted recruits are concerned, the only one with London ties left on Maryland’s board is Ellis Brooks (Benedictine/Richmond, Va.). But after checking in with various contacts this week, Brooks may not be overly concerned about his UMD-area recruiter’s departure.

Although the two had a tight-knit bond, Brooks already had much affinity for the Terps’ program as a whole. On top of that, the Benedictine product had formed relationships with several other Terps’ coaches, including headman D.J. Durkin and linebackers’ coach Matt Barnes.

In addition, Brooks had a great time at his Dec. 9 College Park official; connected with the Terps’ incoming recruits; loves the school’s academics; and believes the program is on the up-and-up.

 True, the Notre Dame coaches reinitiated contact in December, and the four-star will be officially visiting South Bend, Ind., Jan. 27. We’d previously surmised UND would be his ultimate destination, which could still be the case before it’s all said and done. But new information came to light this week that’s cast doubt on the Brooks-to-Notre Dame proclamations. (Read: the Irish coaches may not be pressing for a pop after all).

If Notre Dame falls off, the likes of Northwestern (Jan. 13 official), LSU (Jan. 16) and Oregon (Jan. 20) will get a shot to win Brooks over. Of those, the Tigers have the best chance to rise up the leaderboard, with the school’s SEC affiliation on the Benedictine backer’s mind.

But will the LSU staff press for a commitment? That remains questionable.

We’ll keep a wary eye on LSU, and aren’t about to write Notre Dame off, but it sounds as if there’s a chance Brooks falls into the Maryland staff’s laps.

The Mike Locksley Effect

Maryland fans were prepared for this: As soon as Mike Locksley left Alabama for Florida and was allowed back on the recruiting trail, he’d promptly hit up his old DMV stomping grounds.

It didn’t even take the former Terps’ offensive coordinator a day.

Even before settling in Gainesville, Fla., Locksley began reaching out to his connects in the D.C. area, including those prospects committed to Maryland and on the UMD staff’s radar. Some of the recruits broached thus far in conjunction with Locksley include Terps’ defensive tackle pledge Cam Spence, Terps’ defensive line commits Breyon and Brandon Gaddy, four-star running back Anthony McFarland (DeMatha/Hyattsville, Md.), and five-star offensive tackle Calvin Ashley (St. John’s). From what we’ve been able to glean, at least three will be officially visiting Florida, with the jury out on McFarland and Ashley.

-- Spence, as we noted in the “Mike London Effect” section, should remain firmly committed to Maryland. He loves the pomp and circumstance of official visits and is thought to be enjoying another “free steak dinner” on the Gators’ dime Jan. 13. You never know what can happen with Locksley pulling strings, but we’re not worried about Spence’s status.

-- The Gaddy brothers (discussed above) were going to visit Florida even before Locksley arrived. The only real change here is now they have another UF recruiter on them. Our Florida colleagues are suggesting the Gaddyses flip to Florida is imminent after their official Jan. 27, and although we’re not ready to make that statement quite yet, we are leery of this final trek through the Swamp.

-- McFarland hasn’t set a Florida official in stone, but the thinking is it could be Jan. 20, right before he announces his college destination. The DeMatha back did express some interest in the Gators awhile back, so there’s a chance he could place UF right back in the running now that Locksley’s in town.

But, at the moment, this remains a Miami-Maryland race. The Hurricanes were thought to have the edge what with McFarland’s relationship with head coach Mark Richt and several close to the recruit pushing Coral Gables, Fla. But, of late, we’ve heard the Terps’ coaches, with Aazaar Abdul-Rahim running point, have pulled near even with the four-star back.

This is looking like a toss-up heading into McFarland’s Jan. 23 decision date.

-- Ashley is on Florida’s visitor list for Jan. 27, but we doubt he follows through. The Auburn pledge let on via social media he had no other trips set, other than his foray through AU Jan. 20. But even if Ashley does elect to see Florida, he’s not expected to consider flipping to the Gators.

Currently, our sources maintain the Maryland staff has a shot to swipe Ashley on Signing Day. But Ashley has publically demurred, and we’re inclined to believe he will indeed stick with the Tigers when it’s all said and done.

We’re keeping him “warm” on the hot board for the time being.

More 2017 Recruiting Notes

-- UMD linebacker target Louis Acceus (St. Joseph Regional/Montvale, N.J.) has shifted around his official visits, although his College Park trek remains set for Jan. 27. Coming up, the three-star will be at NC State Jan. 13 and Va Tech Jan. 20, with Acceus reneging on a previously-intended trip to Indiana.

The Hokies could be threats to land Acceus before he reaches UMD, particularly if the staff presses for a pop. But if the Jersey native embarks on that College Park official, the Terps’ staff could be positioned to secure the three-star’s pledge. (That is, if the Maryland coaches can’t bring in their No. 1 priority, Ellis Brooks).

Acceus has had Maryland atop his leaderboard and continues to maintain regular communication with linebackers’ coach Matt Barnes. Plus, Acceus and his brother are comfortable around head coach D.J. Durkin’s program and believe Maryland would be a great fit for the recruit’s future athletically and academically.

Acceus, who would become a surefire “take” for Durkin if Ellis Brooks pops to Notre Dame or LSU, continues to sit “hot” on the hot board.

-- Maryland receiver commit Sean Nelson (Langston Hughes/Fairburn, Ga.), who UMD offensive coordinator Walt Bell brought in, intends to officially visit Virginia Tech after the Hokies’ staff offered him Jan. 6. He doesn’t have a date set up yet, but Nelson mentioned the look intrigued him and he’d like to see what Blacksburg is about.

We haven’t heard a flip is imminent, but we’re always wary when pledges check out other locales. The Tech coaches are trying to bring in one more receiver and have their sights on Ryan Jones, a four-star from Mallard Creek (Charlotte, N.C.), and now Nelson. But the Jones situation is shaky, so the Hokies’ coaches may just move on and press for Nelson.

We’ll see how receptive the three-star is, however. Nelson had previously given no indication he was unhappy with the situation at Maryland. He’s stayed in touch with Bell and receivers’ coach Chris Beatty, had a standout official visit to College Park, and has developed a bond with many of Maryland’s current commits.

Our gut is Nelson is going to stick with UMD, but you never know what can happen.

-- UMD defensive line pledge Kofi Wardlow (St. John’s) will be officially visiting Pitt Jan. 13 and possibly Notre Dame Jan. 20. The Panthers won't make much noise here, but we're always wary when a school like UND gets involved. If the Irish coaches push, it wouldn't be a complete shock if Wardlow listened.

So far, though, we haven't heard Wardlow is seriously considering changing up his commitment status. The local BUCK is firmly on board with Maryland and is eager to join his teammates-turned-Terps Kasim Hill and Cam Spence in College Park. Plus, UMD-area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim has been through St. John's to ensure Wardlow sticks.

-- We haven’t heard of any wavering on the part of Maryland pledges Javon Leake (Page/Greensboro, N.C.) or Jalen Browder (East Pauding/Dallas, Ga.). It’s possible each could take an official or two before Signing Day, but we’re told they remain hard UMD commits.

New Offers Out

Jeshaun Jones, WR, South Fort Myers (Fort Myers, Fla.) (2018): The 2018 receiver Jones picked up offer No. 13 from UMD receivers’ coach Chris Beatty Jan. 6. The 6-foot-1, 170-pounder first began procuring looks from smaller Division I programs, but of late his recruitment has taken off. Arkansas, Illinois, Rutgers, Iowa State, Southern Miss, USF and now Maryland have all come in recently, and a number of other nearby programs are bound to follow suit.

For the time being, Jones is fairly open to all his suitors, but Arkansas seems to have his ear initially. We’ll see if Beatty can coax him up to College Park at some point, but this doesn’t figure to be a recruit we’d project to Maryland at first blush.

Maleak Bryant, TE, Mays (Atlanta, Ga.) (2018): Bryant landed his first offer from Maryland and area recruiter Walt Bell Jan. 6. The 6-6, 215-pounder said it was “great” to earn his first college verbal, and he’ll be looking deeper into Maryland moving forward.

Bryant hasn’t developed a rapport with Bell and tight ends coach Pete Lembo yet, but he plans to begin exchanging messages shortly. For now, Bryant is aware of the basics such as Maryland’s spread offense, conference affiliation and the fact Vernon Davis is an alum. He also knows Terps’ commit Sean Nelson (Langston Hughes/Fairburn, Ga.), although the two haven’t conversed about Maryland.

Beyond that, Bryant isn’t privy to much, but said he wants to visit College Park soon.

Additionally, Bryant has heard from the likes of Ga Tech, Va Tech and some smaller DI programs. He doesn’t have a dream school, noting he just wants to find a school that uses its tight end; has a comfortable environment; and has solid academics.

The feeling on this end is Bryant is going to blow up on the trail. Our initial hot board reading on him would be “cool.”

You can read more about Bryant HERE.

John Fitzpatrick, TE, Marist School (Atlanta, Ga.) (2018): The Terps became the latest offer for the Georgia tight end Fitzpatrick Jan. 6. Iowa State, Ohio, Pitt, UNC Charlotte and Tulane anted up first, and the 6-6, 230-pounder figures to land a few more looks from places such as Duke and Northwestern.

But the UMD offer, courtesy of Maryland-area recruiter Walt Bell, hit home.

“It was a big offer for me, because it was my first Big Ten offer. That’s really exciting, because it’s one of the best conferences in the country,” said Fitzpatrick, who was so interested in Maryland he actually reached out to the UMD staff well before receiving the offer. “It’s a great place and area, I hear it’s a fun campus, and it’s really intriguing because I have family close to the Maryland area in New York and Connecticut. I’ve heard a lot about Maryland and really am intrigued.”

Fitzpatrick explained how his father always brings up UMD during the family’s treks north, while the recruit’s friend visited College Park last year and “fell in love with it.” The Georgia tight end mentioned the Under Armour connections and the location near Washington, D.C., as significant positives as well.

Fitzpatrick’s Pitt offer caught his attention too, although if Duke or Northwestern come through they’d likely rise up the recruit’s early favorites list. The Marist School product said the combination of academics and athletics would be particularly appealing.

But we’ll have to see just how far Fitzpatrick rises on recruiting boards. After all, he’s a blocking tight end that plays in a triple-option offense. Even Fitzpatrick admitted he could wind up as a defensive end eventually.

This is a prospect worth monitoring, however. It will be interesting to watch his development and how ardently Bell and tight ends coach Pete Lembo push for Fitzpatrick.

You can read more about Fitzpatrick HERE.

Jalynn Strickland, OT, Ware County (Waycross, Ga.) (2018): Georgia is Maryland assistant Walt Bell’s territory, but the tackle Strickland told me he heard from UMD assistant Anthony Tucker Jan. 6. Either way, the 6-6, 295-pounder was thrilled to land his first FBS offer from the Terps.

But, like many of Maryland’s southern offers of late, Strickland didn’t know much, if anything, about UMD. He hadn’t had contact with Tucker prior to Jan. 6 and is in the process of developing a relationship and finding out about the school.

That said, Maryland’s Big Ten and Under Armour connections do appeal, while Strickland made sure to point out it meant “a lot” that UMD’s staff was first to recognize his talents.

This is a recruit who could easily have 20-plus offers after the evaluation period, though. Schools like FSU, Florida, LSU, Miami, Duke and more are in contact and could be offering in time. If so, we expect Strickland to stay in the South and head to a college near his Georgia home.

But the Ware County prospect does want to visit College Park and give the Terps their due. If so, perhaps Maryland can remain in the game.

You can read more about Strickland HERE.

Darian Kinnard, OT, St. Ignatius (Cleveland, Ohio) (2018): Kinnard might be out of Maryland’s reach in a few months, but for now the 6-6, 315-pounder is interested in seeing College Park. He heard from UMD defensive coordinator Andy Buh Jan. 6 and said the Terps had his eye.

“The Maryland look was pretty big. It was my first Big Ten offer. When Coach [Andy] Buh talked to me, we were going back and forth, and he said they were really impressed with my film and thought I was the No. 1 O-lineman out of Ohio,” said Kinnard, who also has offers from Iowa State and Ohio. “So that was really cool and pretty huge. It shows the hard work is paying off. It made me feel sky high that he said I was No. 1 and tops on their board. It’s one of the bigger things I’ve ever heard.”

Kinnard made mention of Maryland’s academics first and foremost. He said UMD ranks top-15 in the country in terms of public schools and he knows he could get a great degree. Kinnard said UMD’s Under Armour connections grabbed his attention too.

He wants to find out more about Maryland, but this is a prospect who is going to have every school in the Big Ten and beyond after him. He admitted Ohio State, the only school Kinnard has trekked through, would be tough to turn down, and other bigwigs could gain his attention as well.

Our sense is Kinnard is going to wind up at OSU or a similar institution.

You can read more about Kinnard HERE.

Avery Jones, OT, Havelock (N.C.) (2018): The Terps became the latest offer for the four-star Jones Jan. 6. Before UMD-area recruiter Walt Bell anted up, the 6-4, 270  pounder had offers from UNC, NC State, Duke, Vandy, Va Tech, Wake and others.

The hometown Heels have the upper hand, with NC State and Duke also heavily involved.

We’re not expecting Jones to seriously consider Maryland unless some suitors closer to home fall off.

Zack Zambrano, OC, American Heritage (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) (2018): Of all the new offers that went out, the Terps might be best positioned for the center Zambrano. The interview itself might not completely reveal it, but it was obvious Zambrano was thrilled with his first verbal from UMD. The 6-3, 290 pounder heaped praise on the Maryland program and area recruiter Chris Beatty.

First, the American Heritage prospect lauded the conversation he had with Beatty, the two forming an immediate bond. Zambrano then talked up the school’s academic reputation, the campus, and its location near Washington, D.C. The center said he’s watched Maryland on TV before as well, and liked what he saw from the offensive line.

Plus, Zambrano admitted the fact UMD’s staff was first to offer resonated.

“That's something that I'm going to be thinking about," he said. "They were first to recognize my abilities and offer me. That's always going to mean something to me."

But before forecasting Zambrano to Maryland, we’ll have to gauge what other suitors come in. He said he’s been hearing from Duke and a few other ACC schools, and Zambrano hinted he’d love to secure some offers from schools close to his Florida home.

But we like Maryland’s position early and would be inclined to list him “warm” on the hot board.

You can read more about Zambrano HERE.

LaMarius Benson, DT, Eastside (Covington, Ga.) (2018): Benson will have a few more options by the spring evaluation period, but UMD-area recruiter Walt Bell was the first to identify the 6-2, 300-pounder Jan. 6. The Eastside product called the Terps’ offer a “weight off my shoulders” and said he was very appreciative of Bell and the program.

Benson, however, didn’t know much about the Terps. He said he’s in the research phase and is in the process of learning about the program and scheduling a College Park visit. Benson did say Maryland would always be on his mind since it represents his very first college offer, but we’ll see how long that holds true.

The Georgian admitted he would like to gain attention from some southern schools such as UGA, FSU, Tennessee and more. In time, he could have some of those options.

Maybe Bell and the Terps’ staff can leave an impression on Benson after he forays through College Park. And if he doesn’t land those coveted SEC/ACC looks, maybe the Terps’ coaches will have a chance to reel Benson in.

Our initial hot board reading on Benson would be “cool.”

You can read more about Benson HERE.

Robert Cooper, DT, South Gwinnett (Snellville, Ga.) (2018): The Terps’ Walt Bell gave the obligatory offer to the four-star Cooper Jan. 6. But the 6-3, 350-pounder is a firm Florida State pledge and figures to stick with the Seminoles. If Cooper reneges, he’ll probably opt for an SEC program like LSU or South Carolina.

We don’t envision Cooper winding up in College Park, even for a visit.

Damir Faison, BUCK, Zebulon Vance (Charlotte, N.C.) (2018): Faison made an impromptu commitment to Appalachian State in November, but that’s not going to stick.

Not after landing his first FBS offer from UMD Jan. 6.

“I am very excited honestly. I committed to App State so soon so I’d have a spot. I’m not really a hard commit; I did it to make sure I’d have a chance to play college football,” Faison said. “But my dream was always to go to a big-time FBS program. So to get an offer from Maryland is big. I’m very excited. It was a huge shock. I never expected to get this kind of offer.”

Faison has plenty of early interest in the Terps too. He has family in Baltimore and used to live in Arlington, Va., so the College Park area is familiar to him. Moreover, he likes the school’s Big Ten affiliation, location near Washington, D.C., and the defensive scheme. Faison’s formed an early rapport with UMD-area recruiter Walt Bell as well and is looking forward to meeting him personally in College Park.

But Bell and Co. are going to have to battle with a few other inevitable suitors. Coaches from Wisconsin, Louisville, South Carolina and Indiana are all in touch, and more are bound to initiate contact. Faison admitted he’s attracted to ACC/SEC schools and wants to check out the likes of Clemson, UNC and more.

We’ll have to see how his recruitment develops before projecting him to Maryland.

You can read more about Faison HERE.

Abi Okonji, DE/BUCK, South Gwinnet (Snellville, Ga.) (2018): Maryland joined Michigan State, BC, Indiana, Wake, Cincinnati and a couple more in the running for Okonji Jan. 6. The 6-3, 240-pounder was complimentary of the Terps, but we’re not sure UMD-area recruiter Walt Bell will be able to gain inroads here.

Okonji may have talked up the Big Ten and noted Maryland’s rise in the recruiting ranks, but it was obvious he had his eye on power programs. He’s seeking looks from places like Notre Dame, Florida State and SEC schools, while Stanford is Okonji’s dream offer.

The South Gwinnett product will be visiting numerous locales this offseason, including Kentucky; Wake Forest; UND; and some Florida institutions. He said he’s “not sure” if he’ll be able to make it to College Park, which is an indication Oknoji might not be overly interested in the Terps.

You can read more about Okonji HERE.

Nick Tarburton, ILB, Pennridge (Perkasie, Pa.) (2018): Terps’ Pennsylvania-area recruiter Pete Lembo did the honors on this one, handing the 6-4, 240-pound Tarburton has first offer Jan. 6. Tarburton called the look “awesome” and lauded Lembo and Maryland.

The Pennridge prospect said he and Lembo have been in touch fairly regularly through text and Twitter. Tarburton has personally taken a liking to his recruiter, noting how Lembo has reached out to not only him personally, but his family too.

Tarburton had a chance to meet Lembo earlier during the fall, when the inside backer first visited College Park for the Terps’ game against Ohio State. Despite UMD’s loss that day, Tarburton couldn’t say enough about the experience.

“I loved the atmosphere and the area, and I love the school. It’s nice being near D.C. Everything about Maryland I like,” Tarburton said. “It’s a good program, they’re building up, and I actually have a lot of family in Maryland. So now I’m excited about the opportunity to maybe play for them some day. It’s pretty cool what’s going on down there.”

The above sounds encouraging, but Tarburton is a typical top-level Big Ten linebacker and could have the conference’s bigwigs after him soon. The Perkasie native mentioned he grew up a Penn State fan, so if the Nittany Lions’ staff comes through (they’re interested), Tarburton could end up in Happy Valley.

Furthermore, Tarburton has heard from coaches from Michigan State, Rutgers, Pitt and more throughout the Big Ten and ACC.

Look for him to take multiple visits to nearby programs this winter. Tarburton, however, should be back in College Park in late January, giving the Terps’ coaches another opportunity to leave an impression.

The initial hot board reading for Tarburton would be “warm.”

You can read more about Tarburton HERE.

Eli Adams, ILB, South Pointe (Rock Hill, S.C.) (2018): UMD assistant Walt Bell was the third college coach to throw Maryland’s name into the hat for Adams. The 6-0, 230-pounder previously had offers from South Carolina and East Carolina.

At first glances, hometown USC would seem to have the inside track. In fact, many analysts have already projected Adams to wind up in Columbia, S.C., a school the South Pointe product grew up watching and has visited numerous times.

But let’s gauge how the situation unfolds. You never know which staff’s will press for a prospect or let them fall through the cracks a bit.

Michael Dowell, S, St. Edward (Lakewood, Ohio) (2018): Maryland defensive coordinator Andy Buh offered Dowell Jan. 6, making the Terps one of the safety/receiver’s larger offers to date. But Dowell has a verbal from Michigan State, and the nearby Spartans are considered the early frontrunners for the Ohio product’s services. Dowell has trekked through East Lansing, Mich., and likes what he’s seen out of the Spartans.

Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan and others could get involved too.

We’ll see if Dowell makes it to College Park for a visit, but this is a recruit who figures to stick in the Midwest.

Tre Douglas, CB, Eagle Christian Landing (McDonough, Ga.): The Maryland coaches’ Georgia offer barrage continued Jan. 10 with the corner Douglas. But unlike some of the more under-the-radar Peach State prospects the Terps’ staff identified, Douglas is a four-star with 20-plus scholarships.

Stanford, Florida, Clemson, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Notre Dame, UNC, Va Tech, WVU, Georgia Tech and more all have offers out. Needless to say, most analysts expect him to wind up at a national program.


The Maryland staff has given out a slew of verbals the last couple weeks. Some of these recruits will turn into priorities, and others will be secondary options if the coaches miss on their top targets. At this stage, it’s too soon to identify who fits into which category, but it’s safe to assume the DMV offerees will be firmly on the staff’s radar throughout.

As a refresher, here are the offers that went out the last two weeks. The recruits in bold would figure to be “takes” for the Terps’ staff if they wanted in right away.

Mychale Salahuddin, RB, H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) (2018)

Kirby Bennett, RB, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nev.) (2018)

Ed Hendrix, WR, H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) (2018)

Donnovan Moorer, WR, Hebron Christian (Suwanee, Ga.) (2020)

Robert Mayo, WR, Freedom (Chantilly, Va.) (2018)

Jeshaun Jones, WR, South Fort Myers (Fort Myers, Fla.) (2018)

Maleak Bryant, TE, Mays (Atlanta, Ga.) (2018)

John Fitzpatrick, TE, Marist School (Atlanta, Ga.) (2018)

Avery Jones, OT, Havelock (N.C.) (2018)

Darian Kinnard, OT, St. Ignatius (Cleveland, Ohio) (2018)

Jalynn Strickland, OT, Ware County (Waycross, Ga.) (2018)

Zack Zambrano, OC, American Heritage (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) (2018)

Jayde Pierre, DL, Dominion (Sterling, Va.) (2018)

Robert Cooper, DT, South Gwinnett (Snellville, Ga.) (2018)

LaMarius Benson, DT, Eastside (Covington, Ga.) (2018)

Durell Nchami, OLB/BUCK, Paint Branch (Burtonsville, Md.) (2018)

Abi Okonji, DE/BUCK, South Gwinnet (Snellville, Ga.) (2018)

Damir Faison, BUCK, Zebulon Vance (Charlotte, N.C.) (2018)

Nick Tarburton, ILB, Pennridge (Perkasie, Pa.) (2018)

Eli Adams, ILB, South Pointe (Rock Hill, S.C.) (2018)

Noah Boykin, S, H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) (2018)

Michael Dowell, S, St. Edward (Lakewood, Ohio) (2018)

Vincent Flythe, DB, H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) (2018)

Judson Tallandier, CB, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.) (2018)

Tre Douglas, CB, Eagle Christian Landing (McDonough, Ga.)

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