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Scouting Notes: Gonzaga, Paul VI

Terrapin Times watched Maryland 2018 hoops targets Brandon Slater (Paul VI/Fairfax, Va.) and Prentiss Hubb (Gonzaga/Washington, D.C.) Jan. 16. Here are some scouting notes:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- PVI won by 10, 83-73, and it wasn't that close. The Panthers just pushed the tempo, and though Gonzaga likes to run as well, they just couldn't keep up. Plus, the Eagles were not hitting their shots, turned the ball over a ton of times, and had some defensive breakdowns. If PVI plays like that all year, they could win the WCAC -- though they'll have to do better on the boards.

Brandon Slater, SG/SF, Paul VI:  He's gotten better -- way better. Before, he was a very good athlete who scored effectively at, or over, the rim. He's now knocking down treys, doing just enough off the dribble, and dropped some gorgeous dimes along the way. 

He went for 34 points, nailed four treys, and did a nice job on the boards. Slater seems to have justified his rating by several scouting services as a top-40 recruit, with the potential to go a bit higher. He'll have to hit the weights, but seems to have a frame that will fill out. And he's got some huge feet too, so 6-feet-7 is not out of the question. He'll be a very nice small forward in college. 

Prentiss Hubb, PG/SG, Gonzaga:  He scored 13, but was not really a factor in the game. I like Hubb a lot, but in this game he came across as more of a "blend" player, one who will consistently do really good things on the court, but may not be capable of taking over offensively. 

His value is in his ability to make "winning basketball plays," be it a defensive stop, a rebound in traffic, a pinpoint pass off the break, and someone who can knock down 3-point shots.  Hubb is not really a kid who will consistently break ankles, or do flashy things, but he's still a very good prospect and would be a nice addition to the Terps. 

Another factor is that Chris Lykes (who struggled mightily) commands the ball a lot for Gonzaga, and takes a boat load of shots, so Hubb, at times, does not get the touches he needs. To his credit, he does not force the issue. 

I've seen Hubb listed as a 5-star player, and I'm not quite sure he's there as of yet. But it will be his show next year, so we'll see if he can elevate his game to 5-star status. I might compare him to Phil Booth: The kid won't wow you, but just does a little bit of everything at both guard slots. 

Both Slater and Hubb would be immediate "takes" for the Terps, with Slater perhaps having the bigger upside.


Freshman Jeremy Roach starts for PVI, stands about 6-0, and will be a big-timer. although he didn't particularly shine Jan. 16, he's got the "IT" factor.

Freshman Terrence Williams was perhaps Gonzaga's best player, scoring 14 points and helping the Eagles stay within striking distance for awhile. He goes about 6-6+, and can score inside and out. He's got high major written all over him.

The Terps didn't push hard for PVI senior PG Aaron Thompson, who has signed with Pitt.  Let's put it this way: Pitt got a heck of a player. He has always been tremendous in an upcourt tempo, and can deliver dimes with the best of them, but he now can at least occasionally hit the mid-range jumper. Gonzaga had no answer for him. Thompson is awfully good and a legit top-100 prospect.


Maryland coach Mark Turgeon and assistant Dustin Clark were in the stands, as was George Mason, and an assistant from Virginia. 



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