Local WR Demus Loves 1st Offer From Terps

Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) junior wideout Dontay Demus picked up his very first verbal from UMD area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim Jan. 30.

The Maryland staff has been dropping class of 2018 offers right and left in the week leading up to Signing Day, and while most have gone out to prospects in Georgia and some Midwest locales, the coaches did identify one new local recruit. Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) junior wideout Dontay Demus picked up his very first verbal from UMD area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim Jan. 30.

“It’s a great offer to get it. I expected it earlier, to be honest, but you have to stay humble and be thankful,” Demus said. “I was glad the hometown was looking out for me and came through. I actually heard about the offer from Coach [Mike] Hunter. I was in class, and he called me to his office and said he sent my info to Maryland and I got the offer.”

The 6-foot-4, 205-pound Demus, who also plays defensive back but said he’ll likely be a receiver in college, hasn’t spoken to Abdul-Rahim since landing the look, but plans to shortly. Demus, however, does already have a budding rapport with UMD’s defensive backs coach.

“I met Coach Aazaar before and he’s talked to me about Maryland and how I was on their radar,” Demus said. “And he said the offer was coming, so he kept his word. And from what I know about him, I know he’s from the area, I know he’s a very hardworking person, he expects a lot of his players, and he has a motor when he’s coaching. I respect him a lot.

“But by the time I got to high school, he was already off in college, so I didn’t really know him before this year. I’m looking forward to building a bond with him, though.”

Demus may not have a deep relationship with Abdul-Rahim yet, but he is aware of the coach’s ties to D.C. and the recruits he’s brought in this year. The Friendship receiver said the hometown movement that’s taken hold in the DMV is “pretty cool,” but is something he’ll have to look into more down the line.

“I’ve talked to my parents and they’d love for me to stay close, and I’d like to be around them too. I also like that a lot of local guys are staying home and playing at the hometown school,” Demus said. “But I have to go through the process, learn more about the program there and go from there. I have to see if it’s a good fit for me personally.”

Demus has been in College Park, Md., before, although not for a formal tour or visit. His team took part in a 7-on-7 even the last two seasons, which afforded Demus a chance to glimpse the campus and see the UMD coaches.

“From what I saw, I like the campus, the fields and the facilities. But that’s pretty much all I’ve seen so far,” Demus said. “And, really, I don’t know too much else about Maryland. I didn’t really get a chance to watch them this year. But, of course I want to learn more and get up there.”

Besides UMD, Demus is receiving interest from Va Tech, Temple and Pitt.

He has not taken any college visits yet, but knows he’ll be embarking on a college tour with FCA this summer. They’ll hit locales throughout the south like NC State, UNC, Clemson, Duke, UVA and Va Tech, in addition to a trek through Maryland.

“I’d also like to get to Georgia because that’s like a dream school for me,” Demus said. “I like the receivers they’ve had there and I’ve always sort of watched them. It’s a nice school and I’d love to hear from them.”

Demus is coming off a 30-recpetion, 300-yard, seven touchdown season. He runs the 40-yard dash in just under 4.7 seconds.


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