New Offer Campbell Raves About UMD, Visit

Chance Campbell (Calvert Hall/Towson, Md.) pulled his first offer from Maryland Feb. 3, and a day later he was on campus for an extended visit.

 Chance Campbell (Calvert Hall/Towson, Md.) pulled his first offer from Maryland Feb. 3, and a day later he was on campus for an extended visit. The 6-foot-2, 215-pound junior outside linebacker called the last 48-hours “surreal” and admitted the hometown school left quite a distinct impression.

“First of all, to get the offer [Feb. 3], I was honestly just so happy. It’s something I’ve really been working for since I was real little. It’s gratifying the Maryland coaches believed in me and wanted to offer me. It was pretty awesome to tell you the truth,” Campbell said. “What happened was, in-between classes [Feb. 3], I got a text and I called Coach [Brawley] Evans. And both he and Coach [Matt] Barnes were on the phone and said they’re excited about me and they wanted to offer me. They talked about how excited they were to have a chance to coach me. Then they said they had some guys go over for a recruiting visit, so I decided to go to that [Feb. 4].”

The recruiting visit, which multiple 2018 UMD targets attended, allowed Campbell to meet Barnes, Evans and Co. for the first time. The Calvert Hall backer had been on campus before for games and such, but had never interacted with the staff on a personal level.

“Talking to the coaches in person rather than just on Twitter was great. It was pretty cool, and I really enjoyed myself,” said Campbell, who was on campus with his mother. “We talked about a variety of things. They showed us a lot about the school, what it’s like to be a student there, what it’s like to be a player there, the strength program and more. And the individual time to meet with the coaches, where we got to watch film and go over how things were on a day-to-day basis for a football player at Maryland, that was great. I really got a sense of what it’s like to be a student-athlete there.”

Campbell said he spent the majority of his time with the linebackers coach Matt Barnes. Although Evans had been in touch with him, Barnes is Campbell’s position coach and the two are starting to build a rapport.

“What came across to me is how genuine and great of a guy he is. He’s down to earth and really, really passionate about what he does,” Campbell said. “Just talking to him one-on-one I can tell how great of a guy and coach he is. And when he was going over the defense, I thought that was awesome too. He walked up through the versatility of the defense and how it can fit so many different players. He showed us how linebackers can really thrive in that system, so that really stood out.”

The local linebacker also had a chance to meet head coach D.J. Durkin. Campbell said Durkin addressed the group as a whole and did “a great job” selling the program.

“He talked about the stay-home movement and the importance of staying [local] and helping build up Maryland. He was very impressive,” Campbell said. “Then he pointed out a bunch of guys they just signed [in the 2017] class and said it’s normal for them to just have guys come out there all the time. He said it’s like a real family there. So that sounded great to me too.”

It’s still early in the process for Campbell, but the Terps have his attention. He’s not ready to commit, but admitted UMD is on the brain.

“I’m really, really enjoying Maryland. It’s made a great impression on me. I like it a lot over there,” Campbell said. “So, yes, I’d say they’re an early leader…It’s a really great program.”

Besides UMD, Campbell has been to Stanford, UCLA, Penn State, Rutgers and Navy. He’ll be heading to RU next for its junior day.

Campbell said each of the aforementioned programs, save the Bruins, remain in contact and are showing solid interest. Additionally, Campbell mentioned numerous Ivy schools are involved.

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