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Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football-recruiting roundup.

Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football-recruiting roundup.

Offensive Recruiting Notes

-- Woodson (Washington, D.C.) running back Mychale Salahuddin returned to Maryland for the second time this offseason March 2. The local runner had a chance to tour the school, learn about the academic side of UMD and interact with area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and headman D.J. Durkin. Afterwards, Salahuddin continued to talk up the hometown school, noting the comfort level on campus; his tightknit rapport with the staff; the educational benefits; and the direction the program is heading. Salahuddin, as we’ve written numerous times, isn’t close to committing, but it’s clear UMD is going to be on the brain throughout. Oklahoma is another prime player, along with Arkansas; Nebraska; North Carolina; and Wisconsin.

-- Princess Anne (Virginia Beach, Va.) receiver Darryl Jones visited Maryland March 4, and he called UMD a “sight to see.” The 6-foot-2, 180-pounder spoke highly of the campus, the pending facility upgrades, the academics, and the fan atmosphere inside Xfinity Center for the basketball game. Jones also heaped praise on the staff, namely area recruiter and position coach Chris Beatty. “Coach Durkin is real cool, Coach Beatty keeps it real, and Coach Bell is great too. Coach Beatty said they need me to take the top off the defense. They think I’m a big guy that can run, get down the field and make plays up top,” Jones said. “And Coach Beatty is my main guy. He keeps it real and when we talk. He doesn’t glamorize, he says it how it is. He tells how it’s not going to be easy at Maryland, practice is hard and you have to earn what you get here. Other places will try to sugarcoat things, and I don’t like that. I like guys like Coach Beatty.” Jones said he’d “definitely” be coming back to Maryland, which is a positive sign for Beatty and the Terps. But in-state programs Va Tech and UVA are in play and will get long looks as well. Moreover, Jones is gaining steam on the trail and could eventually land an SEC verbal. So, it remains to be seen how long Maryland will resonate with Jones, but we’re cautiously optimistic the Terps are going to be a prime contender with Beatty on the Virginia Beach native. You can read more about Jones HERE.

-- Bayside (Virginia Beach, Va.) receiver Armani Chatman will be embarking on his first Maryland visit March 11 at the behest of UMD-area recruiter Chris Beatty. Chatman has a connection with Beatty, who doubles as the prospect’s position coach, and thus is excited to see what the Terps’ program is about. But the 6-0 wideout has a ways to go and more places to see. He’s already been through Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and Va Tech, picking up offers from the Hokies and Tigers in the process. In-state Tech and the SEC-affiliated AU are firmly on Chatman’s radar, while he’s hoping the Bulldogs’ and Tide’s coaches toss out verbals. Meanwhile, Chatman has been in close contact with the NC State staff, which has offered, and should be checking out Raleigh, N.C. When he’s in town, Chatman will likely head over to nearby UNC, another interested program whose coaches could extend a scholarship shortly.

-- Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) receiver Dontay Demus said he’ll be at Maryland’s spring practice sometime in the next week or two and Temple’s shortly after that. He doesn’t have specific dates yet as he normally travels around with his teammates and coaches. The 6-4 Demus has already been in College Park a couple times this offseason, taking a keen liking to the hometown school. He might not be priority No. 1 on the staff’s board, but area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim is maintaining close contact. Boston College, ODU, Rutgers and the Owls all have offers out as well, and Demus should be visiting each of them down the line.

-- Archbishop Wood (Warminster, Pa.) tight end Kyle Pitts placed Maryland on his initial top-eight leaderboard, although it’s a malleable favorites list. After all, Pitts just landed a Georgia offer, and since the Bulldogs’ staff pulled in the tight end’s former teammate, Mark Webb, in last year’s class, UGA figures to be a true contender. The others in play include UMD, Florida, Oklahoma, Miami, Minnesota, Rutgers, Tennessee, UCLA and Va Tech. Pitts said each of those programs sit on an even plane, but it’s clear the SEC offers, Oklahoma and Miami have his eye. The Archbishop Wood prospect, who is in touch with Maryland area recruiter Anthony Tucker, should be in College Park soon, however, to give the Terps a look. Perhaps the UMD coaches can make a run after leaving a lasting impression, but, unless some of Pitts’ suitors fall off, he seems destined for elsewhere a la his ex-teammate, Webb, who the Maryland staff also pursued in earnest.

-- Cardinal Hayes (Brooklyn, N.Y.) offensive tackle Qadir White stopped by Maryland March 2 during his trek down the East Coast. White, who is in regular contact with UMD area recruiter Pete Lembo, said he had a great time in College Park. He liked chatting up the Maryland staff, including line coach Tyler Bowen and recruiter Pete Lembo, seeing the campus; and viewing the coming facility upgrades. White was excited about the Under Armour gear and connections too. White might return to College Park down the line, but he isn’t going to be an easy pull. The four-star tackle likes Georgia, Miami, Pitt and hometown Rutgers quite a bit. Meanwhile, Auburn and UCLA now have offers out, which White will be entertaining.

-- Bell Vernon (Pa.) offensive tackle Blake Zubovic visited College Park for the first time March 3. He said meeting head coach D.J. Durkin, offensive coordinator Walt Bell and line coach Tyler Bowen resonated and has him thinking long and hard about the Terps. “Maryland is very high on my list and I'll definitely be back down soon,” said Zubovic, who also lauded the coming facility upgrades; UMD’s academics; and the Under Armour gear. “The highlight for me was meeting Coach [D.J.] Durkin, Coach [Walt] Bell and Coach Bowen. I really enjoyed talking to them and they’re all great people. I love their energy and what they’re about.” Zubovic’s comments were more encouraging than we assumed they would be, so we might be inclined to shift him to “warm” on the hot board. But realize that Zubovic extols every school he sees. The hometown Pitt offer continues to loom large, plus Zubovic is taking a long gander at WVU, which he’ll be seeing later in March, and is seeking a Penn State verbal (he’s visiting Happy Valley this month). Maryland should remain firmly in play, but we’ll have to see if Bowen and Bell can top Pitt and other major offers that could come in. You can read more about Zubovic HERE.

-- North Point (Waldorf, Md.) offensive tackle Rasheed Walker returned to North Carolina, one of his prime suitors, March 4. The DMV lineman had his eye on the Heels prior to the trip, and his second look at UNC likely solidified those feelings. Next up, Walker is heading to Ohio State in late March, and after that he’ll hit Penn State and Clemson. Walker has taken in the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions, each of whose staffs have offered, before and has both on the brain. Maryland is in the game too, but the sense is area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim may have some work to do here.

-- Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) offensive tackle Aidan Rafferty won’t be able to make Maryland’s first spring practice, but he did add yet another big offer from Louisville March 8. Rafferty now has verbals from UMD, Va Tech, BC, Indiana, NC State, Pitt, Syracuse, UVA, a few Ivies and UL. The Terps figure to be in the drivers’ seat, but Rafferty has numerous attractive options to explore.

-- Imhotep (Philadelphia, Pa.) offensive tackle Justin Johnson visited Virginia March 4 and should be at Maryland soon. He might be in College Park March 11 for a spring practice, or one of the next two weekends. The 6-6, 345 pounder has a rapport with UMD recruiter Anthony Tucker and will get to meet line coach Tyler Bowen during Johnson’s eventual trek down to UMD. Other programs in play include Pitt, Temple, Vandy, Wisconsin, BC, Michigan State and UVA. Johnson is open to other suitors too, although he would like to have his college selected before his senior season. Maryland may have a legitimate shot here.

--  Ware County (Waycross, Ga.) offensive tackle Jalynn Strickland has taken two visits to Duke and Ga Tech, although neither programs' coaches have offered yet. Strickland doesn’t have any trips planned coming up, but said Maryland remains on his radar. Strickland landed a Terps’ offer from assistant Anthony Tucker back in January, and said the look meant something because it was the first of the FBS variety.

-- St. Ignatius (Cleveland, Ohio) offensive tackle Darian Kinnard caught up with Scout’s Bill Greene earlier this week, but the three-star didn’t tell him anything different than the recruit told me the week prior. Kinnard let on new offeree UCLA, along with Kentucky, UMD, Minnesota and Purdue had his attention. But Kinnard also allowed if verbals from schools such as LSU, Ohio State, PSU or other such big-name programs came in he’d seriously consider them. Kinnard might make it out to College Park later this spring or summer, but until he does we’re not listing him above “cool” on the hot board.

-- American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.) center Zach Zambrano took in Maryland for the first time March 4 and promptly called the Terps his leader. He said the coaches, first and foremost, won he and his parents over, and so did the campus; the coming upgrades; and the atmosphere surrounding the program. “Getting to talk with Coach Durkin was great and getting to meet everyone in person and getting to know them more was a terrific experience. They’re really doing a great job there and building something special at Maryland,” Zambrano said. “They were all great to talk to and really enjoyed our conversations. Coach Bowen seems like a good guy and he’s very passionate about his job, and I have a great relationship with Coach Beatty. They expressed they really want me at Maryland and think I’d be a great fit. It’s nice to see for yourself the kind of vibe they’re putting out and just how invested they are in the program and players.” Provided Zambrano is a “take” for Durkin – and it sounds like he is – the center could jump on board sooner rather than later. Maryland, being Zambrano’s lone offer, is quite an attractive option for him. Regardless if/when he commits, expect Zambrano back in College Park for a game this fall. You can read more about Zambrano HERE.

Defensive Recruiting Notes

-- St. Frances (Baltimore, Md.) defensive end Eyabi Anoma is certainly giving the hometown school its due. Sure, he could become starry-eyed after seeing the likes of Alabama, Michigan, Penn State and others, but Anoma should be back in College Park for a third time this offseason March 11. Anoma has taken to the entire Maryland staff, including recruiter Brawley Evans, and is in the process of getting to know D-line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh. Anoma isn’t committing until next winter, so his situation is going to ebb and flow, but we expect Maryland to be in the game. Note: It’s possible Anoma’s teammates, offensive tackle Jaelyn Duncan and receiver Tyree Henry, both of whom are UMD targets, could be on campus as well. But both are in a holding pattern and weren’t sure if they’d be able to attend as of publication.

-- Eastside (Covington, Ga.) defensive tackle Lamarius Benson caught up with our Scout colleagues this week and said he speaks to coaches from South Carolina, Marshall, Georgia State and UCF the most. Benson received a Maryland offer courtesy of assistant Walt Bell back in January, and is considering venturing north. But it sounds like either the Terps’ staff isn’t making a major push, or Benson just has his mind elsewhere.

-- Dominion (Sterling, Va.) defensive tackle Jayde Pierre claims verbals from Maryland, UVA and Purdue, but this month he’ll be heading to programs whose coaches haven’t offered yet but are intrigued. Pierre will be at Boston College March 18, Wake Forest March 23 and Pittsburgh at an unscheduled time. The Dominion product to add offers from at least two of the three locales he treks to. Pierre has seen College Park once this offseason, raving about his stay, and may return in April. But before projecting him to Maryland, we have to see how Pierre’s profile develops and what he’s thinking following more campus visits.

-- Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, Va.) defensive tackle Kyle Thomas pulled his second offer from ECU March 2, the Pirates following Buffalo. Thomas will be at ECU in April for a visit too. The Terps, who have area recruiter Chris Beatty on Thomas, are interested but haven’t anted up yet. Thomas has seen College Park once and raved about his stay, so if the UMD coaches push they could probably rise right up the Chesapeake native’s leaderboard.

-- Paint Branch (Burtonsville, Md.) BUCK Durell Nchami has been in College Park more than any Terps’ target this offseason, and March 11 he’ll be back for UMD’s first spring practice. “Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to be there for that,” Nchami texted in. Beyond noting the appearance, though, there’s not much more to say here. Nchami is probably going to pop to Maryland whenever he’s ready, likely in the summer. He’ll look at Pitt, Syracuse, Wake and UVA, but none of those four are trumping the Terps at this stage.

-- Irvington (N.J.) BUCK Lancine Turay returned to the one school he’d already seen last week. The 6-6, 240 pounder took in hometown Rutgers, which fields his older brother. The Scarlet Knights are thought to have the inside track for Turay due to the family connection. Turay should, however, be making his way to College Park at some point this offseason.

-- Christchurch (Church View, Va.) inside linebacker Jamar Darboe landed an offer from ECU last week, his second major Division I look. Normally, we wouldn’t note a Pirates’ verbal, but Darboe is from North Carolina and said it was “huge” to pull a hometown scholarship. Now, he’s eager to check out the school when he visits his family, who live a half hour from ECU. The Terps, though, are still on Darboe’s mind. He’ll be in College Park for his second trip to College Park March 11.

-- Woodson (Washington, D.C.) inside linebacker Juan Wallace visited Duke March 5, afterwards dubbing the Blue Devils a top suitor. Wallace loved interacting with the coaches, seeing the campus and learning about the school’s academic advantages. But the D.C. backer is fairly open in his recruitment at this stage as more offers trickle in (Rutgers was the latest March 6). The Terps, one of Wallace’s more recent looks, figure to be on Wallace’s mind, however. Wallace, who has connected with UMD recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, has thoroughly enjoyed each of his College Park forays and should be back for a spring practice. Next, however, he’s going to Syracuse March 11 and WVU March 18.

-- Pope John XXIII (Sparta, N.J.) inside linebacker Nick DeNucci returned to Rutgers with his teammates March 2. DeNucci said he liked hanging with the RU coaches and respected their message about keeping local recruits in-state. But while DeNucci has much affinity for the hometown school, he’s vetting all his options like Maryland, BC, Syracuse, Pitt and Temple. DeNucci, who has seen Pitt, should be getting his first look at Maryland sometime this month.

-- James F Byrnes (Duncan, S.C.) inside linebacker Khalid Jones may be focused on schools near his South Carolina home now that those coaches have anted up. Jones was supposed to return to College Park soon, but told us he’s getting to Ole Miss, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Florida and Kentucky coming up. Each of those programs, save UF, have offers out. The Terps, who have recruiter Walt Bell and linebackers coach Matt Barnes after Jones, last hosted the Duncan native back in November. Remember, Jones is originally from Baltimore and still has family in the area. That’s one of the main reasons Maryland is involved, but we’ll have to see if that connection is strong enough to draw Jones north.

-- Sanderson (Raleigh, N.C.) outside linebacker Trent Pennix pulled two significant offers from Va Tech and Louisville recently. Of the two, the Hokies seem to have Pennix’s ear. He’ll be visiting Blacksburg, Va., later this spring. Minnesota, meanwhile, is also pressing hard for Pennix, with the athlete intent on heading to Minneapolis at some point. Pennix wants to check out Maryland too, and could be in College Park sometime this summer. UMD-area recruiter Pete Lembo is on the Carolina product and has been urging the versatile Pennix to head north. But all of the aforementioned schools could fall off some if the Carolina programs come through with offers. Pennix has visited most of the nearby locales and could snag UNC, Duke, NC State, ECU and Wake verbals in time.

-- Eleanor Roosevelt (Greenbelt, Md.) safety Ray Boone is in the same boat as Durell Nchami (see above). Boone was at Maryland March 4 and he’ll be back again March 11 for the first spring practice. Like Nchami, Boone is expected to venture out to some other locales like Pitt, Va Tech, Cuse and Kentucky, but the Terps are trending in a major way.

-- Woodson (Washington, D.C.) cornerback Noah Boykin already had an extensive offer list, but it reached new heights March 4. After visiting Clemson with his teammates, Boykin landed a Tigers’ offer and promptly placed CU among his foremost contenders. Boykin, who is relishing the chance to play for the national champion, loved his stay in Death Valley, lauding the coaches; the campus; the facilities; and the atmosphere. Boykin isn’t going to pop out of the blue, and we’ll have to see just how ardently the Clemson coaches pursue, but the D.C. corner is becoming a tougher pull for Terps’ area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim with each passing week.

New Offers Out

Chase Wolf, QB, St. Xavier (Cincinnati, Ohio):  There’s another quarterback on offensive coordinator Walt Bell’s radar, and this time he’s honing in on Ohio power St. Xavier. Chase Wolf, a 6-2, 195-pound dual threat who started half the games his junior season, landed his second Big Ten scholarship from the Terps March 2. Wolf previously had looks from Wisconsin, BC, Rutgers, Pitt, Iowa State, Ohio. Toledo, Central Michigan and Western Michigan.

“I don’t know a lot, but I know it’s good football over there and it’s on the rise,” said Wolf, who just initiated contact with Bell when the recruit landed the offer. “I know that it’s in a great location near D.C., and I know that it’s a spread offense. At St. X, we were originally a pro-style offense, but we switched to a spread last year and I expect we’ll be spread next year too. I’m really indifferent to the offensive system, but I like the spread.”

Wolf isn’t sure when he’ll be able to see College Park since he’s playing winter/spring sports, but would like to visit at some point. It’s just one school on his docket, alongside Pitt, Rutgers, BC and Wisconsin. (We’re not sure the Badgers’ staff will actively push for Wolf after landing a 2018 QB pledge, but Wolf insists they’re still recruiting him).

Some other schools on the signal caller’s radar include Indiana, South Carolina and UNC, whose staffs haven’t anted up yet but have expressed interest.

From the conversation, we got the vibe Wolf could be pining for looks from nearby Midwest programs (read: a Wisconsin push or an Indiana offer) or maybe the Heels or Gamecocks. He might give Maryland a gander, but it could take some convincing on Bell’s part to coax Wolf to the East Coast.

You can read more about Wolf HERE.

Aaron Young, RB, Coatesville (Pa.) (2019): Aaron Young is the younger brother of 2018 Terps’ cornerback offeree Avery Young. Both received Maryland verbals on the same day, March 2. See Avery Young below for more.

Anthony Schwartz, WR, American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.): Terps’ area recruiter Chris Beatty handed the three-star Schwartz a Maryland offer March 2. It was his 20th to date, following a host of SEC verbals. In-state Florida, which Schwartz has been to multiple times, has the edge.

Schwartz isn’t going on the hot board.

Josh Whyle, TE, La Salle (Cincinnati, Ohio): Whyle started with MAC offers, but during the last month has seen the Big Ten, ACC and SEC come calling. Whyle now has verbals from Auburn, Cincinnati, Duke, Kentucky, Purdue, Oregon, Indiana, Tennessee, Rutgers, WVU, UCF and, on March 6, Maryland.

Terps’ tight ends coach Pete Lembo extended the scholarship, which Whyle said was another attractive Big Ten look for him. Whyle’s knowledge of UMD is limited, however, and he’s just begun to form a bond with Lembo. It’s possible he’ll trek to College Park for an East Coast swing, but may be more inclined to Midwest programs.

Currently, though, Whyle is talking up every school that jumps on him. We’ll put him on the hot board if he makes it to Maryland.

Malik Besseck, OT, ASA (Brooklyn, N.Y.): The junior-college tackle Besseck landed an offer from Maryland March 4 and said the look grabbed his attention. He likes that UMD is in the Big Ten and has a developing relationship with area recruiter Pete Lembo. Besseck also mentioned he’d be visiting College Park this spring since it’s not far from New York.

But Besseck, who is from Minnesota, is keeping an open mind about the process and evaluating all his options. Nebraska and Kentucky, which recently offered as well, are on the brain, in addition to other Big Ten; SEC; and ACC schools.

It’s important to note that Besseck isn’t concerned with location or playing near his Minneapolis home, nor is he seeking any scholarships in particular. He simply wants to find a school whose coaches want to win and he can get a great education.

We’ll list Besseck, who has three years to play two seasons, “cool” initially.

You can read more about Besseck HERE.

Badara Traore, OT, ASA (Brooklyn, N.Y.): Four days after Maryland-area recruiter Pete Lembo offered ASA tackle Malik Besseck, he extended a verbal to his teammate, Traore. But the 6-8, 315-pound four-star may be an even tougher pull than Besseck. Traore had 24 offers before the Terps came in, including those from Arkansas; Auburn; Florida; Louisville; Nebraska; Mississippi State; Oklahoma; Kentucky; Oregon; Penn State; South Carolina; WVU and more.

Sure, it’s possible both Traore and Besseck could trek down to College Park together for a look at Maryland. And it’s true Traore is keeping an open mind and claims no leaders. But we’re not so sure Maryland’s staff can keep Traore, who is from Massachusetts, away from the elites.

Jalen Goss, OT, Lowndes (Valdosta, Ga.): Goss is an emerging 6-7 tackle from Georgia who snagged a Terps’ offer March 7. He said Maryland line coach Tyler Bowen, offensive coordinator Walt Bell and assistant Anthony Tucker all contacted him, although it was the former coach who has been in regular communication. Goss said Bowen told him about the Terps as has the big man interested in seeing College Park.

Which Goss plans to do this offseason. The Valdosta product said Maryland’s Big Ten affiliation and the coaches’ initial overtures have him intrigued about the program.

UMD is just one of many schools Goss will be checking out, though. He also has offers from Wake, WVU, Mississippi State, Kansas, Oregon, USF, Georgia State, Georgia Southern and Central Michigan and wants to see the Bulldogs and Deacons coming up. Plus, Goss is receiving interest from several more southern programs, including his dream school Florida, which should be anteing up during the spring evaluation period or before (he’s visiting the Gators March 25).

If Goss does make it up to College Park, maybe Bowen and Co. can keep the Terps in the game. But we’re not placing him on the hot board just yet.

You can read more about Goss HERE.

Michael Boykin, DE, Gulf Coast C.C. (Perkinston, Miss.): Maryland defensive coordinator Andy Buh and defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh offered the junior-college defensive end Boykin March 9. Boykin, a native of Georgia and one of the best edge rushers in the 2016 class, originally signed with Louisville. But he failed to qualify and has been at Gulf Coast since last August.

Now a member of the 2018 class, Boykin is back on the trail and receiving plenty of interest. The Terps were his second offer after Illinois, but there are loads of other suitors bound to come in.

We’ll have to see how much the 6-6, 255-pounder’s profile expands, and if he even visits College Park, before placing him on the hot board.

Tyler Baylor, BUCK, Good Counsel (Olney, Md.): Baylor hasn’t responded to inquiries of late, but the local edge rusher finally pulled a Maryland offer during a campus visit March 4. The Good Counsel product trekked over to College Park for the first time this offseason and earned the hometown verbal before leaving.

We’ll eventually be able to glean more information here, but our gut is Baylor’s recruitment could mirror that of last season’s Good Counsel edge rusher: Josh Paschal. Paschal, recall, publically kept the hometown Terps in play throughout the process, but seemed to have his sights set on other locales. Likewise, Baylor has offers from Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisville, UNC and Georgia that have his attention, while Pitt; Rutgers; and Minnesota have verbals out too.

But area recruiter Chris Beatty and the Maryland staff are going to have their share of chances to win Baylor over. (That is, if the coaches push. Remember, there are a number of BUCK options on the Terps’ board). Expect Baylor to be a semi-regular presence in College Park moving forward.

Cameron Jonas, S, Dwyer (Palm Beach, Fla.):  The safety Jonas snagged his latest offer from Maryland and area recruiter Chris Beatty. Jonas didn’t comment on his UMD verbal, though, and in all likelihood he’s going to hone in on some of the offers he already had. Jonas was favoring hometown Miami, Wisconsin and NC State, but now Florida State is involved as well.

The Dwyer product isn’t going on the hot board unless he visits College Park.

Avery Young, CB, Coatesville (Pa.): Young is an emerging corner in Pennsylvania who had offers from Rutgers, Nebraska, Army and Toledo before the Terps came in March 2. UMD defensive backs back Aazaar Abdul-Rahim did the honors, handing Young and his younger brother, Aaron Young, verbals.

“All of the schools that have offered are great, but Maryland specifically, it’s a great Big Ten school; the energy is great there; and it’s on the come-up in the Big Ten,” Young said. “I really like what they’re about they’re. I’m really thankful, and so is my brother [Aaron]. We were both pumped to get the offer.”

Young, who called Abdul-Rahim a “great guy” and is in the process of building a relationship with him, has been in College Park before too, attending the UMD-Ohio State affair last fall. He called the atmosphere “lit” and spoke highly of the campus, Under Armour gear and more. He said he’d like to return at some point, likely for a spring practice in April.

Young, though, has his eyes on other programs as well. He’s already seen WVU, Va Tech, UVA and ODU, all of whose coaches have offers out, and wants to check out RU; Nebraska; Notre Dame (coaches interested); Syracuse (coaches interested); and return to WVU.

The feeling here is the Terps are going to be involved unless Young explodes on the trail and lands some coveted major offers. Either way, we’ll have a better grasp just how interested Young is if he returns to College Park more than once.

You can read more about Young HERE.

Cam’Ron Kelly, CB, Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, Va.) (2019): Shortly after receiving an offer from Maryland, Kelly will be visiting College Park March 11. Kelly, who had one previous verbal from NC State before UMD, said he was thrilled with his second scholarship. The 6-1, 190-pounder has readily taken to recruiter Chris Beatty and wants to meet the rest of the staff, including defensive backs coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and head coach D.J. Durkin.

But Kelly is just a sophomore and has loads of programs interested in him. Hometown Va Tech, which offered after UMD, is a local favorite, and UVA just came in as well. He’s bound to secure even more in the months ahead.

Jayden Curry, CB, Bayside (Virginia Beach, Va.) (2019): The sophomore Curry pulled his third offer from Maryland March 4. He previously had verbals from Va Tech and Charlotte. The hometown Hokies have a bead early, but there’s a ways to go here. Curry has schools throughout the ACC and SEC showing interest and should have a number of options after the spring evaluation period.

Maryland, for its part, has area recruiter Chris Beatty on Curry. The Virginia Beach native is building a bond with Beatty and would like to visit College Park at some point.

Off The Board

Nick Fulwider, DE, Sandy Creek (Tyrone, Ga.): Terps’ assistant Brawley Evans offered Fulwider back in January, and the 6-7, 230 pounder expressed some interest in visiting College Park. But since then Fulwider’s offer list has exploded, and he recently told our Scout colleagues Louisville had the edge since two of his former teammates are Cardinals.

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