Chance Campbell

LB Campbell Keeps UMD High, Has Summer Plans

An update on three-star Calvert Hall (Towson, Md.) inside linebacker Chance Campbell.

Calvert Hall (Towson, Md.) inside linebacker Chance Campbell has been in lacrosse lockdown this spring, especially so since he’s helped his squad to an undefeated regular season and a No. 1 seed in the playoffs. But the 6-foot-2, 215-pound three-star has still found time to lift with the football team and meet the various college recruiters who have streamed through during the evaluation period.

“It’s been cool to see all the coaches up here. I saw a bunch of different guys come through Calvert Hall like Maryland, Pitt, Duke , UVA, Michigan State, Indiana, Yale, Harvard and some other ivies. Basically all the schools that have offered me have been through,” Campbell said. “And then some others like Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Northwestern have been in too. It’s been good.”

The Calvert Hall backer isn’t sure if any of the latter schools’ coaches will offer, but he allowed if any of them did, they would be of prime interest. Additionally, Campbell has been hearing from Stanford’s staff.

“All of those schools would be absolutely huge,” Campbell said. “They all encompass the best of both worlds – Stanford, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Northwestern. All great academics and great football programs.”

As far as summer plans are concerned, Campbell is in a holding pattern. For one, he’s not totally concerned with the locales he’ll be trekking to since he’s about to embark on a lacrosse playoff run. Secondly, he’ll wait to see if any new offers emerge before setting any dates in stone.

“But I’ll probably see some further-out places I haven’t been able to get to before like Michigan State and Indiana,” he allowed.

Campbell was able to see the likes of Duke, UVA and Maryland during his spring break. It was his first time in Durham, N.C., his second time in Charlottesville, Va., and his fourth or fifth time in College Park, Md.

“UVA and Duke are both great. They both have great academics and good football programs,” Campbell said. “They’re both up there for me.”

With hometown Maryland, the local backer has been in town for games last season, a winter prospect day and a spring practice. His most recent trek came April 20, two days before the spring game.

“I really liked it,” Campbell said of his latest Maryland foray. “I went with my little brother, and that was really fun. It was cool to see how impressed he was, because the things he liked were some of the same things that caught my eye. So it was cool to sort of see someone else really impressed too

“The academic side they ran down heavily, so I got a firm understanding of what Maryland presents on that end. That was really impressive, just all the majors they have and the support they offer there. Then seeing the practice and the coaching styles, that really hit me too. I really liked watching Coach [Matt] Barnes and the linebackers; they got after it and were very intense.”

Speaking of Barnes, Campbell has been in close contact with the Terps’ linebackers coach. Additionally, the three-star has spoken regularly with area recruiter Brawley Evans.

“Those guys are great. They’re always up here and talking to me,” Campbell said. “I have a great relationship with them.”

Campbell -- and his family for that matter -- have already seen what he needs to at the local school, but he’ll likely be back at some point this summer.

And it’s safe to say Maryland’s in a solid spot with him.

“High, really high,” Campbell said. “They do a lot of the little things very well there, which is very attractive. Like how they handle practice, showing up on time, how you carry yourself, being attentive in meetings, staying on-point, they way they talk to each other -- all these details stand out. Also, Maryland is a really good school and it was the first school to offer me, and that’s always something I’ll remember.”

Campbell did stop short of calling the Terps a “leader,” however. He made sure to mention each school that’s offered him has something “fantastic” about it, and there are some he’s yet to explore and needs to learn more about.

“But I’m trying to whittle things down a bit later during the summer, after lacrosse,” Campbell said. “Then it would be cool to be able to commit before my senior year. If not, no worries, but it would be attractive to get it over with so I don’t have to worry about recruiting during my season.”

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