Coach Speak: Mike Hunter On Dontay Demus

Maryland landed a commitment from Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) receiver Dontay Demus June 2. Afterwards, his head coach, Mike Hunter, broke down the 6-foot-4, 185-pound wideout:

Maryland landed a commitment from Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) receiver Dontay Demus June 2. Afterwards, his head coach, Mike Hunter, broke down the 6-foot-4, 185-pound wideout:

Terrapin Times: Coach, you guys have sent your fair share to Maryland over the years. Your thoughts on Dontay committing to Maryland?

Mike Hunter: I’m excited about it. I think Maryland is doing a great job recruiting in the area, getting the kids to stay home, and building a national championship caliber program with guys from the DMV. I’m exited our program can continue to be apart of that.

TT: Dontay said he was going to take some other visits and look at some other schools before he committed. Were you surprised he did it this early?

MH: I knew Maryland was very high on his list and they’ve done a great job building a relationship with him, and he liked what the program was about. He wrestled with the decision and decided it was the right fit for him.

TT: Did you talk to Dontay [June 2]? What did he say?

MH: Yeah, he told me committed. He told me he’s comfortable there and ready to stay home and be a Terp. We had talked about it before, just the chance to be home and play in front of his family and friends. Maryland is the big-time program in the area and he wanted to be part of that. He’s comfortable with the coaches, he felt it was special – we talked about all those things over the last few months.

TT: Dontay had other options to consider. Was Maryland always the team to beat since they were first to offer and the hometown school? Or was he seriously considering anywhere else?

MH: I’m not going to say Maryland was always the team to beat, but Maryland was always high for him. He did look into those universities, and he did his research on those universities. But he felt like Maryland was the right place for him. He did like some of the other schools, but the combination of athletics, academics, being around family and the relationship he built with the Maryland coaches won out.

TT: Can you break down Dontay’s game for us, Coach?

MH: I think Dontay is a big, athletic kid who can make plays down the field. He’s a rare combination of size, speed and athleticism. He can do some things that you don’t always see big receivers do with his athleticism, changing directions and getting in and out of his breaks. For a guy his size, he’s surprising with his athleticism.

TT: And what does he need to work on to get even better?

MH: As any high school kid, they all show flashes, but they need to be consistent all the time. He dominates the competition on his level, but he has to do it on a more consistent basis. In college, the competition is better and the kids are much more athletic and better prepared, so you have to be able to dominate each play [in high school].

TT: Talk about the job Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and Chris Beatty did recruiting Dontay. How instrumental were they?

MH: As far as Dontay goes, those guys did a phemonanal job building a relationship, and not just taking for granted it was just a shoe-in because of their relationship with me and Friendship. They recruited him like any other prospect they really wanted. Aazaar didn’t take for granted just because he coached here, he was going to get all the guys from here. I think that really made a difference with Dontay.

TT: When did you know Dontay could be an FBS recruit? Any stories that you can tell that illustrate when he arrived on the scene?

MH: The thing that stood out to me, when I know he had a chance to be special, it was his freshman year. He was on the ninth grade team and bigger than everybody. He was close to 6-3 and long and lengthy. And in practice, he stayed afterwards and did extra work. I was like wow, that’s pretty special for a freshman. I knew he had the ability, but to see him put the work in really stood out to me.

Then the second thing is just how he is in the weight room and how he never misses time. Even as a ninth grader, he never missed a beat. That’s what separates the good players from the great ones, and Dontay always aspired to be great.

TT: And what’s Dontay like in the locker room and around his teammates? What’s his personality like?

MH: He’s a fun-loving guy. He’s definitely a leader and taking on more of that this past year. He’s a guy that brings the team together and takes on issues and addresses them. Dontay fits right in and is well-liked on this team and in the school.

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