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Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football-recruiting roundup.

Welcome to our next edition of Inside the Shell, the weekly Maryland football-recruiting roundup.

Offensive Recruiting Notes

-- H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) running back Mychale Salahuddin revealed his summer plans at Under Armour D.C. June 3. He was supposed to take in a camp at Alabama June 4 with teammate Noah Boykin, will be at Clemson June 13, Georgia June 14, Tennessee June 15, Kentucky June 16, Ohio State June 17, Va Tech June 18 and USC June 23. Many of those programs are at the forefront of Salahuddin’s mind, and he’s seeking offers from the Tide, Tigers and Buckeyes post camps. The Trojans, of course, already have a verbal out and were Salahuddin’s stated leader. USC remains a principle contender and could still be his ultimate destination. He’s also looking hard at UNC (visited, loved the coaches and atmosphere) and Nebraska (loves the running back tradition). The Terps remain involved as well, with Salahuddin in contact with recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim. The Woodson back has been in College Park, Md., numerous times the last few months, always making sure to compliment the staff; the hometown movement; and the direction Maryland’s heading. He could be returning to College Park for a prospect day at the end of June. But we get the sense Salahuddin’s starry-eyed; he might come around to the local school, though, if some of his bigwig suitors fill their spots/look elsewhere. Note: Michigan, which has an offer out, could quickly rise in Salahuddin’s eyes if he takes in Ann Arbor, Mich., down the line. And if Ohio State’s staff chooses to offer post camp, the Buckeyes would promptly become players.

-- Oxon Hill (Md.) receiver Daniel George was at Under Armour D.C. June 3, and he intimated what we’d assumed all along: Penn State is the clear frontrunner. George flashed a wide grin when asked about the Nittany Lions, saying, “Everyone thinks I’m going to Penn State … and I’m not going to lie, I like Penn State a whole lot.” True, George did praise Maryland and West Virginia (the up-tempo offense intrigues him) a good amount as well. He said UMD’s need for big, athletic wideouts, his rapport with recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, and the DMV movement all played in the Terps’ favor. George was recently in College Park for a visit too, letting on how he likes chatting up the coaches whenever he wants. But unless the Nittany Lions somehow fall off, UMD is probably going to finish second or third for the four-star’s services. Note: In addition to PSU and Maryland, George is looking at Va Tech, UNC and Louisville, and he’ll be checking out Chapel Hill, N.C., and UL shortly. It’s possible the Heels and Cardinals could rise up his leaderboard after those trips.

-- Woodson (Washington, D.C.) receiver Ed Hendrix laid out his summer plans at the Under Armour D.C. event June 3. The 6-4, 200-pounder will be at Clemson’s camp June 13 and Ohio State’s camp June 17, and he will visit Georgia (June 14); Tennessee (June 15) and Kentucky (June 16) in succession later in June. Hendrix will make it down to Virginia Tech on June 18. Hendrix doesn’t hold offers from the Buckeyes or Tigers, however, and he’s unlikely to receive them unless he catches fire during the camps. But the Vols, Bulldogs and the Hokies are viable contenders for the three-star D.C. wideout. Hendrix is in communication with each of those latter staffs; he likes that UGA and UT are in the SEC, and Va Tech’s offensive system/coach pursuit. Meanwhile,  suitors such as UNC, WVU, Syracuse and possibly Michigan State are also on the Woodson prospect’s brain. Hendrix is keeping Maryland under consideration too, and he could be back in town with his teammates at the end of June. The DMV native has a close bond with recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, likes what headman D.J. Durkin is about and believes in the Movement. But Hendrix seems a bit starry-eyed right now. It’s entirely possible he circles back to Maryland – either by choice or by default (read: others suitors fill their spots) – but currently Hendrix is exploring other locales. Note: Hendrix’s Woodson teammates, Vincent Flythe, Noah Boykin and Salahuddin, will all be on the same bus tour coming up. Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Va Tech are on the docket for all four of them.

-- Hempfield (Landisville, Pa.) receiver/tight end David Robinson is planning to attend three camps this June: Temple (June 10), Maryland (June 17) and Rutgers (June 23). Each of those three programs represent Robinson’s major Division I offers, so he naturally wants to give each a gander. The 6-4, 220-pounder, who could potentially convert to a tight end at the next level, landed his UMD offer from recruiter Pete Lembo back on May 17, but evidently the staff wants to see him run and compete before going all-in. If the Maryland coaches opt to press for Robinson, they’d likely be positioned well for a summer pop. (The UMD staff could push if they view him as a potential tight end. As a receiver, Robinson is behind several others in the pecking order). Robinson has been in College Park before and loved the area, the campus and the academics -- the latter of which are of the utmost importance to him Plus, Robinson has a developing rapport with Lembo that dates back several months. Robinson will also be looking at several Ivy schools, and he figures to give Rutgers and Temple their due too. But this recruitment will probably come down to which program’s staff prioritizes the emerging 6-4 hybrid.

-- Princess Anne (Virginia Beach, Va.) receiver Darryl Jones was supposedly close to committing to Maryland, but he told us earlier this week he wasn’t quite that close. Jones said he’ll be back in College Park sometime this June, though, and he remains very high on the program. Terps’ area recruiter Chris Beatty continues to press for Jones, and, provided there’s room at UMD’s inn by the time the Prince Anne prospect is finally ready to pop, he projects to Maryland. That said, Jones does want to check out Temple, Va Tech and WVU, all of which he’s interested in. The Mountaineers, in particular, seem to have the wideout’s eye given the up-tempo offense and the increased coach contact. We’ll see if West Virginia throws a kink into things, but we’re keeping Jones “hot” on the hot board until we hear he’s trending elsewhere. Jones said he intends to commit sometime in July or August.

-- Freedom (Chantilly, Va.) receiver Robert Mayo has several summer trips he’ll be embarking on before ending his recruitment later this summer. The three-star will be at NC State June 17, and then Maryland; Wake; and maybe WVU at undisclosed dates. Mayo has been hearing increasingly from the Wolfpack staff, so he’s excited to see what State is all about. Wake, which Mayo has been to before, is a principle contender as well what with the coaches’ ardent pursuit. But Maryland is the No. 1 suitor for Mayo’s services, and that remains the case two months after the receiver dubbed UMD as such. Mayo said he and recruiter Chris Beatty have a tight rapport, he believes he could slide right into UMD’s scheme, and he’s comfortable on campus after multiple treks through. But, like with some of the Terps’ other receiver targets, Mayo had better jump on board before his spot is taken. It also wouldn’t be a complete surprise if his opinion/favorites list changed after seeing Raleigh, N.C., for the first time.

-- Archbishop Wood (Warminster, Pa.) tight end Kyle Pitts is going back to Maryland for a second visit June 16. The three-star is a priority target for the Terps’ staff and hears regularly from position coach Pete Lembo and offensive coordinator Walt Bell. He believes he could play soon after arriving at Maryland and potentially bring a presence the Terps don’t have on their current roster. But the Maryland coaches are going to have to keep digging to creep to the forefront of Pitts’ unstated leaderboard. Florida, which the Archbishop Wood product is trekking to June 10, is a primary contender and could be the team to beat. Virginia Tech is heavily involved as well and might be sitting right alongside UF atop the totem pole. Pitts has Tennessee on his brain too, while he’s seeking offers from Alabama and Ohio State after camping.

-- St. Frances (Baltimore, Md.) offensive tackle Jaelyn Duncan updated his status at the Under Armour D.C. combine, and he’s honing in on Maryland; Florida; Ohio State and Michigan. (Penn State’s staff evidently hasn’t had as much communication recently). He said all of those programs’ coaches are in close contact, and he’ll be trekking to each this summer. He specifically mentioned UMD and UF as two programs “rattling around in his mind,” though it’s hard to put that much stock into Duncan’s comments since he evidently told several reporters different things at Under Armour. Either way, the consensus is Maryland could hold the upper-hand thanks to the school’s close proximity to home (Duncan said that’s very important to him) and his relationship with assistants Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and Tyler Bowen. Duncan has been in College Park numerous times and is comfortable around the program. Now, we’ll see if Duncan’s situation changes after he returns to OSU and Michigan and takes in Florida for the first time. Additionally, Duncan said he wants to take official visits, meaning a couple bigwigs will have more opportunities to sway the four-star. Thus, it wouldn’t shock us if his recruitment turned, but Duncan’s been consistently talking up the Terps for months now. We could see this one potentially ending well for the local university. You can hear what Duncan had to say HERE.

-- Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) offensive tackle Aidan Rafferty has his visit schedule set. He’ll be at UVA June 9, Maryland (camp) June 10, BC June 11, Va Tech (camp) June 16, Penn State (camp, no offer) June 17 and West Virginia (camp, no offer) June 23-24. Of those, Rafferty seems to be favoring Tech, which is no surprise. He’s been in Blacksburg, Va., more than any other locale, has a sister that attends the school, and has a tight-knit rapport with the coaches. Boston College and UVA, two other schools Rafferty has seen before, are in the thick of things too thanks to both universities’ standout academics. The Terps are in the game as well, sitting as high as second on the recruit’s unstated leaderboard. Rafferty likes UMD’s close proximity to home, the business program, and has a solid relationship with line coach Tyler Bowen and recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim. But he didn’t list Maryland as one of the programs pushing the hardest for him. That may or may not be intentional on the Terps’ coaches’ parts, but, regardless, it seems like Rafferty is leaning towards an out-of-state institution. He could be a Hokie by the end of the summer. You can read more about Rafferty HERE.

-- North Point (Waldorf, Md.) offensive tackle Rasheed Walker wasn’t at the Under Armour D.C. event, but Scout’s Brian Dohn spoke to sources close to the four-star tackle and came away with some information that confirmed our suspicions. Per Dohn, two schools have separated themselves from the pack: Penn State and Va Tech. The fact both programs need offensive linemen and are current contenders in the Big Ten and ACC, respectively, has Walker’s attention. North Carolina, for its part, is likely sitting third, followed by Maryland and Rutgers. Now, recent offerees Florida and LSU might have a chance to enter the fray too if Walker chooses to visit either/or this summer, but Dohn was under the impression the four-star would be picking either the Nittany Lions; Hokies; or maybe the Heels. Note: Ohio State’s staff would have a very good chance at landing Walker if they pressed, but the Buckeyes are thought to have other targets on their board.

-- Lackawanna (Scranton, Pa.) offensive tackle T.J. Bradley is heading back to College Park June 10, giving the Terps’ staff a chance to gain some inroads with the junior college standout. The 6-9, 290-pounder was last at Maryland April 14, the day after landing a Maryland offer. The Northern Virginia native loved his first UMD trip, lauding the facility upgrades; the dorm renovations; the Under Armour connections; the academics; and Maryland Stadium. Bradley easily connected with line coach Tyler Bowen too, noting his energy and hoe easy he was to relate to. Most importantly, Bradley likes that College Park is just 45 minutes from home, allowing his mother a chance to see him in action. But Bradley has two other prime players that are heavily involved: Penn State and West Virginia. The Mountaineers were first to offer Bradley, which resonates with the recruit, and he’ll be in Morgantown, W.Va., later in June. Plus, WVU has a pipeline of sorts to Lackawanna. Penn State’s coaches, meanwhile, are pushing hard for Bradley, while the program itself grabbed his attention after a trip to State College, Pa. WVU and PSU should be considered the frontrunners at this juncture.

-- Bishop McNamara (Forestville, Md.) offensive tackle Spencer Anderson visited Maryland June 2 and will be back again June 10. The 6-5 lineman isn’t ready to declare the hometown school a leader yet, but he’s taken a liking to the program after the “late” offer. Anderson said he and his father readily connected with line coach Tyler Bowen, enjoyed touring around campus, and are keen on what the program is about academically and athletically. But Anderson isn’t about to give up the schools that have been on him for much longer. Wake Forest remains a threat, and Anderson will be back in Winston Salem, N.C., in July. He loves the coaches at Wake and the school’s intimate setting. Pitt (visited June 3 and said the trip blew him away) and Rutgers (visiting again June 17) are up there as well and could potentially move up Anderson’s favorites list if the staffs push. The McNamara product is considering UVA and Va Tech too, although he’s not a top priority for the Hokies’ staff. Our gut? We do think the Terps have a legitimate chance to claim the No. 1 spot for Anderson, but they’ll have to keep chipping away. The Deacons have done well here and are positioned well for now. Anderson said he’ll be selecting his school sometime in July.

-- The Bolles School (Jacksonville, Fla.) offensive tackle Nick Lewis made it to Maryland for a big-man camp and campus tour June 3. The 6-8, 348-pound UMD offeree enjoyed his stay in College Park, complimenting offensive line coach Tyler Bowen; the staff’s collective personalities; the area; the facilities; and more. Lewis also liked the city feel in College Park and how it’s located down the street from Washington, D.C. That’s fine, but it doesn’t sound like the three-star blew away Bowen and Co. during the camp portion. We didn’t get the sense the Bolles School product would be an immediate “take” for the staff, even if Lewis did want in. The Maryland coaches likely have a few other tackle targets rated higher than Lewis at this time. Perhaps they’ll circle back to the Jacksonville native -- who received an offer from UMD-area recruiter Anthony Tucker in May -- in the future, but Lewis may want to gauge some of his other options (UCF, Washington State, FAU, Colorado State, Iowa State, Memphis). You can see what Lewis had to say HERE.

-- Ware County (Waycross, Ga.) offensive tackle Jalynn Strickland visited Fayetteville, Ark., June 3, and afterwards he called the Razorbacks his leader. The 6-6, 305-pounder loved working with the Arkansas coaches, in addition to the vibe on campus and the atmosphere surrounding the program. If all goes according to plan (read: he remains a “take” for the staff), Strickland should be a Razorback on July 4, which is when he wants to commit. Strickland said he’d be looking hard at NC State too, which he plans to visit shortly. Maryland and Minnesota are in mind as well, but are trailing Arkansas and NC State by a fair margin. We’re skeptical the Georgian follows through with an intended College Park visit.

Defensive Recruiting Notes

-- St. Frances (Baltimore, Md.) defensive end Eyabi Anoma broke down his recruitment at the Under Armour D.C. combine June 3, and the four-star basically said he’s keeping all his options open. He said pretty much every program in the country is pushing for him, and it’s been difficult for him to wad through all the information and messages. Anoma has only visited Maryland, Pitt and Alabama recently, and this summer will go a long way into determining where his recruitment is headed. The St. Frances edge rusher plans to see UCLA, USC and possibly other West Coast programs coming up. Then, he’ll hit some schools in SEC/ACC country like Clemson, Georgia, TAMU and Alabama again. Anoma could see programs like Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State as well. Maryland, for its part, remains in the game since it’s the hometown school. Anoma has thoroughly enjoyed his visits to nearby College Park and has much respect for the entire staff. For what it’s worth, the four-star said the Terps are always going to be on his mind. That’s all well and good, but Anoma’s comments rung a bit of lip service. Yes, he does have genuine affinity for Maryland, but Alabama, OSU and Michigan could have a bead if their staffs push, while Penn State and UCLA are possibilities as well. So, unless something turns down the road, he’s likely headed for a power program. Anoma plans to take official visits this fall, so we’ll be interested to see which five schools he chooses to focus on. You can hear what Anoma had to say HERE.

-- Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) BUCK Tyler Baylor updated his status at Under Armour D.C. June 3, and he basically reiterated what he said at the Nike Opening D.C. in May. Baylor is consistently hearing from coaches at Kentucky, Maryland, Pitt and now, evidently, Penn State. (The Nittany Lions’ staff hasn’t offered Baylor and doesn’t figure to). The Wildcats, who field Baylor’s former teammate Josh Paschal and have hosted the three-star before, could hold the upper-hand. Baylor said he “knows a lot of people” around the Lexington, Kent., area and was most effusive in his praise for the Wildcats. Meanwhile, the three-star likes Maryland because of the educational aspects (at least, that’s what he told Scout’s Brian Dohn) and believes he could play early in the defense. The Terps’ coaches remain involved here, with area recruiter Chris Beatty and line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh on Baylor, but we’ll see how hard they actually push. The staff may want to gauge Baylor’s senior film, and what develops with their foremost BUCK options, before going all-in for the Good Counsel standout. By that time, though, Baylor might already be Kentucky bound.

-- Potomac Falls (Va.) BUCK Grant Misch is making the camp rounds as he attempts to garner more college looks. He was at Duke June 3, and will be at Wake June 16 and Va Tech June 17. The Blue Devils’ staff hasn’t anted up yet, and Va Tech’s isn’t expected to, but it’s possible the Deacons’ coaches will. Regardless, the Terps are in an encouraging spot here. Misch, who considers himself part of the DMV, has heaped praise on each of his College Park campus stays. He’s taken to linebackers coach Matt Barnes, likes head coach D.J. Durkin, and has connected with the rest of the staff. Misch is fond of the school’s academic opportunities, facility upgrades and the campus’ close proximity to home as well. He’s also considering recent offeree Rutgers, but, provided the UMD coaches keep pushing, Misch could be Maryland-bound later this summer.

-- Zebulon B. Vance (Charlotte, N.C.) BUCK Damir Faison saw Rutgers earlier in June and will be at Maryland’s camp June 10. Those two remain the main players in Faison’s recruitment, although the Scarlet Knights’ staff seems to be pressing harder than Maryland’s. Perhaps if Faison has a standout camp and impresses UMD defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh June 10, the Terps’ coaches will pursue in earnest. But for now, area recruiter Walt Bell will remain in contact, ensuring Faison’s interest in the program doesn’t wane. It doesn’t figure to; the Carolina edge rusher has been in College Park before, talking up the campus; the intensity of the practice he saw; and how the coaches treated him. Faison doesn’t have any plans to commit until after camp season and his senior film is evaluated, but we could see him popping earlier if a school like RU puts the squeeze on. He’s in a holding pattern at the moment, though.

-- Miami Southridge (Miami, Fla.) BUCK Randy Charlton visited Syracuse June 3, afterwards saying the Cuse left a distinct impression. He told our colleague Mike McAllister the Orange “set the standard” and “set the bar high” for him. Charlton wasn’t ready to commit, however, and he intends to visit other campuses before doing so. Maryland, Tennessee and maybe Baylor are on his radar for later this June, although he hasn’t set any dates in stone yet. The Vols, due to their SEC affiliation, are firmly on the brain, although it’s unclear how ardently the staff is actually pushing. Meanwhile, Charlton said he and UMD-area recruiter Chris Beatty have been in communication, the latter intimating the staff believes the three-star could be a standout edge rusher in College Park. “Maryland’s a school I’ve always noticed. Now I want to go more in-depth and get up there for a visit,” Charlton said. We’ll see if he follows through with said visit sometime this month. Either way, he doesn’t want to end his recruitment before taking official visits, with Cuse; Tennessee; and Oregon on Charlton’s mind for now.

-- Treasure Coast (Port Saint Lucie, Fla.) BUCK Rashawn Yates landed a Maryland offer in mid-May, afterwards saying he was intent on seeing College Park and recent suitors Rutgers and Pitt in June. About a month later, his situation remains status quo. Yates said he’s hearing most consistently from the coaches at Maryland, RU and Pitt, so those are the three he wants to venture out to. (He doesn’t have any firm dates yet). With Maryland, Yates has been in regular talks with UMD defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh and linebackers coach Matt Barnes. The three-star appreciates their pursuit and likes what he’s heard about the school’s academics and facility upgrades. We’ll see if Yates makes it to College Park and what he’s thinking after that, but we’re not moving him above “cool” until he steps foot on campus. Besides the three schools discussed above, Yates is also looking at in-state UCF. He claims offers from Louisville, UNC, Tennessee and Oregon but isn’t thought to be a priority target for those programs.

-- ASA (Brooklyn, N.Y.) BUCK Najee Stevens-McKenzie has several visits on the docket for June. The junior college edge rusher, who is back home in Ohio, will be at nearby Pittsburgh June 9, and then five days later he’ll hit in-state Cincinnati. Both programs have offers out to Stevens-McKenzie, with the Panthers holding primary appeal. Stevens-McKenzie then said after he returns to ASA later in June he’d be scheduling trips to Maryland and Missouri. Stevens-McKenzie received an offer from UMD recruiter Pete Lembo May 25, and the assistant’s constant contact has the hybrid eager to see College Park. But unless the likes of Pitt and Mizzou fall off, Stevens-McKenzie isn’t projected to Maryland at this time. When we spoke to him, he sounded most excited about the Panthers (former teammate at Pitt) and his lone SEC suitor, the Tigers (loved his previous visit there, has a former teammate there). Other suitors could enter the picture in time as well, including Auburn; Syracuse; and Arizona State, all of whose coaches are showing interest. Stevens-McKenzie would ideally like to have his college selected sometime during the fall.

-- Woodson (Washington, D.C.) inside linebacker Juan Wallace may not be a firm Syracuse pledge based on his comments at Under Armour D.C. June 3. He’s maintaining his commitment and will be visiting the New York school this June, but he could be considering Maryland, WVU, Rutgers and new offer Georgia. Wallace has been hearing from the Terps’, Mountaineers’, and Scarlet Knights’ coaches and figures to visit each again down the line. He’ll take in UGA for the first time with his teammates this summer. As far as Maryland is concerned, Terps’ area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim continues to push for Wallace and does seem to have his ear. Provided the D.C. backer doesn’t become starry-eyed and add committable SEC offers (read: UGA isn’t committable), he’s a possible flip candidate down the line -- if UMD is still in need of another inside linebacker.  

-- Curtis (Staten Island, N.Y.) safety Amad Anderson will be in College Park for a third time June 10 for a 7-on-7 event. Anderson said he’s in consistent contact with the Terps’ staff, the New Yorker letting on the coaches are prioritizing him. The two-way athlete loves the atmosphere at UMD, the staff’s passion and personalities, and UMD’s academic reputation. The sense is Maryland sits near the top of Anderson’s favorites list, but nearby Rutgers has left its mark after multiple treks to Piscataway, N.J., and could lead. Furthermore, Anderson is particularly intrigued by Wisconsin and should be visiting Madison, Wisc., later in June. Syracuse, Temple and Wake are on his radar as well. Anderson will likely commit later during the summer, after he takes in a few more locales.

-- Archbishop Hoban (Akron, Ohio) safety Nate Bauer hasn’t committed to stated frontrunner Syracuse yet (he said before he wanted to pop by May), suggesting he might be in a holding pattern with the Orange coaches. Instead, he’ll be attending three camps/visits this June: Cincinnati June 11, Boston College June 16 and Maryland June 17. Bauer has visited each of that trio before, but will be returning to work out in front of the Bearcats’; Eagles’; and Terps’ staffs. Cinci’s and BC’s coaches are thought to have committable offers out, but Bauer admitted UMD’s defensive staff wants to see him run first. It’s possible Bauer catches the Maryland coaches’ eyes June 17, but he’d probably have to do enough to hop three or four other safety targets to become a true “take.” If the Terps do push, however, Bauer would certainly be receptive. The three-star was last in College Park April 21, extoling the community; the coming facility upgrades; and the campus. He bonded with defensive backs coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and recruiter Andy Buh, saying he could see himself playing for both. But if Maryland isn’t available to Bauer, then he could wind up at BC; hometown Cincinnati’ or circle back to Syracuse.

-- Bayside (Virginia Beach, Va.) cornerback Armani Chatman visited Maryland for the second time June 3 after he left the Under Armour D.C. combine. The 6-0, 175-pound three-star learned about UMD’s schemes and reconnected with recruiter Chris Beatty; defensive backs coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim; and headman D.J. Durkin. Chatman pointed to the coaches’ enthusiasm and his close rapport with Beatty as two of the main reasons he’s considering Maryland. He likes what he’s heard from fellow 757 native and Maryland commit Tyler DeSue (Bishop Sullivan/Virginia Beach, Va.) as well, the quarterback doing his part to push Chatman to College Park. But Virginia Tech remains the main threat to the Terps for the three-star’s services. Chatman has visited Blacksburg, Va., several times and has a tight bond with the staff. Temple, NC State and WVU are involved with Chatman too. The three-star is unsure when he might choose his destination, but it doesn’t figure to be anytime soon.

-- DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.) cornerback Judson Tallandier pulled a surprise pop June 2, committing to Pittsburgh over Maryland and Syracuse. Tallandier had a deep rapport with the Panthers’ coaches, loved his two visits and believes he can play early in Pitt’s defense. He also said the Pitt coaches were pushing harder than any other staff for his services. (The Maryland staff had other targets in mind, which is probably one of the reasons Tallandier pulled the trigger now). Normally, we’d take a recruit off the hot board after they committed elsewhere, but we’re keeping Tallandier on our radars. The Terps’ staff, with Aazaar Abdul-Rahim running point, will continue to pursue the DeMatha three-star. Plus, Tallandier still has much love for Maryland, the hometown movement and the direction the program is heading. He knows multiple UMD players/commits and is comfortable on campus too. If UMD is in need of another corner down the line, and the staff can’t close on its foremost targets, Tallandier is an obvious flip candidate.

-- Avalon (Gaithersburg, Md.) corner Jermaine Waller has his June visit schedule almost mapped out. He was at an ODU camp June 4, is trying to make it to Maryland again June 10 (depending on his practice schedule), should be at Ohio State for a camp June 17, and will be hitting Va Tech (no offer yet) and NC State for visits at undetermined June dates. Waller said he’s in close contact with Terps’ recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and likes what the staff is about. He mentioned some of the Maryland coaches were at the ODU camp June 4 as well, allowing Waller a chance to briefly reconnect. He’s keen on the hometown movement and the fact the Terps have prioritized local recruits. But Waller doesn’t plan to commit anytime soon. He’s eager to see NC State for the first time, while he’s trying to cull out more offers this summer. Waller is currently hearing the most from coaches at UVA and Rutgers, two suitors he’s seen before, in addition to Maryland and now the Wolfpack. Ultimately, he’ll probably wind up at whichever staff presses for him the hardest. That may or may not be UMD in the end, depending on how the Terps’ staff’s cornerback board shakes out.

New Offers Out

Brian Cobbs, WR, Hayfield (Alexandria, Va.): Cobbs is someone who the Maryland staff has known about, and been in contact with, since the winter. The DMV native had had regular conversations with receivers’ coach Chris Beatty and believed a Terps’ offer would eventually materialize. It took a few months longer than expected, but the verbal did finally come in June 5 after Cobbs had a standout 7-on-7 camp in College Park June 3.

Following the offer, the 6-3, 200-pound three-star was beyond excited. In fact, he immediately dubbed UMD his No. 1.

“Maryland is my school right now. They’re the leader,” Cobbs said. “One of the biggest reasons I like Maryland is they’re in the Big Ten and get to play against Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State. I love that kind of competition, and I believe I could step in and play early [at UMD] since they need bigger receivers…. I am learning towards [committing] to Maryland. I know Coach Beatty is counting on me.”

Cobbs has been on campus before and couldn’t say enough about the environment and the program under headman D.J. Durkin. He loves UMD’s academics and business school, its close proximity to home, the Under Armour connections and the vibe on campus. Cobbs also likes Beatty personally and as a coach, believing he could develop under the assistant’s watch.

The Hayfield prospect suggested he could be ready to pop as soon as June 12, right after camps at Penn State and Va Tech (unlikely to receive offers from either). The Terps have one wideout commit in Dontay Demus, could be about to land another in Darryl Jones (Princess Anne/Virginia Beach, Va.), and are positioned well for a couple more targets. Moreover, the staff will likely hold out to see if they can snag someone like Ed Hendrix (Woodson/Washington, D.C.) down the line.

But based on Cobbs’ comments (“Coach Beatty is counting on me”), it does sound like the coaches are going accept his pledge. He could very well be a Terp in the next couple days.

If so, that means some of the Terps’ other borderline receiver targets -- Darryl Jones, Robert Mayo (Freedom/South Riding, Va.), Sean Ryan (Erasmus Hall/Brooklyn, N.Y.), Jeshaun Jones (South Fort Myers/Fla.), etc. -- might be told to “wait” before they can commit.

You can read more about Cobbs HERE.

Dazalin Worsham, WR, Hewitt-Trussville (Trussville, Ala.) (2020): Worsham is going to be one of the most coveted receivers in Alabama in two years, and June 8 the Terps became his latest look. The 6-1, 160-pounder already had his first SEC offer from Ole Miss prior to the UMD verbal; it won’t be his last. Worsham projects to a power program, and may eventually end up at in-state Alabama.

Lloyd Murray Jr., DT, Hirschi (Wichita Falls, Texas) (2019): The 6-1, 320-pound Murray Jr. is a rising star in Texas, and June 7 he claimed his 15th offer from Maryland. The 2019 recruit previously had looks from Florida State, Auburn, Baylor, Georgia, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Tennessee, South Carolina, TCU and a couple more. He’s projected to wind up in the Big 12 or SEC.

Demus On Board

Maryland’s eighth commitment came courtesy of Friendship Collegiate (Washington, D.C.) receiver Dontay Demus June 2. The 6-4, 205-pounder had the Terps atop his leaderboard for some time, and he admitted he’d actually been pledged to the program well before his public announcement. Demus said his rapport with area recruiter Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and position coach Chris Beatty, coupled with the school’s close proximity to home, had him sold. He loved the idea of the DMV movement, playing near his family and friends, and joining his fellow locals in College Park. Demus easily connected with the coaches, felt at home on campus, and liked what head coach D.J. Durkin was doing with the program. The FCA product felt he could make plays in Maryland’s offense and potentially contribute early during his career too.

Demus did consider other locales such as Michigan State, which finished second for his services, but, ultimately, he couldn’t turn down the chance to play at home.

It’s worth noting, however, that Demus said he could entertain other suitors if they came in during the fall. He’s not going to flip to a university like, say, current suitors Rutgers or Pitt, but if a bigwig sniffed around, Demus could give them a look. That’s unlikely to happen, but stranger things have happened (maybe).

So, what are the Terps getting in Demus?

The 6-4 receiver has surprising speed for a big man, his long strides belying his ability to cover ground in a hurry. His length and athleticism allow him to make plays up top and stretch the field. He’s not afraid of contact and will willingly challenge corners for jump balls or range over the middle.

Demus has big, soft hands and catches naturally. He positions himself well, knows hot to settle into a zone, and has the savvy to change up his pattern or come back to the quarterback if need be.

To improve, Demus has to keep honing his route running. Right now, his tree is limited to basic patterns, so he has to expand his arsenal. He also has to work on the little things like rounding out his cuts at the top of the route, transitioning, baiting corners/disguising moves, and footwork in general. Demus must develop a quicker first step and work on readily eating up the cushion as well. Lastly, Demus could stand to add more strength to readily defeat the jam and absorb hits.

If Demus can’t master the fundamentals, it’s possible he could move to defense, but for now he projects as a solid intermediate-to-downfield option after a redshirt year in college.

You can hear what Demus had to say HERE.

You can read what his coach had to say about him HERE.

Off The Board

PJ Mustipher, DL, McDonogh (Owings Mills, Md.): The four-star Mustipher may not wind up at his brother’s alma mater, Notre Dame, but that doesn’t mean he’s coming to Maryland. After delving into his situation, PJ Mustipher is still looking at the power/SEC programs. Penn State has emerged as a strong contender after a standout trip to State College, Pa., and Tennessee and Ohio State are heavily involved. Notre Dame’s staff will have a shot to win Mustipher back over too.

The McDonogh prospect broached Michigan State, Va Tech and Maryland as well, but they’re viewed as darkhorse contenders.  

This recruitment could take a few turns before it’s all said and done, but we’re taking Mustipher off the board until we hear legitimate Terps’ buzz in the future.

Jonathan Lolohea, DT, Copiah-Lincoln (Wesson, Miss.): At one time, the junior college plugger Lolohea had Maryland among his foremost three suitors and suggested a College Park visit was imminent. He immediately connected with UMD defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh and knew he could step in and play early at Maryland.

But, as expected, the Hawaiian native changed his tune once more Mountain West and West Coast programs entered the picture. He’s now looking at TCU, Washington State, Kansas and Kansas State.

John Morgan, BUCK, DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.): Maybe the Terps will make a move for Morgan down the road if the coaches are in need of another BUCK, but at the moment the staff is content to look elsewhere. In the meantime, Morgan committed to frontrunner Pitt three days after his teammate, Judson Tallandier, popped to the Panthers.

Pitt’s staff pushed for Morgan longer and harder than any of the three-star’s other suitors (Va Tech, Kentucky, Maryland) save Rutgers. Additionally, the DeMatha prospect loved his early-June stay on campus, sealing him to the Panthers.

At one time, Morgan was projected to College Park. But when he sensed the Terps’ coaches had other targets in mind, he in turn changed his focus.

Thurman Geathers, BUCK, North Cobb (Kennesaw, Ga.): Geathers is set to commit July 4, and the schools he'll be visiting beforehand are Arkansas, Louisville, Indiana and NC State. He refused to call those four his leaders, but it's pretty clear they are. First up, Geathers took in Arkansas twice in one week. Following the trips, he indicated the Razorbacks could be the team to beat.

As for Maryland, Geathers talked up his spring UMD verbal and said he'd be checking out the school. But that’s not going to happen.

JaQuez Jackson, ILB, Peach County (Fort Valley, Ga.): The 6-1, 210-pound Jackson committed to hometown Georgia Tech June 4, saying he couldn’t delay in fear of his spot getting swiped. He said he loved the Tech staff and wanted to stay near home for college.

Jackson entertained a College Park trip after the offer came to fruition in May, but it’s since been canceled. The Georgian said he’s 100-percent on-board with the Yellow Jackets.

D.J. Crossen, CB, Dudley (Greensboro, N.C.): Crossen visited Maryland back in April, and following the trip said the Terps were “definitely up there” for him. He loved defensive backs coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, the direction of the program, the campus, and its location near Washington, D.C.

But we never sensed Crossen was going to wind up in College Park with programs closer to his Greensboro home after him. He ended up releasing a final two leaderboard of North Carolina and Va Tech, and then picked the Hokies June 8. 

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