Rudy's AAU Coach Sets Record Straight

According to Cecil Kirk coach Anthony Lewis, Rudy Gay's decision will likely be made sometime next week. Take a look at what else Lewis had to say.

Don't expect Rudy Gay to make a decision within the next couple days, but it should come within the next week.

According to Cecil Kirk coach, Anthony Lewis, Gay's mother will return from a conference on Friday – likely putting the decision on hold until early-to-mid next week.

``There's still a possibility he may take unofficial visits to both schools, but I'm not sure that'll happen," Lewis said. "I think once his mother returns, it shouldn't be more than three or four days." Despite constant rumors that persist, Anthony Lewis said he is not pro-UConn.

``That's not true," Lewis said. "I am pro-Rudy. I support the players I have and their families. I don't think there is a bad choice out of the two. My position is that he's got to feel comfortable in whatever situation. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. He just has to sort it all out."

``I don't understand why people would say I want him to go to UConn," he added. "I would think it would be just the opposite. I just had Juan Dixon go to Maryland. That baffles me."

Lewis, who coaches the likes of Dixon, Reggie Williams, Reggie Lewis and David Wingate, said he has never seen a player jump as much as Gay did this past summer in the rankings.

``His potential was there, but he jumped 90 spots this summer because he had the right complement of players that allowed him to show his abilities," Lewis said. "Having a guy like Jerome Johnson allowed him to show his ability to put it on the floor and run."

Lewis did not accompany Ray on his visit to Midnight Madness in College Park.

``His parents went with him," Lewis said. "There's only so many things on the agenda for adults and that's something that his parents needed to do."

Lewis agrees wholeheartedly with Gay's recent statements that this two-team race will go down to the wire.

``If this was a slam dunk, he would have made it already," Lewis said of the decision. "It's obvious that this is no slam dunk."

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