Dave McClain gets his first scholarship offer, and the location of the school seems like it will figure highly into his eventual decision.

OT Dave McClain of Doylestown Central Bucks East (Pa) just received his first scholarship offer today from Maryland and he plans to attend the 'Terps Jr Day this weekend (2/28).

"I like Maryland because it's a great area. It's just outside of D.C. and not really a city school," said McClain.

"Also they beat West Virginia in the Gator Bowl this year pretty badly and they've won like 31 games in the past three years. They are just a great team."

Dave favors Virginia slightly over Maryland, West Virginia (mom is from the state of West Virginia and he still has family there), Ohio St and Penn St. Dave grew up a Nittany Lions fan.

"I grew up being a Joe Paterno fan and my family has always followed them. It's only about four hours away and I'd like to stay close to home. I'd only go away if I don't have any offers from around here."

But the Cavs are his top choice because he's already gotten to know some of the coaches. "It's a great atmosphere. They are some of the nicest coaches I've met. They were really personable and I liked that they paid attention to me even though I was a JR. They didn't just ignore me for the SRs.

"I'm planning to make a decision before my SR year. I'm moving schools because a new school [Central Bucks South] is being built in my district and I want to start out on the right foot.

"I'm more of a power blocker. I'm a drive blocker and a lot of people are also impressed with my pulling skills. I play smash mouth football and if I'm not driving someone into the ground I'm not doing my job. I want to improve my 40x and agility. I've already improved my vertical jump two inches in two months."

BPs 325/SQs 550/VJ 24

2.7/Mar 27 SAT

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