D.C. star shines bright at Virginia Nike Combine

Standing in at only 5-9, 165 lbs., WR EJ Wynn of St. Johns College High School has something to prove to the non-believers out there. Small guys can play with the big guys any day of the week. Wynn participated in the Nike Combine in Virginia this past Sunday and asserted himself well by being named as one of the outstanding campers.

E.J. Wynn runs a 4.49 forty normally, which is a big reason his services are being coveted by a host of Big East and ACC teams. EJ has been receiving attention from Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Syracuse, Connecticut, NC State, and Marshall. Those schools are also his early favorites. EJ took an unofficial trip to Marshall 2 weeks ago.

“I liked it up there.  They have a very nice campus.”

This summer, EJ plans on attending camps at Maryland, Connecticut, and NC State. But he is not limiting it to those schools if time allows.  He may attend more. EJ is also a standout combination guard and is planning on attending at least one major basketball camp this summer as well. <br><br>

Where are the main places you’d like to play?

“I’d love to play in the Big East or the ACC.”

What are the main things you look for in a college?

“I have to like the campus.  I don’t want to go real far from home. I have to be able to get a good education.”

Besides catching 22 passes for 700 yards and 5 touchdowns during his junior season, there is something that sets Wynn apart from others.  He returns kickoffs and punts, and he loves doing it.” <br><br>

How would you describe how you play the game?

“I make big plays in the big games. When my team needs me, I always come up with the big catch.”

Wynn is in no hurry to make a decision as to which school he will attend.

“I want to weigh everything out and find the best situation for me.”

EJ has a 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale.  He is taking the SAT on June 5th. He has a max bench of 185 lbs. and a max squat of 365 lbs.

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