Jackson A Happy Terp

Cory Jackson is one of the top players in the state of West Virginia, and the University High School two-way player made his decision to become a Terrapin.

"I committed to Maryland," says the 6-foot-1, 240 pounder. "They have a pretty good program in the ACC, they have great academics, and a coaching staff that cares about their players. I took an interest in them when I visited and just going into the season it is nice to know you have a scholarship waiting for you."

That scholarship, according to Jackson, is for him to play as a fullback, and that is a position he is certainly fine with playing.

"I knew that there were schools wanting me to play either linebacker or fullback. I am not just wanting one side of the ball, and I do well at both of them, so I thought I would be offered at either one. Stanford was more interested me at linebacker."

With three older brothers going through the recruiting process, Jackson learned a little bit on how to play the game and the early commitment was a byproduct of that.

"My brother Drew thought baseball was something he was going to end up doing, but he waited too long for the draft and went to a junior college and ended up going to the St. John's.

"The bottom line is that you need to get a good education. You are not just there for the sport."

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