Koufos Visiting

The Maryland-Duke game is the most anticipated sporting event in the Maryland/DC area each year. It only makes sense that Maryland would bring in perhaps its most highly rated prospect for the big game. Top 20 junior big man Kosta Koufos will be among many visitors at Maryland tomorrow for the Duke game.

Kosta Koufos, a 7-1, 245-pound forward out of GlenOak HS in Canton, Ohio had his season interrupted with a foot injury in January but says his recovery is going well.

“It’s coming along really great,” Koufos said while adding that he may be able to return for the playoffs depending on how far his team goes. “I’m supposed to get the cast off February 28th. After that I’m going to be in an air cast for a couple weeks.”

Koufos estimated this will be his fourth visit to Maryland and gave us an idea of what he would be looking for during the game.

“I’m going to check out coach Williams to see how he does during different situations and how he coaches. Obviously coach Williams is a top 10 coach of all time. I’m also looking at the atmosphere and how the players and fans react to different situations.”

Fans may see his 7-1 size and think he’s strictly a center, but Koufus sees himself as more of a versatile player who will be able to take advantage of certain situations on the court in college.

“I think I’ll be an inside and out player,” said Koufos. “My body is not [that of] a true post player. If I have a mismatch problem like a 6-6, 6-7 guy guarding me, I’m going to post him up. If there’s a 7-foot guy guarding me I’m going to take him out on the wing to drive.”

Don’t expect Koufos to make his college decision anytime soon. When asked if he has any favorites, he rattled off a long list of schools recruiting him. He’s going to take his time in selecting a college.

“Begin a junior I’m trying to keep my options open right now. I feel like right now if I make a decision it will be a little too early. So I have some time.”

We look forward to catching up with Koufos after his visit and getting his thoughts.

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