Draft Approaching For Terps

With the NBA Draft day quickly approaching next week, four Maryland Terps look to get drafted. We all know sophmore Chris Wilcox is probably a lock at a top 10 pick but what about seniors Juan Dixon, Lonny Baxter and Byron Mouton.

Well here is a little on Juan Dixon from the Chicago Sun-Times. "Juan Dixon is probably one of the best competitors in the country, Indiana coach Mike Davis said. "He wants to win in the worst way. He's a tough guy. And any team that passes on Dixon may live to regret it in the near future. As for Mouton and Baxter a late first round pick or second round pick is most likly, but we will have to see. Mouton has been impressive in some workouts and has impressed teams with his hussle and ability to score all over the court.

In a second note here's a great article on the guy who keeps Gary's kids in shape alone with other growing high profile clients such as the Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis. Kurtis Shultz is the Maryland Basketball trainer alone with a variety of other duties at Maryland.

In a note on the entire ACC and what it will look like next year here is a good column on what we can expect with all the ACC departures.

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