Watson Still High On Terps

Brooklyn, NY wide receiver/tight end prospect Lansford Watson continues to list Maryland as one of his favorite schools.

This past weekend Lansford Watson visited another of his favorite schools, North Carolina, and came away very impressed.

"I liked it a lot," he said. "Me and the coach got along pretty good. He told me all about their school. Before I thought UNC was a basketball school. That's where I came from but he showed me the football standpoint of the school and I liked it a lot."

"They're definitely still in my top five for sure," he added, along with "Maryland, USC, Rutgers and Miami."

Earlier this week and fresh off his visit to North Carolina, Watson told the North Carolina Scout site that Maryland was his leader with North Carolina in second. When we asked him if he had a leader, he was more non-committal.

"Not necessarily, but I like Maryland a lot too," he said.

Watson made the latest of his many visits to Maryland last month as he continues to think highly of the Maryland area and coaches.

"Yeah I've been down there for camps and just to hang out with my coach and stuff," he said. "When I went down there I talked to Coach Sollazzo. I like the environment of Maryland because it's like a city like where I come from but you've also got the countryside too. You can stay focused and be by yourself but if you want something to do you can go to Baltimore, go to Washington, DC, go to Annapolis."

"And the [Maryland] coaches didn't lie to me. They kept it real. They told me if I do commit there I'm going to have to work on my position and it's not going to be given to me. I'm going to have to show to them that I can play. As long as you work hard there's no reason you can't get on the field."

As far as on the field, there are two schools of thoughts on Watson. Some think he'll evolve into a tight end at the college level while some think he will stay a wide receiver. Watson has a preference but ultimately just wants to get on the field.

"I really want to play wide receiver but you know, it's life," he said. "You have to fit in where you get in. Most schools are going to use me as a tight end but I still won't come off the field because I have the ability to play wide receiver. I'm a Vernon Davis type player so I really don't have a problem with it. I love football so as long as I'm playing football and the offense is good I have no problem with it."

Besides his Maryland and recent North Carolina visits, we asked Watson if he planned to take any more visits to schools this summer.

"I'm trying to go down to Rutgers one more time and see how is everything down there," he said. "And besides that not really."

If he doesn't take any more visits than that, Maryland would have to feel good about its chances as Watson may not want to drag out his recruitment much longer.

"I think [I'll decide] around the end of August or beginning of September," he said. "I just want to get the school that I'm going to, be ready and work out for this season and be eligible and all with the NCAA."

We also asked him if any schools were recruiting him harder than others.

"I would say Maryland is recruiting me the hardest," he said.

Watson is a five star player and the fifth ranked wide receiver in the nation according to Scout.com. This could be turning into a two-way battle between Maryland and North Carolina for Watson's services.

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