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Terp Sports Report's Jeff Ermann speaks with Forestville Coach Charles Harley about the Terp's latest football commit - Kevin Dorsey.

The final game of Forestville High School’s 2005-2006 season had just ended in anticlimactic fashion. Quarterback Kevin Chapman – his last name has since changed to Dorsey -- had moved from quarterback to wide receiver at halftime and caught three passes, two for touchdowns, for 110 yards, but Forestville has lost nonetheless, 47-21, to eventual state champion Potomac.

Dorsey, a 15-year-old sophomore at the time, stood in the middle of the team’s postgame huddle and addressed his team.

“First he thanked the seniors,” Forestville coach Charles Harley recalls. “Then he told the rest of the team, ‘If you don’t like this feeling, if you want to win the state championship next year, you’ll be in the weight room on Monday.”

This is but one of a dozen anecdotes Harley is quick to share about recent Maryland commitment Dorsey, whom Harley says is the strongest natural leader and perhaps the hardest worker he’s ever coached.

“I’ve had a lot of D-I kids, but I’ve never had a kid like this guy,” says Harley, who has turned the hardscrabble school into a fertile recruiting grounds in recent years. “He was 15 years old and the unquestioned leader of this team.”

A few more of Harley’s anecdotes:

  • He received a call from a Forestville faculty member warning him that Dorsey was on the track outside, in the freezing rain, working out with a 40-pound bag. Another time, a co-worker called to tell him Dorser was working out inside the sweltering weight room, after Harley had asked him not to use the room.
  • At the end of the team’s weightlifting sessions, players take turns ‘burning out’ – pressing the weight bar alone as many times as their strained muscles will allow. While most of his teammates press the bar around 100 times, Dorsey throws a 10-pound plate on each side and usually makes it to 90 reps or so.
  • Dorsey had received offers from Connecticut and Marshall, and was on the verge of receiving a handful more from bigger-name programs. Harley informed him that Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen had requested to meet with him and, unbeknownst to Harley, he showed up for the meeting in a jacket and tie.
  • After one particularly bad loss during which Forestville had gotten poor quarterback play, Dorsey approached his coach and said: “Coach, I need the playbook. On Monday, I’m your new quarterback.”

At Maryland, the 6-foot-2, 180-pound Dorsey will play wide receiver. Harley calls him a faster, more explosive, humbler version of former Forestville star Richard Abney, a former blue-chip recruit who went on to Syracuse and is now preparing to enroll in a junior college.

Dorsey chose Maryland in part because of it’s proximity to home. He has an older sister who went away to college, and his parents had grown wary of traveling to visit.

“I don’t think they wanted to spend as much money,” Harley said.

That, of course, wasn’t the sole reason for his commitment. We’ll have more details on that when we speak with Dorsey within the next day or two.

Kevin Dorsey Profile


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