"The best place for me..."

We recently spoke with the Terps first football commitment from the Class of 2008, Forestville wide receiver Kevin Dorsey. We found out his grandmother on his father's side is a cousin of NFL Hall of Famer John Mackey, and that Dorsey studies tape of Art Monk and Jerry Rice.

Here’s what else Kevin Dorsey had to say.

On his decision to commit early in the recruiting process:

“One thing that made me commit early to Maryland had to do with Coach Ralph Friedgen. He’s committed not only to knowing his players as players, he’s committed to knowing his players as people, listening to them and helping them.”

“When I met with him, he was telling stories about different players and things they went through.”

Asked to describe himself:

“Motivated, team player. Putting the team first. Dedicated. Not only make the catch, but make my blocks downfield for the running backs."

On his expectation of playing time at Maryland:

"I’m trying to play as a true freshman, so I just need to keep working with my coaching staff, working on my game."

On Forestville coach Charles Harley’s insistence that he not commit until he was 100 percent sure, in order to avoid any sort of situation similar to what happened with Antonio Logan-El:

“He stressed it a little bit. That’s one thing I wouldn’t do, is back out of a promise. My father [John Dorsey] said the same thing to me.”

On choosing Maryland, despite early interest from Michigan, Ohio State and Auburn, among others:

"Maryland was truly the best option. It’s a good school, a good atmosphere, and I truly feel that it’s the best place for me."

On joining Forestville’s track team in order to shave time off of his 40-yard-dash:

"Right now I’m at a 4.4 and I’m just looking to get it down to a 4.3.”

On what he likes to do when he’s not playing football:

"I watch football, study tape, go over things. Even if you’re not physically working on your game, there’s still a lot of other things you can be doing."

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