Terps Football Recruiting Overview Part I

This is the first in a three part series looking at the needs for this year's recruiting class and the top recruits Maryland is targeting. With spring ball well in the rearview mirror and the beginning of fall practice just a couple of months away, let us take a look at where Maryland stands at each position.

Quarterback – With Jeremy Ricker deciding to transfer earlier this spring, the quarterback position becomes one of the most important needs for the recruiting class of 2008. Ricker's departure leaves the Terrapins with exactly one quarterback, Jamarr Robinson, on the roster from the past two recruiting classes. This leaves an obvious hole at this position down the road that must be addressed in this recruiting class. You can expect almost any quarterback coming into Maryland to redshirt his freshman year due to the complexity of Ralph Friedgen's playbook. As things stand now, Robinson is the only quarterback scheduled to be in the program in 2010, making this position the most important to fill this cycle.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Steffy Steffy ------- -------
2 Portis Portis Portis -------
3 Turner Turner Turner -------
4 Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson

Running Back – While the running back should be one of the team's strengths this upcoming season, it severely thins out after this season when seniors Lance Ball and Keon Lattimore leave the program. That will leave the Terps with two talented but unproven backs in Morgan Green and Da'Rel Scott, each of whom redshirted last year as freshmen. Pha'Terrell Washington, who was recruited as a defensive back, saw time at running back during the spring. He was also a freshman that redshirted. Incoming prepper Ronnie Tyler could also end up in the backfield if he is not a wide receiver. The Terps will need to bring in at least one and possibly two running backs in this class to reestablish the depth at this position.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Ball ------- ------- -------
2 Lattimore ------- ------- -------
3 Green Green Green Green
4 Scott Scott Scott Scott
5 Washington Washington Washington Washington

Wide Receiver – Last season Ralph Friedgen kept bemoaning the lack of depth at wide receiver, often complaining about having only three ready-for-action receivers on the team. Luckily for Maryland, those three receivers not only stayed healthy, but more importantly produced. While the current roster may have as many as eight receivers with at least three years of eligibility left, only star receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey has produced on the field of that group. There is also always the possibility of movement to defensive back or running back with unproven wide receivers. In the spring, we saw a taste of that with defensive back convert LaQuan Williams showing flashes. Williams, along with fellow redshirted freshman Emani Lee-Odai could see some time if production is lacking. Maryland is already off to a good start in the 2008 class with an early commitment from Forestville wideout Kevin Dorsey. Look for the Terps to add one or two more receivers in this class.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Oquendo Oquendo ------- -------
2 I. Williams I. Williams ------- -------
3 Heyward-Bey Heyward-Bey Heyward-Bey -------
4 Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon
5 Lee-Odai Lee-Odai Lee-Odai Lee-Odai
6 Smalls Smalls Smalls Smalls
7 L. Williams L. Williams L. Williams L. Williams
8 McCree McCree McCree McCree
9 R. Tyler R. Tyler R. Tyler R. Tyler
10 T. Smith T. Smith T. Smith T. Smith
11 T. Logan T. Logan T. Logan T. Logan

Tight End/ H-Back – The team appears pretty set at this position down the road with Drew Gloster and Devonte Campbell each with 4 years of eligibility remaining as well as the possibility of Lansford Watson playing tight end. As is the case with any position, however, there is always room if the right prospect wants to come.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Haynos ------- ------- -------
2 Goode ------- ------- -------
3 Gronkowski Gronkowski ------- -------
4 T. Galt T. Galt T. Galt -------
5 Gloster Gloster Gloster Gloster
6 D. Campbell D. Campbell D. Campbell D. Campbell
7 L. Watson L. Watson L. Watson L. Watson

Offensive Line – The offensive line is another position which is recruited mostly for the future. Players usually need a couple years in the college strength and conditioning program to bulk up before they are ready to play in college. Maryland loaded up with seven offensive linemen in last year's recruiting class after bringing in only one the prior year. In fact, only two offensive linemen remain in the program from the 2005 and 2006 classes if you do not include Bruce Campbell who prepped and is technically part of the 2007 class (and who could also end up at defensive end). This should be another year where the Terps load up in numbers. Already in the fold are two commits who could end up on the offensive line – AJ Francis and Cody Blue. Four or five more offensive linemen could make sense given the numbers and class makeup of the current roster.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Crummey ------- ------- -------
2 Burley ------- ------- -------
3 Griffin Griffin ------- -------
4 Randolph Randolph ------- -------
5 Thomas Thomas ------- -------
6 E. Williams E. Williams ------- -------
7 Gaither Gaither ------- -------
8 P. Costa P. Costa P. Costa -------
9 Eastburn Eastburn Eastburn Eastburn
10 Bowen Bowen Bowen Bowen
11 B. Campbell B. Campbell B. Campbell B. Campbell
12 Faiella Faiella Faiella Faiella
13 B. Johnson B. Johnson B. Johnson B. Johnson
14 St. John St. John St. John St. John
15 Young Young Young Young
16 Hampton Hampton Hampton Hampton

Defensive Tackle– This is possibly the toughest position to fill for any college program, and it has been no different for Maryland in recent years. The Terps already have one solid prospect committed in Baltimore product Teddy Dargan and will look to land a few more as this class evolves. Including Dargan, there are five DTs scheduled to be on the team after this season although none of them have much in-game experience at all at the college level. Almost any talented defensive tackle you have to make room for if he wants to commit to your program. This is one position where you can never have too many good players.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Savage ------- ------- -------
2 Moore ------- ------- -------
3 Feliciano ------- ------- -------
4 Ivey Ivey Ivey -------
5 Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong Armstrong
6 Davidson Davidson Davidson Davidson
7 Russell Russell Russell Russell

Defensive End/ LEO – Maryland does not run a traditional front as they incorporate a DE/LB hybrid position called the LEO into their defense. Over the next two seasons, the Terps have no less than ten players who can play either defensive end or the LEO position. After the 2008 season, however, that number drops to six and then to three for the 2010 season.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Lemons ------- ------- -------
2 Frost Frost ------- -------
3 Covington Covington ------- -------
4 Navarre Navarre ------- -------
5 Harrell Harrell Harrell -------
6 D. Galt D. Galt D. Galt -------
7 Clement Clement Clement -------
8 Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton
9 Whitmore Whitmore Whitmore Whitmore
10 Drummond Drummond Drummond Drummond
11 Vellano Vellano Vellano Vellano

Linebacker – Maryland will almost certainly have to bring in a couple linebackers this class and early playing time could be a big selling point to interested prospects. If Chris Clinton stays at LEO, there will be only three current linebackers on the roster in 2009, making this one of the most important positions to fill in this recruiting class. After a year in prep school, current commit Zach Brown seems likely to end up at linebacker given his physical makeup. The team will likely bring in two or three more linebackers.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Henderson Henderson ------- -------
2 Fokou Fokou ------- -------
3 Philistin Philistin ------- -------
4 Bullock Bullock ------- -------
5 R. Costa R. Costa ------- -------
6 Moten Moten Moten Moten
7 Wujciak Wujciak Wujciak Wujciak
8 Pooler Pooler Pooler Pooler

Defensive Back -- This is probably the position at which Maryland looks best in the long term. Currently there are nine DBs on the roster with three or more years of eligibility remaining, including USC transfer Antwine Perez who must sit the 2007 season out per NCAA transfer rules. Still, look for the Terps to bring in at least a couple defensive backs as the Maryland/DC area seems particularly loaded with talented ones this year.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Gardner ------- ------- -------
2 Varner ------- ------- -------
3 Justice ------- ------- -------
4 Barnes Barnes ------- -------
5 Taylor Taylor ------- -------
6 Allen Allen ------- -------
7 Wiseman Wiseman Wiseman -------
8 Skinner Skinner Skinner -------
9 Carroll Carroll Carroll -------
10 McCollough McCollough McCollough -------
11 Perez Perez Perez Perez
12 Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton
13 Jackson-Mills Jackson-Mills Jackson-Mills Jackson-Mills
14 Herald Herald Herald Herald
15 Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes
16 Carter Carter Carter Carter

Kicker/Punter – Ideally, you would bring in a kicker or punter recruit one year before your current kicker/punter exhausts his eligibility. This would give the new player a year to redshirt and work on his mechanics with college coaches. Last year Maryland brought in Travis Baltz who can do either but struggled along with Obi Egekeze kicking the ball this spring. If both continue their struggles into the 2007 season, a kicker could be targeted as an emergency but more likely is waiting until the 2009 recruiting class to bring one in. Baltz should be the punter of the future.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Egekeze Egekeze ------- -------
2 Baltz Baltz Baltz Baltz

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