Senior Memories: Tight End Joey Haynos

In the first installment of Senior Memories, TurtleSportsReport sits down with tight end Joey Haynos. Over the season, we will profile each senior and get his thoughts on his time at Maryland.

Best memory:

I'd probably have to say just the whole week down at the bowl last year in Orlando. It was just a great event. I had a lot of family and friends down there and we won big and I scored a touchdown so it was a real great memory, a great time, and I haven't talked to anybody who didn't have a great time down there.

Forgettable memory:

I think right before I scored my first touchdown in the Clemson game two years ago I messed up real bad on a goal line block and we didn't get in and coach Friedgen took me off to the sidelines and just was in my face yelling at me for a while so I think I'd rather forget that one.

Most memorable game:

Clemson [in 2006]. Probably the best sporting victory I've ever had in my life. The way we did it, the way we overcame some setbacks and drove down the field and kicked the last minute field goal. It was just unreal to beat them down there in that huge stadium with all those fans and right after Dan Ennis made that kick, just jumping on him and everybody piling on him. It was great.

That one play:

Probably for me personally, my touchdown in the Champs Sports Bowl. It was good because we got going right out of the gate, it was the first touchdown in the game and it really got our momentum going. But as far as a single play, I guess it was my sophomore year when we beat Florida State, Josh Allen catching that screen pass and going however many yards for a touchdown. I think that was one of the greatest plays I've ever seen.

Funniest teammate:

There's a collective group of people that are just constantly funny. Edwin Williams always cracks me up, Erin Henderson… I wouldn't say it's one thing, it's people. It's just a lot of good people to be around and funny times.

Lasting memory of coach Friedgen:

Besides him in my face in the Clemson game, he's a great motivator. Some of the speeches he gives before games and at halftimes of games will always stick in my head. During the week he doesn't motivate us all that much—I mean he does. Right before the game if we're not up he'll get us up. He knows how to really hit the button on us and get us going.

At halftime of the [2006] Virginia game, he didn't say too much. You could sort of tell that we needed to get something done or our season was hanging in the balance so just the way he carried himself and what he said was really good.

Most excited moment:

I think every time we play Florida State I get very pumped up just because they've dominated the ACC for so long. Maybe not so much anymore but every time we play them. And I was really amped up for the bowl game this year.

Most nervous moment:

Probably three years ago [in the Northern Illinois game] my freshman year, right when they called—you know I was only on one personnel and it was for short yardage—they called that personnel and I was running with it and it was the most excited and most nervous I've ever been at one time… I'll never forget it, it was under the lights and the first time I've ever run on the field for college football and it was amazing.

Best player played against:

D'Qwell Jackson, pound-for-pound the best football player I've been around.

On opposing teams, [Florida State LB] Buster Davis is very good. I thought this kid [LB Lawrence] Timmons from Florida State last year was excellent. He did a real good job against me. I had trouble that day.

Best team played against:

Best team, [at] Virginia Tech a couple years ago. It was a Thursday night, they were amped up and they had our number.

Best atmosphere at home and away:

Obviously I think this year it's going to be West Virginia. People have been talking about that game forever. Since I've been here, definitely the Wake Forest game last year, even though we lost, Terp Alley was just jam-packed, it was under the lights, it was just a great atmosphere.

Away game, can't beat Death Valley. Clemson is unreal.

One play where you just said ‘wow':

Anytime we play [Georgia Tech WR] Calvin Johnson. I know how he does it—he's 6-foot-6, strong and fast as can be but it's just amazing the see a guy that big and that fast.

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