Maryland Football Quiz #1

Alright Maryland fans, we're three weeks into the season and a lot of questions still remain. TurtleSportsReport wants to know where you stand on some of the key issues facing the team now and what your outlook is for the rest of the 2007 season.

Maryland Football Quiz #1

Instructions: Please circle only one answer. This quiz covers material from the first three weeks of Maryland football, with a focus on games, player performances and coaching.

1. Maryland's defense has allowed 266 yards per game, the fewest in the ACC (by a full 30 yards over Georgia Tech). And yes, that includes the 353 rushing yards West Virginia accumulated Thursday, the most Maryland has allowed under Friedgen. Interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

a. So against the only legitimate opponent, the defense set a new mark for futility? I'm not impressed.

b. It's tough to gauge at this point. Let's see what happens against an attack somewhere in the middle of FIU's 118th-ranked offense and West Virginia's Heisman-hopeful backfield onslaught.

c. I like what I see. There's room for improvement, of course, but it's been good enough so far.

d. A definite strength of this year's team. I feel like the defense will give us a chance to win every game from here on out.

2. Jordan Steffy's first three games haven't been the worst of Friedgen's quarterbacks over the years. He's completed nearly 74 percent of his attempts but is averaging only 6.7 yards per attempt. His longest completion was a 33-yard hookup with Darrius Heyward-Bey Thursday, though most of those yards came courtesy of Heyward-Bey's run after the catch.

a. He's fine and he's the best option right now. He'll break out soon.

b. He knows the offense, but he's a work in progress. Let's stick with him and like most of Friedgen's quarterback projects, he'll gain confidence and get better as the season progresses.

c. He needs to do a lot more for this team to see a bowl game. I don't want him looking over his shoulder, at least not yet, but he really needs to step it up a notch.

d. My patience is wearing thin. There are several playmakers on offense and Steffy hasn't gotten them the ball. Let's see what he does against Wake. Oh yeah, be ready Chris Turner.

e. Let's run a Wing-T.

3. The offense hasn't been the most imaginative thus far, but why?

a. Fridge doesn't have full confidence in Steffy yet and he's easing him along.

b. It's the offensive philosophy, much like we saw last season at times. Control the ball and limit turnovers.

c. Fridge is calling plays downfield, but they aren't being executed.

d. There are two capable running threats, a huge offensive line and a couple reliable short-yardage targets. Let's take a few shots downfield but I want to grind it out.

e. The offense is still holding some things back for ACC play.

4. Keon Lattimore has twice as many rushing attempts as Lance Ball. He's averaging 6.0 yards per carry to Ball's 5.0 yards per carry. Lattimore has 12 catches for 54 yards while Ball has 6 catches for 51 yards.

a. Lattimore is the best running back on this team and he should be getting the majority of the carries.

b. They're both capable backs and have equal ability. I'd like to see a little more rotation.

c. I don't care who plays how often. Whoever is best that day gets the bulk of the carries.

d. If the offense is just going to grind it out, why isn't the power back, Ball, in there?

5. Overall…

a. I'm more than satisfied with where the team is right now. Yeah, we lost to West Virginia, but a couple of things go differently and we might've won or at least made it very close. I like our chances in the ACC.

b. We're not far from having a team that can compete in the Atlantic this season.

b. I'm satisfied. Let's leave it at that. Not unhappy and not overly encouraged. The team is pretty much where I thought it would be.

c. I'm a little disappointed. A close win at a terrible FIU team and a blowout on national television. It seems like it's always a slow start and the offense is not where I thought it would be.

d. As far as I'm concerned, the season hasn't even started yet. I'll reassess after the Wake game.

e. It feels like a bowl-less season, or at best a trip to Boise.

6. The Wake game…

a. Win, no doubt.

b. It depends on Riley Skinner's health. (specify)

c. Loss, no doubt.

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