Senior Memories: Lance Ball

In's continuing series focusing on Maryland's seniors, we sit down with running back Lance Ball, who discusses his 4th down run in the Navy game and much more.

Best memory:

There are a lot. Best one? I guess coming in and meeting all the guys that's gonna play with me. Mostly all my good friends on campus are my teammates. So meeting and getting to play with them, work with them everyday and going through it.

Forgettable memory:

I'll say…whoa…the winter workouts. Waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning and just slaving for about an hour in the Armory. That's the memory I cannot forget and want to forget. I was so happy when the final winter workout was there and you don't have any more under your belt.

Most memorable game/moment:

I guess the first time I stepped on the field. It was Navy, my sophomore year, fourth down play—made about 10 guys miss. I kept the game going on the fourth down and won the game.

I don't know how I did it. It was reaction and, I don't know, just ability. The God-given ability to do it… I really didn't play that much and my time came. I was in there and I made it happen on the fourth down. We were going to lose the game if we didn't convert.

Most helpful teammate:

I feel like Josh Allen, he was my roommate for like a year. He was here basically when I came and we've been cool ever since. We always talk, he helped me through things, taught me things. He's been a great guy and a great friend.

Funniest memory/teammate: Oh man…wow. I know the funniest player. The funniest player was Kevin Eli. Kevin Eli—old guy, just had jokes, always had a smile on his face. Team jokester, team clown, great guy. I still talk to him. He's just a funny individual.

If you can't think of a funniest moment, what's the funniest thing Kevin did?

I remember one time he basically locked everybody that lived in the suite out. And we're like panicking, "How are we gonna get in?" He like barged the door so we couldn't get in and stuff. And he made us go through the whole process of getting keys and stuff. Then finally, when everybody did it, the door was open.

Teammate you'd most like/least like to room with:

I'll say Keon, he's the cleanest, no problems. I'll say my cousin, my cousin right here, Isaiah Gardner. Who I'd least like to live with? I think he's gone right now, but it was Robert Jenkins a few years ago. He's the sloppiest person I can think of, stinkiest person. Everything you can say, he doesn't clean…everything. I'd like to room with everybody, you know.

Lasting memory of coach Friedgen:

He wants to get every ounce of energy out of your body. [He's a] hard worker, a perfectionist. Wants you to go out there and give it your all...Making practice harder than games, trying to prepare you the most for any situation. Just work you hard and he wants every ounce before you leave.

Most excited:

I'd say before we have big games, the Thursday night games, the primetime games. I think that's the most you get excited for. Especially games with teams you see on TV growing up—the Florida States, Miami. Teams that you're like, "Wow, I want to play for them when I grow older."… Here I've beat Florida State and Miami. I'll always have that with me.

Most nervous:

The most nervous I've been was my red shirt freshman year (was actually his true freshman year, 2003). All the running backs got hurt and it was just me and Josh Allen and I was about to burn my red shirt. It was a big game, I think a Thursday night game here against Virginia. They were one of the top defenses. Yeah I was most nervous about would they burn my red shirt. I didn't get in, Josh had all the carries—almost like 250 yards that game, it was crazy.

Best player you've played with/against:

The best player…I'd say it's between Vernon Davis and Shawne Merriman. They go hand-in-hand. Both high-intensity guys, both very successful in the draft and the NFL.

Opposing team, I'll say…wow…there's been so many great athletes in the ACC so it's hard to pick. But I'll say Mario Williams. He was kind of a beast. He was real hard to defend all around the field, fast, and just an animal.

Best opposing team:

Best team I'd have to say is Miami. It was hard to run against them, they flew sideline to sideline. They were just always in your face, always there. It's the Miami that you've always known.

Best atmosphere home and away:

Best atmosphere here is when we do the blackout. It's packed, the whole student section is wearing black. Everybody stands. Also we're wearing black and just the atmosphere is amazing when we do that, especially when we win.

The atmosphere away I'd have to say is in Florida State down in Tallahassee. They got the chant going on, their crazy fans and the tradition there at Doak. It's amazing.

Plans for after graduation:

Just working hard, enjoying my diploma and my degree. Getting ready for the combines and all the professional level stuff I have to do.

I had an internship at NIH. So I kind of work with the recreational therapy, maybe the families there. I will keep in contact with them. You know, try to work with families and kids. I'm not sure yet, but I'm getting stuff together right now.

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