Senior Memories: Isaiah Gardner

Senior Memories rolls on with defensive back Isaiah Gardner, who transferred to Maryland for the 2005 season from Notre Dame.

Best memory:

I got a lot of them, man… From the basketball riots to people raiding the field… Yeah I think when the fans raided the field when we won against Virginia when we first came out with the black uniforms. Then the Miami game we won last year, and beating Miami and Florida State in the same year, being one of the first teams to do that in a long time. Definitely the Miami game, that's when my great grandmother died and I did pretty good that day and caused that big hit on the punt.

Forgettable memory:

I would have to say the West Virginia game from last year. I would like to forget that one.

Most memorable game:

Shoot, I'll say Florida State and Miami from last year, Clemson from last year… Especially that Clemson game cause everybody had us losing by, what, 20 or 30 points?... Those three games, I'll definitely always remember those.

Most memorable play:

One particular play? …

A lot of people have said Josh Allen's run against Florida State in 2004.

Yes. But I wasn't there… I was at Maryland but I didn't come to the sidelines because of NCAA rules. That was big with Josh because he had all that trouble with his knee and stuff. Josh is a good dude, man. I love when he broke that long run for everybody, that was good.

Most helpful player:

A couple people. We always chill together… Kevin Barnes and Erin Henderson. Those are my main dudes, man. We always keep each other focused, keep each other grounded. We got each other's back no matter what. And also, D'Qwell Jackson when he was here. I loved seeing him play. I loved being on the same team as him and playing with him because he gets you fired up, man. It's like you don't think of nobody else but D'Qwell…

Funniest player/moment

You got to understand on this team it's a bunch of idiots, a bunch of clowns. Everybody jokes around and something funny happens everyday. The funniest thing to ever happen…dang. There's been a few of them. I remember specifically saying one of these moments was the funniest thing that ever happened but I can't remember it now. We'll have to come back to that one, I'll have to think about that one.

Funniest person, there's a few of them. One of them has to be [running back] David Akatu, he's a walk-on. He's hilarious. [Defensive back] Brandon Jackson-Mills is hilarious. He has this little alter-ego [where] he's [rapper] Young Jeezy. Yeah that was something funny that happened this summer too with him. You probably wouldn't get it. But he had a little Young Jeezy [act]—he was talking about him being fourth string.

[Defensive back] Jamari McCullough is hilarious. Christian Varner's like the instigator.

Most like/least like to room with:

Who I'd most like to room with I'm actually rooming with right now—Erin Henderson. I'd also like to room with Kevin. Me and Kevin, we've roomed together before but we moved to the Commons so we're in different apartments. But me and Erin are together.

Who I'd least like to room with, Richard Taylor. He's the dirtiest… Everybody says the same thing. That's why he moved out.

Lasting memory of coach Friedgen: Start the period over.

You're the second person to say that.

Like today (Wednesday), the periods would be like nine minutes long and it would be like 25 minutes. The defensive coaches were like, ‘What's going on, are we moving on to the next period now?' We repeated every play like three times.

Most excited moment:

When we played Florida State down in Florida State [in 2005]. Last year vs. Wake Forest in the last game. I'm pretty much amped up for every game.

Most nervous moment:

The Navy game, that was the first game I started coming off the year I had to sit out for transfer. I was nervous every game last year because of my shoulder. This year I was nervous because it was my first time being in full contact drills [since having shoulder surgery in the winter]. I was nervous for the first two plays of the [Villanova] game. I was nervous for camp, actually. You don't want to go back to all the pain I was feeling last year every day. So I'd have to say the first day of game and the first game this year.

Best player played with at Maryland/on an opposing team:

D'Qwell Jackson.

And you said on an opposing team? I might have to say Calvin Johnson. He was good. He was just so big and had great body control. I had to get in his face a lot and get him off his track a little bit. But he was really good.

Best team:

I don't want to say West Virginia. But what they do, they do very well. They got a perfect system and they got the right players for that system and they run it to perfection. If you're not perfect on one play, they got a dude that will take it the distance. All it takes it just one person to be off his feet… If one person is not perfect, it's out the gate. They might have the best offense right now.

Had you seen Noel Devine before?

On the Internet? Yeah I seen him one time but I don't really pay attention to that stuff. Everybody was all over him when he was coming out especially with Deion… Deion Sanders was his legal guardian or whatever. He's good though. He's fast and he's shifty as I don't know what. He's legit.

Best atmosphere home and away:

The last West Virginia game and Wake Forest last year. That was crazy. That Wake Forest game might be the best atmosphere ever. Especially Terp Alley. It wasn't Terp Alley, it was like a narrow gap.

On the road? Man, I really love that Florida State game. Maybe the Clemson game from last year. That was 80-something thousand people and it was all sold out.

Plans for after graduation:

My major is criminal justice and to be honest with you I don't know what I want to do. I have the option to go like into the federal ring of the drug cartel down in Miami. My mom used to be a cop and her ex-partner does the same thing down there. And he already told me that it was all good.

I'd probably like to get into something like journalism. Somewhere where I can talk and be around people because that's what I do. I'm a people person.

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