Game Notebook: Virginia 18, Maryland 17

TurtleSportsReport goes deeper into Virginia's last-second win over Maryland. The Cavaliers improve to 7-1 (4-0 in ACC), while Maryland drops to 4-3 (1-2 in ACC).

Another lineman goes down

Coming into the season, there were only seven offensive linemen that Friedgen felt comfortable rotating. Despite the lack of depth in numbers, he called it one of the best lines he has had at Maryland. It was crucial that they avoid injury, though, because behind those seven were walk-ons and freshmen.

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. Two weeks ago the anchor of the line, Andrew Crummey, went down with a fractured fibula. Last night, Jaimie Thomas went down with the same injury. It's down to five—Scott Burley, Phil Costa, Edwin Williams, Jack Griffin and Dane Randolph.

The two main back-ups right now are freshman left tackle Bruce Campbell and walk-on guard Paul Pinegar, who recently returned from a leg injury of his own. Beyond that, there are freshmen Lamar Young, a guard, and Tyler Bowen, a tackle. Danny Edwards, a walk-on, could play center.

Questionable calls

It's safe to say Kevin Barnes didn't agree with the pass interference called against him on Virginia's final drive.

"If I was in the NFL I'd get fined a lot of money for saying what I want to," he said. "I don't want the refs to decide the game. They're not the ones out there working all summer, working all season, battling injuries. I just feel like it was terrible."

Erin Henderson felt the refs intervened a little too much towards the end.

"I think sometimes you got to let the players play a little bit, especially in a situation like that with the game on the line."

Moore lightens the mood

It's tough to find anything humorous about Saturday's game, but when Dre Moore was informed of Henderson's broken tooth and busted lip, he managed to get some laughs.

"I didn't know he broke his tooth. That sucks," he said. "I hope he had something to eat before the game."


"If I listen to them I'd be selling shoes on Tuesday."

Friedgen, discussing his players' and the fans' urging him to go for it on the 4th and 1.

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