Star Va. WR Kerry Boykins Solid With Terps?

With the football program hitting a bit of a wall this year, fans have expressed concerns about keeping the recruiting class – ranked No. 29 in the nation – intact and fending off recruiters from other schools. One player of special interest is heralded Oscar Smith (Va.) wide receiver Kerry Boykins, who had 25 scholarship offers and who have as much star potential as anyone in Maryland's class.

We've got good news: Boykins isn't going anywhere else.

"He's going to Maryland. There's been no talk of anything else," said Oscar Smith coach Richard Morgan. "He didn't pick the school based on how they were going to do this season, he chose it based on how he felt about the coaches and the school. If things are down, it's his job to go there and make it better."

Boykins, an explosive 6-foot-1, 200-pound athlete, missed the first half of the season with a knee injury. But he's picked up right where he left off, catching 20 passes for 350 yards and six touchdowns in the final five regular-season games. His team is 10-0 heading into the playoffs.

"And he hasn't played a full game yet. That's with him sitting out [for extended periods of blowout wins]," Morgan said.

So what can the Terps expect from Boykins, who was also targeted by Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Clemson, among many others?

"He'll be an all-ACC player. I'm sure he'll start and be an all-ACC player" during his career, Morgan said. "He has the best hands of any receiver I've ever seen. As a kid, he's got great character and doesn't do stupid things. And as far as his work ethic, he'll come back from anything."

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