Duke-UMD Gives Vinson a Look at his Choices

After watching two of his potential future college teams go head to head Sunday night at Comcast Center, Montrose Christian junior star Terrell Vinson was asked by his father, James Gilyard, whether the up-close look had given him a stronger feeling about Duke or Maryland.

"He just hunched his shoulders. He said he didn't know," Gilyard said, laughing.

At this point, that's about all Gilyard can do. Vinson, a highly sought 6-foot-7 forward, has attracted attention from major programs across the country, but even his own family can't get a feel for where he is leaning. Even Vinson's mother asked Gilyard that night if he had any new info on where her son was leaning.

"Even the mother can't get the scoop. She knows nothing," he said.

It's not that Vinson is intentionally being secretive – it's simply that he has a lot of attractive options. At this point, though, it appears this is the top five, in no particular order: Maryland, Duke, Villanova, Memphis and Georgetown. All five schools have been in to see him this winter and all five are showing strong interest.

Memphis recently helped its cause when head coach John Calipari flew into town for a game and then flew right back out. That impressed Vinson and his family. Duke has also picked up its efforts lately as well. Maryland, meantime, has been a fixture in his recruitment. But there's no favorite.

"Gary Williams is at Montrose practice all the time. As a matter of fact I'm supposed to talk to Keith Booth today," Gilyard said. "I was supposed to meet with Gary after the Duke game but I had to work that night so I wasn't able to make it."

Vinson, a smooth all-around player who possesses a rare combination of inside-outside scoring ability – and has grown to 6-7 according to Gilyard – has returned the favor by being a fixture at Terps home games this year.

"He really likes Maryland. He really likes it out there. He's not just a fan. He really likes it," Gilyard said.

It also doesn't hurt the Terps chances that they have established a pipeline to Montrose the past few years, grabbing Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie and Shane Walker from the Rockville powerhouse.

"Definitely. Most definitely. Greivis comes in the gym all the time and tells him, ‘I want to play one more year with you,'" Gilyard said. "That definitely helps Maryland out a lot."

While storied Montrose coach Stu Vetter has tended to advise his players to commit near the latter end of the recruiting cycle, that won't be the case with Vinson, his father said. Vinson will take five visits this summer and commit early in the fall.

"We're going early," he said. "We don't want recruiting going on during his senior season because we want him to focus on his season and having fun and academics."

Speaking of which, academics seemingly will play a big role in his decision. It's the reason his mother decided to send him 40 miles from their Baltimore home to Montrose.

So, to summarize, Vinson likes a lot of things about a lot of schools at this point. His parents continue to lean on him to hone in on a handful of schools he'd like to choose from, but he's not budging much yet. He's enjoying it. We'll know more about his recruitment this spring and summer.

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