Interview with LB Nick Forbes

Q & A with Thomas Johnson HS linebacker Nick Forbes.

Legendary coach John Wooden once said, "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." The reputation of Nick Forbes, linebacker from Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, Maryland is that of a guy who loves to hit people and covers the field sideline to sideline. He has often been described as a "man-child". From my experience with Nick Forbes in our conversation, his character far exceeds his reputation in football. That is not to take anything away from what Forbes can do on the football field as much as it is to say there are very few 17 year old's who are as respectful and well spoke as he is. If our conversation is any indication on the type of football player he will be in college than we can only be so lucky to have him running through the tunnel at Byrd Stadium on Saturday's.

I know it is early, but how is the recruiting process going so far?

It has its up's and down's. It is sometimes stressful during the week with school work and the mail. However, 95% of the time it is awesome.

What schools do you have offers from so far?

Maryland, Boston College, Stanford, California, Pittsburgh, WVU, Wake Forest, Rutgers, and Duke.

Do you have any early favorites?

No, I think if you start to have favorites, it could skew your idea of other schools. I want to keep my eyes open and get to know about them all.

Do you plan to commit before your senior season?

I would like to make a decision before my senior season. That way I can give 100% to our football team. At the same time, I do not want to rush a decision. If I feel 100% about a school then I will commit, otherwise I will wait until I find the right school. I want to make sure I am positive that I am making the right choice. When I give my word to a coach I do not want to take it back. A man's word is the most important thing he has.

Do you plan on going to any camps or showcases this summer?

I am not sure if I will do any college camps, if a coach asks me to then I might. I will probably do the Nike Camp, and Coach Shuman's Showcase. I will probably go there with a friend of my who is a receiver at Thomas Johnson, and a good football player himself, Victor Walker.

What can you tell fans about Nick Forbes the football player?

I love to play aggressive. I can cover the whole field, sideline to sideline. I am a vocal leader and really work on helping to keep the other players really positive.

How was Junior Day at College Park?

It was really nice. I got to see other recruits that I usually play against and are rivals, but was able to talk to them and get to know them. I was not able to stay the whole time but I did meet with Coach Franklin and he told me he would be succeeding Coach Friedgen down the road. I met with the linebackers coach (Al Seamonson). I also spoke with my recruiting coach, Coach Donovan. This was the fourth time I was at College Park, but I had never taken a tour of all of the facilities. This is was the first time I was able to see the locker rooms and everything that is available. Because I had to leave early, Coach Friedgen pulled my uncle and I into his office to talk to us 1 on 1. We didn't talk strictly about recruiting, we talked about the Maryland players and what type o fguys they are looking for.

With a GPA of over 3.6 and a very good SAT score, you bring a lot more to the table then the "typical football player." Is that something you take pride in?

Yes, I take a lot of pride in academics. I also take pride in being a gentleman. My 18th birthday is coming up in March. I already have asked for my present. I want a suit and a pen. That way when the day comes that I sign my letter of intent I will look nice. My mom really pushes academics. Sometimes in football natural ability gives you the advantage over your opponent but I have had to work extremely hard at my grades.

Turtle Sports Report wants to thank Nick for taking the time to talk to us. We look forward to keeping in touch with him throughout this recruiting process and hopefully coming Signing Day 2010, he will be signing a letter with the Maryland Terrapins.

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