Interview with Travis McKie catches up with 6-6 shooting forward Travis McKie from John Marshall High School

AAU season is almost here. How excited are you to get into the season again?

I'm really worried about State Championships right now. After that, is AAU season.

What do you think your chances are of getting to the Championship?

Right now we are in states. We've got to win to get to the championships. Our chances are good. We've got to play as one.

There's been a lot of talk about AAU and how it can affect recruiting. Your take as an AAU player, is it good for you as a player?

Yes it is. In high school you pretty much play against people in your area. "If you're lucky you play against people in your state but in AAU everybody plays the same thing. coaches get to see you, going all over the world and getting exposure.

Have you officially visited all of the schools that you're interested in?

All of them except Georgia Tech and Florida. After the season I plan to get to at least Georgia Tech.

So when you picture yourself in college, where do you feel most at home? What feels right? What are you looking for as a student?

I just want to be comfortable academic wise. School is important to me. My mom is a teacher my grandma was a teacher. School, environment, campus life and city life are all important to me. Basketball is a big part, but it's definitely what makes you feel comfortable.

The recruiting process can be a bit crazy as you know, what have you been doing on your downtime and keeping yourself busy as a high school student?

Sleeping and listening to music and hanging out with friends. Basketball players we get this role as a superstar, but it's your friends and being a high school student that keep you grounded.

Any camps or workouts you plan on going to coming up for exposure?

Everything right now I'm trying to win the state ring and after that comes AAU. After the season I'll start to hear about camps but for now I'm worried about trying get that ring.

Are there any schools that you haven't heard from that you're still interested in?

Everybody has had the opportunity to contact me and they have.

Favorite teams growing up

NFL:Oakland Raiders NBA: I never really had a favorite NBA team, I liked Michael Jordan. I watched him. College: North Carolina. We're in ACC country down here so it's either North Carolina or Duke.

Okay now for a fun question, what was your favorite toy growing up?

Other than a basketball? I would have to say the little "bop-it" toy.

What don't people know about you that you think they would be surprised to hear?

I'm a funny person. I just like to laugh, and listen to music. I'll sing any song randomly (he then started singing Cyndi Lauper's hit song, "Time after Time".)

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