Pro Day Interview with Kevin Barnes

Kevin Barnes recently participated in the NFL Combine and also in Maryland's Pro Day. He compares the two workouts for, and tells scouts why he can be relied on to make the big tackles at the next level.

Talk about how you think you did overall with this experience today.

I feel like I did pretty good. It really wasn't too much pressure being in that I've done all of this at the combine before. I think it's more pressure for the guys who weren't able to go. I was here for moral support to tell them to relax, and that they've done this before. Other than that just seeing my old teammates, I've enjoyed it.

So, there's no difference for you between this Pro Day workout and the NFL Combine?

Honestly, this is a lot more relaxed than the combine. There's just so many people that you don't know. Working out here is like your home crowd, everybody is supporting and cheering you on. I enjoyed it.

Despite being known for your big hit on Jahvid Best this past season, James Franklin stated that you are defensively not a big hitter, but that you're more of a finesse player, and a smart player on top of that. What do you say to that?

I don't think I'm finesse at all. It's just when I'm put into a situation to make a tackle, I'll make the tackle. I don't shy away from anybody. I'll tackle people that are close to 100 pounds bigger than me. I'm not afraid of anybody. It's just about me being in the spot where I have to make tackle. If I have to make the play, I'll make the play. I'm not going to shy away from contact, that's basically the reason I got hurt this year.

Talk about your weaknesses and what you're going to workout between now and draft day.

That's another thing as far as the tackling. I'm not really a finesse player, sometimes I go for the big hit rather than making the safe tackle. So me being a better short tackler rather than a big hitter is what I think I need to work on the most.

Overall, where would you like to go? Any preferences?

I'm too old to have a favorite team. I mean, I would just love to be picked on the first day. That's my goal, being picked on the first day regardless. If I don't get picked on the first day, I'm still going to go out there and play like they picked me number one.

TSR would like to thank Kevin Barnes for taking the time to catch up with us.We wish him luck in the upcoming draft.

This is the first part in a series of interviews taken at Pro Day. Stay tuned for another one tomorrow.

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