Pro Day Interview with Coach Franklin was able to catch up with Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator James Franklin at Maryland's Pro Day.

Terp Receivers with good Pro-day showings.

Isaiah Williams tested very well and we kind of knew that [he would do well] coming in. I think one of the guys that helped [himself] was Danny Oquendo because I think everybody liked him on film and how productive he was here in his career here. People questioned does he run well, he ran a 4.56 today and I think that's going to help him.

These workouts are never going to be the difference, but they can take a guy from being a guy that's not going to get a look to being a free agent. Or a free agent to a late round draft choice so you've got a chance to bump around or something by how you perform, but the film is really the ultimate thing that matters.

What type of team would best fit Heyward-Bey?

The system that we run here is the same system that 70 percent of NFL teams run, some version of the West Coast offense. I think that would help the transition. But really every team in the league is looking for a big guy whose fast and can make plays, that's what he does.

He gives you the ability to, as coaches say, take the top off the coverage, to really be able to stretch the field. I think everybody is looking for that type of talent. The Crabtrees, and all those [other guys] have maybe more production, but as scouts and coaches a lot of times you look at the kid [in terms ] of the things you can't coach: Size, speed and character. You can affect a kid to a degree. Darius is a great kid, he has got great size, great speed, and those things you can't coach and the rest of the stuff you can work with.

On Kevin Barnes

Everybody wants a tall corner to matchup with all the tall wideouts and I think the average corner in the NFL is likely 5'10", probably the average receiver is like 6'1".

A lot of tall corners have a hard time playing at that level because you have to be able to transition. When was the last time you walked around your neighborhood and saw some little kid running around his backyard backwards? These guys are elite athletes and you basically have to run backwards and stay up with a receiver running forward who is also an elite athlete. Those guys are probably the most impressive specimens on any team and if you can get a guy who can do that at six-foot or close to it , and also can transition, a lot of the tall guys have trouble changing direction because they are long legged and are long striders. [Barnes] he can do that.

He has pretty good ball skills, he's smart, again he's going to be a guy that a lot of people are going to be intrigued by because he has the things you can teach. And they are going to be more comfortable as a secondary coach being able to match him up with a 6'2" receiver rather than putting a 5'9" guy on him. thanks Coach Franklin for taking the time to speak with us.

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