Maryland's Pro Day with Photo Gallery

With wideout Darius Heyward-Bey on the roster, fellow receivers Isaiah Williams and Danny Oquendo have often been overshadowed.

But during the Terps' Pro Day, they both posted impressive workout numbers.

Williams started the day auspiciously by tripping during his first attempt at the 40 yard dash. But he shook off rug burns to his knee and abs to post a 4.38, forty time. Williams also posted a 41 inch vertical jump.

Meanwhile, Oquendo had a 4.56 forty time and impressed scouts with his acceleration.

"Isaiah Williams tested very well and we kind of knew that [he would do well] coming in," Terps offensive coordinator James Franklin said. "I think one of the guys that helped [himself] was Danny Oquendo because I think everybody liked him on film and how productive he was here in his career here. People questioned does he run well, he ran a 4.56 today and I think that's going to help him."

On the defensive side of the ball, cornerback Kevin Barnes showed no lingering effects from the shoulder injury that prematurely ended his season. Barnes ran a 4.44 forty time while hitting a 41 inch vertical, although he opted to keep his combine vertical.

"He looks great," Heyward-Bey said. "You would never guess that he had the injury. At first he couldn't do most of the things we were doing weight-wise because of the shoulder, but other than that he was right in the mix."

After running a 4.3 forty time in Indianapolis, Heyward-Bey didn't need to participate in any of the timings. His combine time was the fastest for any receiver in this year's draft class.

"Going into Indy, I felt confident," Heyward-Bey said. "I kind of knew what time I was going to run, I just kept it to myself. The goal was to run the fastest 40, and I went out there and I did that. It was just good, I felt confident when I was out there and the coaches and the other stuff didn't faze me at all."

Once the workouts were done, the Terps hit the practice field for drills, and Heyward-Bey stole the show. The projected first round pick didn't drop a single pass, and even stumbled out of a break on a "slant-and-go" route, only to call out " I got it, I got it!" and show off his speed to recover and catch what amounted to a 45 yard reception.

"He gives you the ability to, as coaches say, take the top off the coverage, to really be able to stretch the field," Franklin said. "I think everybody is looking for that type of talent. The Crabtrees, and all those [other guys] have maybe more production, but as scouts and coaches a lot of times you look at the kid [in terms ] of the things you can't coach: Size, speed and character. You can affect a kid to a degree. Darius is a great kid, he has got great size, great speed, and those things you can't coach and the rest of the stuff you can work with."

But some of his teammates struggled during the drills including wideout Rashard Henry who dropped nearly every ball that came his way. Meanwhile, tight end Dan Gronkowski, who looks the part of an NFL tight end, started off the on-field drills slowly, dropping several balls early on, But Gronkowski shook off the slow start and showed why he is considered one of the better tight ends in this years' class. One scout even noted that the tight end did a good job of catching the ball with his hands and not his body. Williams and Oquendo had some issues as well, having to double clutch on several catches.

But despite having a few issues in the on-field drills, Williams still dramatically improved his prospects for the draft.

"I hope that I am faring pretty well," Williams said. "I am not sure of where I am faring, I hope its pretty good. I know its probably not the best because I don't have as much tape. But I know I have some tape out there and if they came out to see me do some new things today, then hopefully it's a lot better than what it was."

But with still over a month until the NFL draft and hundreds of various mock drafts swirling, Heyward-Bey offered some perspective on the draft and the poker faces NFL teams put on until they are on the clock.

"I have no say [ in it]," Heyward-Bey said. "All those mock drafts, boards and blogs and stuff like that don't mean anything to me. All you need it one team, one [general manager] to fall in love with you and that's how it will work out."

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