Pro Day Interview with Isaiah Williams

Isaiah Williams sat down with to discuss how Pro Day went.

TSR had a chance to catch up with Maryland WR, Isaiah Williams after his Pro Day workout.

On his overall performance during Pro Day.

You know, I thought I started out a blaze of fire, jumping and running and stuff like that was awesome, and then I did pretty good in the shuttles and agility runs too. I came out here, got some new drills that I wasn't very familiar with and got my first taste of what NFL football coaching is all about, and that was definitely a great experience for me. I think I handled it very, very well. I got to come out and run some routes, hopefully impressed some people. A lot of people are saying I looked very good on the field. So, I'm really hoping for the best from here on out.

On his weaknesses and what he's going to work on in the upcoming weeks.

I honestly want to get out and run some routes because with training, I didn't realize how important my numbers are. I got out and ran some routes, but I didn't do as much as I could because I was preparing for the lifting, the jumping and everything else. That's something I'm going to hone in on. That and making sure I keep my body in perfect shape.

On playing under James Franklin and the West Coast style offense that 70% of the NFL uses

It's going to prep me very, very good. Like you said it was a West Coast offense, which most NFL teams are running right now, especially under him, so I can pick it up pretty quick. Just looking at all the schemes and plays that they like to run, it definitely was an unbelievable experience for me and I know I learned a lot. I hope that's going to definitely propel me into picking up playbooks in the NFL really fast.

On what team he hopes to play for in the NFL

No particular team. Any team that really needs me to go out there and do whatever it is that they want me to do is just great. I'd love to play for anyone really, it's always been a dream to play in the NFL and I'm really looking forward to it.

TSR would like to give special thanks to Isaiah Williams and wishes him luck in upcoming draft

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