Pro Day Interview with DB Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen sits down with and talks about his experience at Pro Day.

TSR was able to get a quick interview with Maryland DB Jeff Allen and get his perspective on his Pro Day experience.

On being on the field with scouts.

It's nerve-wrecking at first and then once you get to it, it's like that you've been practicing on your own. It's just football, I know how to do that, so I was good.

On what the scouts liked about him.

The scout from the Panthers (Carolina) said I did good on the drills and he liked my size, so he told me to fill out some paperwork about my information. So that was good.

On how it feels being so close to the pro level.

It feels great because that's what I've been trying to do since I started playing football. It's a dream.

What he plans to work on between Pro Day and the draft.

Right now, I'm just doing some more DB drills and I'll lift some more. I'm supposed to be doing that April combine at the Redskins facility.

About his experience at Maryland

I got everything that I wanted out of Maryland. They taught me how to be a better football player and a better student. So, I feel my experience here was great.

On what teams he is hoping to play on at the next level.

Whoever wants me, that's who I'm going to go to.

TSR wants to give a special thanks to Jeff Allen, and wishes him the best come draft day.

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