Last Dance for Maryland

The nerves began yesterday when Maryland guard, Greivis Vasquez, made the comment suggesting the ACC is superior to the C-USA, the conference that Memphis controlled all season with a 16-0 record. After the press conference, Maryland fans most likely turned off their televisions and mumbled to themselves, "Greivis".

Chances are Maryland fans found themselves saying that yet again after today's 89-70 loss to Memphis. The Tigers would finish 10-for-19 from behind the arch and closed the game shooting at least 50% in field goals and free throws. Maryland was 27-for-62 in field goals and 5-for-14 from the 3-point line. #10 Maryland was certainly outmatched by #2 Memphis.

Although the first half started out with Maryland being the first to score, that was the only impressive statistic for the Terrapins all game. By 18:36, Tyreke Evans (19 points) would hit a 3-pointer that would put Memphis in the lead, something that would continue until the final buzzer.

From the start, it seemed that Memphis had Vasquez's (18 points) number, completely shutting him down and holding him to just 6 first half points. Maryland's full-court press failed, allowing Memphis to break down the court and take advantage of the 2-on-1 match up against Maryland center, Dave Neal (9 points). By the end of the half it was easy to see that Maryland was simply not on the same level of play, and the 20 point Memphis lead on the scoreboard proved it.

Maryland outscored Memphis in the second half, but only by 1 point (37-36), which clearly would not be enough to win the game. Despite going 4-for-5 from the perimeter, the Terps simply did not have it in them to comeback from such a large deficit. Vasquez would score only 12 points in the second half, and perhaps the biggest disappointment was Maryland's 2-for-10 statistic in defensive rebounding.

Each passing minute was a constant reminder that this was the end of Maryland's season. A season that most fans would say was a pleasant surprise. Fittingly, Dave Neal, who will be graduating this spring and Greivis Vasquez, who is rumored to be expected to enter the NBA draft, watched from the bench as their young teammates had the chance to finish the game and become familiar with how next season will be.

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