Interview with d- coordinator Don Brown

TSR's Maddie McConnell speaks with Terps defensive coordinator

On how the first few practices have gone.


I mean obviously practice one we played a one base front and three coverage and the guys just really lined up well, executed well, [and] played fast. Again today, we put in a lot of variations and movements. Threw in another coverage concept, which is fairly sophisticated and I thought the guys handled it pretty good. Obviously, we have everybody on defense is trying to learn the defense. So there's not one group that [have] their feet solidly on the ground but we're taking great strides. Every snap is important for us because it just helps us get better. With that being said, I feel good about where we are at.

On how he sees Kenny Tate fitting into the new defense

Kenny is a young man with incredible potential. [He] played a little bit as a freshman, and we are just looking for big things from him. The one thing that I've been able to tell just from a couple practices, he's extremely intelligent, [and] he uses his length as an athlete to his advantage. He made a play today on a seam ball that was an unbelievable play, that probably only he could make. Even though he is a very big guy, he is a very good man defender. [He] really has a good idea on what we are trying to do conceptually, so I am real happy with him.

On the concerns surrounding the linebacker unit.

You know I'm not going to worry about that because what this will enable us to do is develop depth. Everybody is learning right now, obviously Moten, he's a good player and I think Hartsfield is getting off on the right foot. So these guys are learning on the go together in a new system. We're going to be fine. We would love to have Alex and Pooler with us, but the reality is, we don't. So, that gives other guys the opportunity to make their mark. As they say, one man's trauma is another man's opportunity. You know, I just look at it as an opportunity to develop depth.

On how thinks his defense will match up against versus other ACC offenses

I'm very confident in the guys that I'm coaching, they are my guys. I'm extremely pleased with their energy, passion and willing [ness] to learn. Obviously, we're only two practices in, we have a lot of things to put in. Some of them, right now, we're just playing the basic base defenses just to get the guys going a little bit, and to get them to understand concept. Once we evolve and we're running our pressures and so forth, I'll have a better handle. I don't know who our true identity is going to be in terms of are we going to be a great four down rush team or are we going to be a great three down team. Those things will determine as we move forward. I have a lot of confidence in this group. I think we're young but when you have guys that play with passion, have great chemistry, and there's no question we have that, I think the sky is the limit for this group. We're just going to get considerably better on not just a practice-to-practice basis, [but] a drill-to-drill basis. Everything will be a great learning experience for our guys. I feel really good about where we are at.

On bringing in the defensive chart into the team house

Thirty plus years of coaching defense and those are the things that I look at [and] that lead[s] to success. The most important category is obviously to win and instead of having the points, I believe our job is to get off the field and give the offense as many opportunities to score and create opportunities for our guys to score. So if we give up two touchdowns, we need to create three scoring opportunities for those guys. thanks Coach Brown for taking the time to speak with us.

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