Interview with Gary Douglas

TSR's Maddie McConnell had a chance to sit down with Gary Douglas after Saturday's Scrimmage.

On spring football thus far

It's going pretty good. Other than my injury, it's going well. I'm getting a lot more reps. This year I finally know all the plays, so I can get in with the ones, the twos, and the threes. So right now, it's going pretty good.

On James Franklin's comment about him being a natural running back

I guess. I just learn from Da'Rel, Morgan, Meggett. I just watch what they do.

On how the injury is

It's going better. It's a lot better than what it was. At first I thought it was broken, but it's just a little sprain and I'll get better.

On the offensive line and how they are coming along

They're doing a great job. They're all young so they've got a lot to learn. I feel as though once the season starts, they'll be so much better.

On who he feels more comfortable being his quarterback this year

Doesn't matter. They both have [their] strengths, so it doesn't matter to me. They are both good quarterbacks. So whoever has it, I've got my trust in both of them.

On if he sees an increase/decrease in the running game from last season to this season

No. It's still the same.

On what he hopes to get out of spring practices

Just to learn the playbook. Learn all of my plays and make sure I have everything down pat so when I get in, I know what I'm doing [and] I'm not doing something wrong or running the wrong way. I'm just trying to learn everything.

TSR would like to thank Gary for taking the time to talk with us. Check back in for more interviews with Jamarr Robinson, Davin Meggett and Coach Don Brown.

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