Interview with Jamarr Robinson

TSR's Maddie MCConnell got a chance to sit down with Jamarr Robinson and get his perspective on how spring football is going so far, and how he's preparing to be a starter.

On how spring football is going so far

I'm excited. I'm just glad to be getting the amount of reps that I'm getting. Since I've been here I haven't gotten those reps and I'm just trying to make the best of my situation. I feel like I'm in a pretty good situation with two quarterbacks, me and the starter (Chris Turner) competing for the spot.

On how comfortable he is being a scrambling quarterback

I wouldn't say I feel more comfortable doing it but of course I am comfortable. That's my other threat. When everything is going bad, I feel like I could take off and make some plays.

On what makes him different than Chris Turner

My feet. My ability to move.

On what James Franklin has been saying to him thus far

He's been talking to me, telling me that what I need to do is [for] me personally to prepare like I'm the starter. [He's] just telling me my weaknesses, what I've got to get better at.

On what his weaknesses are

Making my reads. Identifying our defenses, and what they've got going on. It's crazy.

On scrimmaging against the new defense Maryland is running

I have never seen that in my life. It's still a little confusing but I'm getting it more and more.

On if other ACC quarterbacks will have issues reading the defense

I don't think they've seen it. I think our defense is going to have fun with ACC teams. I hope they do anyways. I don't think anybody else in college is running that defense. I haven't heard about it anyways. They are giving us [the offense] fits right now.

On his friendship with Chris Turner

Me and Chris are growing into buddies. The more we watch film and spend time together, I feel like we bond more outside of football. We've gone out a couple times, he calls me, I call him. So we're growing. We're real close friends, we can talk to each other all of the time. We might get mad, but that's only on the bad days.

On what's changed about him from last season to this season

Last year went from pretty much little to no preparation, and no reps. Now, I'm the second man, so I have to be ready. Therefore, I'm preparing a lot more.

On what happens if he gets the news that he will start

I'm not going to change. If anything, I'm going to do more studying. I feel like you can always get better, no matter how good you are.

On what he's going to work on until next season

Reading the defense. Don's defense is very confusing if you don't know what's going on can't familiarize yourself with what he's trying to do. So, I feel like I've got to identify the linebackers. [And] try to get an idea of who's coming where with the safeties because [just] looking at one, you'll be in a whole different world and be confused.

On his offensive line this year

I feel like we have a great topside. They all can get better. They're young [and] having to block this crazy defense that we're playing so I feel like they are still a little confused, but they're getting better.

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