Interview with Davin Meggett

TSR's Maddie McConnell talks with Davin Megget and gets his take on spring football and the upcoming season.

On his thoughts of spring practices thus far

Spring ball just has been really early more than anything. That is probably one of the most difficult things to deal with, early practices, and early meetings. Waking up at the dawn of a day with your mind right and being focused, I think that is the most challenging thing.

On how he thinks the running game is coming along

We have a lot of backs and a lot of young lineman. So, the whole season will be an interesting year, but a good year though. We have got three backs all returning with game experience. Then you have another back who has a promising future. So, if you tie all of that together, we are going to have a great ground game.

On if it is easier to have depth in his position

It's so much better. It saves everybody's body; it is easier on the workload and content load. It is overwhelmingly very nice to have a lot of backs.

On if he is being used the way he wants to be used in his position

I'll take where the team needs me. All of us are trying to find a fit where we can help out the most.

On the questions surrounding the offensive line

The thing is, we do have a young line but with this young line, everybody has that hunger from before. We've had that hunger and experience. It's a young line, but it's going to be a good line.

On which quarterback he would like to line up behind

Probably Chris because he's more comfortable. Jamarr, he's got a real good throwing arm on him but Chris has been there for awhile [and] is more experienced. He's a senior, a leader. I like his relaxation at all times. If Jamarr steps up and becomes the quarterback, then he's the quarterback. If Chris is, then Chris is. What matters is what is best for the team.

His take on the new defense that Maryland is running

I've seen a wild load of defenses, so to me it's nothing. You find different people to pickup. Great coaching kind of helps us out but it's all new, so we're not really used to it.

On if he thinks other RB's in the ACC will have issues with it

Easily. There's no doubt. We had issues with it with just one week of experience. Therefore, other programs will have trouble with it with only one week to prepare for it.

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